July 29, 2021

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Adventure Of A bad pastor’s son. Episode 5

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Adventure Of a bad pastor’s son

Episode 5

Before 1 + 1 could sum up to 2, we were both unclad as she spread herself on the couch lying with her buttom faced upward. The view was like a tourist attraction center. That same bottom i fell in love at first sight with. I put on a condom and went for it.
To my suprise, i entered into her kitty with ease. I expected it to be tight since her sis said she’s a virgin. I didn’t even go up to 10 push before I heard a knock on the door and we heard Stella’s voice…
See gobe!
Like airtel said ‘Fast is an attitude’… with the speed of light, we were both fully dressed and she went to open the door for Stella. Stella came in suprised to see me. why didn’t you tell me you were around nau ehyyaa!… i must have kept you waiting. She sat on my lap and turned to her sister *so i had a visitor and you can’t call me to come back home and you know i didn’t go far. Did you even entertain him at all.
In my mind i was like (she don over entertain me sef).
To my biggest suprise Stella didn’t even suspect anything and while she saw me off, i asked her stylishly if she didn’t suspect anything and she said she trusts her sister. (i just dey laugh within me)
I went about the rest of the day as normal.

fast forward

we were in SS3 now and were rounding off our SSCE exams. It was our last paper we had that day. I was with Stella in one of the empty classrooms. We had a long but kinda tearful chat. We talked about what was gonna happen after we leave school, how we would miss each other etc.
We both knew the relationship was just a school affair and wont continue after we’re done with school. We kissed right there in the class and carressed. I was really goin to miss her crazy attitude.

After the exam, all my classmates had a kinda parting party organised by one of my wealthy classmates(Collins).
The party was an exciting one with all kinds of drinks present(alcoholic & non-alcoholic), suya meat was spread on the table, food was present, and music was also banging loudly.
We held the party in the sitting room of his father’s house. Stella was also there to kill me with dance.

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