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Celine and hoffman. Chapter15

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Celine and Hoffman. Chapter 16
Celine and hoffman. Chapter 14

Chapter ????15❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


” am so excited she said to herzelf , her mother sat on the bench

” Celine I called Brigitta and told her your decision she will be traveling soon so better start packing up …
” ok mama ..
She tried walking out
“where did you say you are going to”…
” mama I want to….
” wait lemme pick this call…

Mrs eze put the phone in her ear and suddenly dropped the phone on the ground as she shouted
” omg , am finished , am finished ….
” what is it…
“your father is at the hospital he had an accident come lets go”….

Celine ran out of the house with her mother who was already in tears ..

Meanwhile Danny was still waiting he checked his watch and it was already 3:30

I can’t believe am waiting for someone
he leaned on his car
Soon Sandra and Mr king got there

” I prepared everything for your depature sir”…
” are you waiting for someone?”,mr king asked …
” me noooo, I mean who can possibly make me wait I would miss this spot so I want to spend some time here before leaving…..

” as you wish we will be at the suite when you done call us so we can leave together …

Mr king and Sandra stepped into the car and drove

” Danny is realy getting weird”, Sandra said
” whoever Danny is waiting for is realy special because the Danny I know doesn’t wait for anyone not even his own mother ….
” I wonder who it is”…
“me too….

It began to drizzle Mr king and Sandra looked out the window and Danny was till leaning on his car

” you need to stop the car Danny would catch a cold”, Sandra Said
” leave him alone…
“just stop the car first…
” some times you just have to let people be….
” its drizzling…
“its not heavy ….
“Danny has a cold “….
” look he just entered his car…
“”thank God ….
” what a caring assistant I suspect something else..
” look out, driver.

Danny sat in his car He checked the time again and it wasn’t on his side he thought of driving away but he didn’t


Celine and her mother arrived at the hospital celine ran to meet the doctor as her mother sat down owing to weakness

” doctor how is my father
” he is in critical condition we have commenced first treatment but we won’t continue untill part of the bill is PAid

” how much
” just 40, 000 but you can pay in 20 for a start
” why, its just an accident
” your father is an old man with heart condition and diabetes after running some tests we also found Traces of hypertitis we need to treat him fully now to avoid any future break down

” pls you need to trust me and start the treatment I will get the money
” ok am trusting you dear I hope I dont regret it
” you won’t I promise

She ran to where her mother sat the nurses where already attending to her as her blood pressure was already high she didn’t know how to tell her mum that they havent commenced full treatment yet..

” what did the doctor say?..
” he said dad is a strong man he will get well soon”…
” thank God ..
‘ yes ooo..
“how much is the bill?”…
” mama don’t worry it’s very small chicken change “….
” now i feel better”…
” mama don’t think about”…. anything so your b. P will not rise again ooo you and dad can’t stay in the hospital together just relax ok
” ok “…
” am coming”..

She ran out of the hospital and headed home she kept thinking of how to get 40, 000 naira she was realy confused

Soon Celine got home she opened her bag and saw those drugs Danny bought for her she carried the bag and ran into the compound where she saw her brother who was just coming back from school

” aunty your cloth is fine “..
” come change your cloth and go to danas house until we come back”…

Celine left the compond she took a cab and headed for the mall

She ran to the health section
And she spoke with the man from the health center of the mall
” are you not the girl from yesterday..
“I am
“how is the drug working
“the thing is I came to return it

Danny checked his time for the last time it was late he knew Celine won’t come so he drove off As he drove he called Sandra on phone
” are u done?.
” am heading towards the mall I will pick a few things and leave from there?..
” ok we are on our way”..


Celine was Still conversing with the man
” Am sorry its not possible
” ok just give me my change then
” how do u mean
” the price is 50 thousand you cheated us because we didn’t check the price tag but now am with my glasses
” ok lets make it 50-50 I will give you 50, 000 and still take the drugs
” ok I dont want it any way”…

She handed the drug to him and took the money

” your boyfriend is coming…
‘ what..
” hide he might see you what you are doing is wrong”,…
And without looking Celine hid under the table and Danny arrived
” I want the same drug I bought yesterday”, he said
” ok
He handed Danny the drug and danny paid him and left …just then Celine stood up and looked for him but she didn’t know who exactly was him

Minutes later she ran out of the mall she ran past Danny who sat in his car and headed for the hospital

Soon Sandra and danny with mr king left for their city

” this vacation was fun”, Sandra said
” eventful”,.. Mr king said
” annoying…danny said

Jennifer’s house.

Light opens on Jennifer who opened her door to behold kelvin

“I told you I don’t want to see u anymore”…
” so y is your eye saying you miss me ” jennifer” I know you want me “,.. Kelvin said walking inside.

“I need you to leave..
” truthfully I don’t think so ,
.he moved closer and kissed Jennifer,
passionately,…caressing her softly….he dragged out an unwanted need in her.

” Kelvin this is wrong..
” no its not , after all Danny also has his fun…..So why starve yourself…

He pulled up her red gown and they tore off each other’s cloths completely ….. kelvin carried her up into his arms and the kissed lustfullh moaning deeply against the walls of the house…… they had the introduction sex on the couch and finished the work in her bed room.
Jennifer’s mind had a feeling mixed with pleasure and pain once again she cheated on danny but who could blAme her, Danny is never around, Danny is always busy, Danny pushed her into the hands of someone else


Celine had already made payments to the doctor and he already allowed them to visit their dad

Her and her mother ran into the room Celines mother walked in first…… they both smiled out of tears at least her dad was ok..

Celine sat apart from her parents as thoughts of the proud peacock filled her heart.she looked at her pretty cloths…she had really failed him..


Hours later Danny arrived his city

” home or penthhouse …Sandra asked
“home “….Mr king said
” I meant danny”..
” i want to give jennifer a surprise a visit “….
“all right have fun”….

Sandra and Mr king left the car while Danny’s driver took off..

Soon he arrived at Jennifer’s house.
Danny already bought a flower for her back at the road..

He walked down and carefully knocked on her front door…


Celine and Hoffman. Chapter 16
Celine and hoffman. Chapter 14

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