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Celine and Hoffman. Chapter 16

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Chapter ????16❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Danny knocked once and opened the door….

He looked around the room
, her bra ,her pant , her hair net ,condom packs , his belt, his shirt, his Jean ,his singlet ..the living room was so littered ..Danny felt disgusted He wanted to leave but he also wanted to confirm if it was really Jennifer or her friend.

Before he could take one step forward.
Jennifer walked out..she wrapped a white bedsheet round her chest…the sight of Danny of killed her..her worst fear came to pass..she got caught.

Tears streamed down her eye..just then Kelvin walked out too…
Danny looked at him from hair to toe…. he dropped the flower for Jennifer on the couch and walked away..Jennifer chased after him and dragged him back.

” no danny stop , danny don’t turn your back on me ..you promised me..
” why , wasn’t I good enough , did I do something wrong…jennifer tell me why ?.
” Danny am sorry , its my fault , I can explain.
” just answer me , ..was …was this the first time ?..

Jennifer couldn’t talk tears just kept streaming down ..

” then maybe the second….”, danny asked wiping his tears ..

Jennifer still couldn’t talk.

Danny placed his hands on his fore head for a while.

” it’s over , we are done.
” no danny please
” stay away .. from me …forever.
He rushed out Jennifer rushed after him.

Crying and begging.it didn’t make a difference.

Danny stormed into his car and his driver took him home

He looked up and dried his tears.

Minutes later Danny arrived at his house he walked into the living room where his mother sat
He hugged his mother
“I missed you how are you you look weak
“am fine
“and you even slimmed down
“no no I didn’t mum
” welcome my love
“where is Mr Hoffman
“he’s not yet back but he should be
“what about gretel
” she’s inside
“all right

Danny walked upstairs to Gretels room he knocked

” who is it
” why don’t you find out
” Danny
She rushed out and hugged him
“how have you been
” great
” all right
Danny walked upstairs to his room and Gretel ran behind him

“so how was your trip
” annoying
” why
“some annoying girl stood me up
“why are you so bothered do you like her
“no never she’s below my standard i just wanted to appreciate her
“wow isn’t that a first I would like to meet this girl who made you wait
” no you don’t want to she is troublesome and everything she does is troublesome
” so did you meet Jennifer yet
“your girlfriend Jennifer
” my ex
” why
” ask me no question and I will tell you no lies
” sily
She ran down back to her room

Danny went upstairs ….he dropped his stuffs and walked into the shower.
Pictures of Jennifer’s room just filled his mind..he lighted a stick of cigarette and sat on the floor.

” must all women be sluts…I can’t believe Jennifer…. she hurt me badly….just when I decided to finally give this love another chance….it dropped me again….I know i was busy but I still tried my best to be with her…I wonder when the affair started …. this love was really never meant for me…it’s an exam I keep failing …

Soon Danny’s room was filled with enough smoke it could burn down the room..Gretel knew her brother was sad.

Next morning.
Gretel was in the compound she wore a pink gown with a pink scarf on her hair and she carried a pink school bag she ordered the maids around on what to bring from inside as she didn’t pack yesterday and it was almost past time Danny walked down to where she stood

” is it just a school trip or are you leaving forever
” call it what you want I need to be comfortable
” wow you gat me, come in and eat
” I already did
” be careful there
” I will

Just then Jennifer walked into the compound she rushed over to Danny and took his hands

” Danny pls can we talk
” I don’t feel like talking”, he turned to Gretel ” don’t forget a thing”..
He tried walking into the building but Jennifer ran after him

” what’s wrong with you why won’t you let me explain

” explain fucking what, how good he was in bed or what …you have been seeing This guy for more than 3 weeks now, am I lying?..

” you guys are spoiling me “, Gretel shouted
” get inside !!”, danny said .
Gretel walked closer to her car

” am sorry danny I won’t do it again”…
” I loved you ,I gave you everything I had ,i made your life sweet , your career stainless…I made sure u didn’t lose a single contest even if u didn’t contest…jennifer I gave you everything you could ask for i gave you all of me , i almost gave you the world…but why me , why did you do this !!!!!!…

” danny you never gave me your time you are always busy, sometimes I hardly even hear your voice you pushed me to Kelvin,but am sorry ..i will stop now , danny u cheated on me too..let’s just call it even..

” stay away Jenny….

Danny walked out…


Light opens on the staffords resident as Mr stafford walked in with a set of guards and instructed them

‘” go in there and call my son if he doesn’t come out then drag him out we dont have time do you understand”..

“yes sir “…

They guards walked in and came out with the maids

” sir SIMEON left yesterday”…
” that kid, ..

he picked up his phone and called his suites but they Said simeon never checked in

” call the radio station, media houses, police, news headlines, anything you can do to find simeon do it now let the world talk about simeon “,….

Just as the assistant tried walking out Mr Staffords phone rang it was simeon

” hello simeon where on earth are you
” am ok dad and I know what you are about to do now but just know if I hear or see any headline, blog, news story or anything about me being missing I won’t come back anymore i might as well kill myself so just wait for me at home i would see you on Monday
” but….

Simeon dropped the call

” suspend every search activity until further notice “,…

He then walked into his mansion


All the students were present at the school gate only simeon was missing

” I think he won’t come”, keila said
” I heard so”, Susan replied
” oh why did I come”, gretel said
” what”, they both asked her
” I am talking to myself ,come on..”; she replied

” all senior students should enter the school bus”, Mrs Mira said

” simeon is not yet here”, Stanley said
” who ever Said that”, simeon replied.

All the students turned it was simeon all the girls ran towards him, at that moment Gretel felt like hugging him

While they where entering the bus some girls ran over to simeon

“will you sit with me..
” am kinda sorry “..
He passed her and walked further
“I reserved a sit for you”..
“next time maybe when we are coming back….
He walked further
” pls will you sit with me”…
” sorry…
“but I reserved this seat…
” maybe next time…

KeilA sat with gretel
“what is simeon feeling like anyway”, keila said
” most handsome guy in the bus”, gretel said

” yea he kinda is
” where is the driver?…
” he is coming “… Susan replied

Just then simeon walked over to where they sat

” gretel can I sit with you I mean that’s if you don’t mind”..
” no she doesnt mind “…
“KeilA stood up and let simeon sit next to Gretel then she sat next to him”…
” hy”, gretel said
“hi”, SIM relied
” simeon lets take a picture i want to send this to Danvi..
” but why , danvi is your childhood friend right
” she sent me her boyfriend’s picture and he is so cute
“now i know your plan”… gretel replied
” come on simeon please ..
” all right all right lets snap..

KeilA instantly forwarded the picture to her friend and the girl replied with crying smilie????????????????????

They all laughed
Mrs Mira : all issues being resolved lets depart
The driver took off it wasn’t a short journey


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