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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 17

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Chapter ????17❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Celine and her mother as well as her father got home from hospital .. her and her mother helped the father to go into his room just then Stephanie danas sister came in with junior

” mama good morning”…. she said
” good morning my dear”..
” Stephanie how are you?”,..Celine asked
” am fine I say lemme bring junior and come and check if you people are back”….
” thank you my dear we are back”….
” ok ma, my mother is waiting for me in her shop ….
” greet your mother for me .
” ok ma….

” ma good morning “, chimezie said
” my son how are you”, his mom asked ..
” am fine, aunty Celine good morning”,…
” how are you I hope Stephanie gave you food “…

“yes She cook indomie for me in the night”…
“what of this morning “….
” tea”…..
“high 5″……
Both siblings did a high five

” lemme go and greet papa”…
” nooo, papa is sleeping don’t disturb him .
“ok oo”…..
“Celine go and boil hot water in the kitchen for your father “…
Celine stood up..

Mrs Mira and the children were still on the way but this Time they were close to the place they headed

The students chatted from behind and their noise kept getting louder

(❤Dialogue ❤)

Gretel : can this journey get any longer
KeilA : we are almost there
Susan : KeilA were you already nominated as one of the finalists for the nationals
KeilA : not yet Mrs wills has not chosen yet
Gretel : don’t worry you will be one of them its 3 students from each school
KeilA : yea i hope so this means more to me now
Laura : I think Anna is competing in the nationals too
Kira : that’s not new I mean Anna always represents her school in the competition she is their main hope sometimes her school only nominates her without any back up but Gretel has beat her like 5 times if am counting well
Tania : this competition is gonna be hot kimoni will be there as well as kariana
SIMEON : yea and the dancers have their own stage its built with glass you can’t leave till you are out of the challenge

Gretel : thats nice but kariana is in a wheel chair how is she coming
Susan : guess who queens high nominated as their number one

Tina : Matilda Jones I mean she beat Gretel twice she has 12 gold medals and she got a contract with a dance company in france if it’s not her who else she, did Tatianas dance in the open ballet challange

Gretel : yea we know her
KeilA : but Tatianas dance is hard I mean its impossible for me
Susan : yea it kinda is
KeilA : I think am dropping out
Tina : but why
KeilA : I can’t win can’t you see Anna James, Matilda Jones, who knows who universal high would nominate or even Julianas ballet school only five schools are competing but they have they best dancers and I don’t think prestigious high can depend on me
Gretel : you are a great dancer KeilA I don’t know why you see yourself lesser some dancers can’t even do any one of the five award winning dances created by the best dancers in history but you can, you learnt your mother’s dance didn’t you

Laura : the five mystical dances ave head of them but I don’t know about them

Gretel : back in the days the five best ballerinas where asked to make their own music and dance from any short story of the past

Kira: yes and kariana being the the number one picked up a historical dance which was created by Amanda linory she took the story and learnt the dance She made it more beautiful it was known as kariana dance

Laura : wow
KeilA : but the dance has been banned and rated impossible
Laura : why
Keila: it has 3 most difficult steps people only learnt the choreography “when Kariana met the Prince” because it is easier but the solo is hard because of 3 dangerous ballet steps a grand jete, a grand adage, and a triple back spin ending with an en pointe
Laura : scary
Susan : simeon knows the choreography well he did it in his junior high with Anna James the video went viral
SIMEON : that was then
Laura : teach me teach Me pls
SIMEON : you have to be a professional dancer to learn it
Laura : realy then everyyhing about karianas dance is impossible
Gretel : yea the first student who did it landed in coma as she hit her head on a rock the next died while Mrs kariana is in a wheel chair

Laura : what about kimonis dance
KeilA : that dance has an impossible en pointe its been said that kimonis dance can be done only by kimoni herself

Gretel : Anna James has been learning that dance since she was 14 if she finally nails it and does it in the nationals she would win the competition because the only dance higher than that is karianas dance which no one can do

Tina: the third is titianas dance its hard but not Impossible it takes practice, that’s what Mathilda used to win the open ballet challenge

Susan : gretel can do it she did it in first grade
Laura : you are realy amazing gret
KeilA : the fourth is Anna’s mother’s Dance miliana James
It’s called millianas dance its very difficult too but amazing Anna learnt it when she was 9 she nailed it

Laura : what about the last
KeilA : my mum’s dance
Laura : wow your mum is one of the mystical queens too
Keila: they are not mystical its just the internet and Nick names

Laura : since your mum’s name is Angelina Williams am guessing linas dance
KeilA : no its her traditional name Marisols dance
Laura : can you do it
KeilA : yea just perfected it started learning it when i was 5
Laura : I wish I did ballet I would be recorded in history
Gretel : we are here people lets go down come on

The students ran down they went with Mrs Mira to where they camped

Soon Gretel was settled with KeilA and Susan they shared a room

SIMEON on his own stayed with Sam and Stanley

And it was 3 person for each room

They chatted and fell fast as sleep resulting from their stressful journey …….

Presidents house..
Light opens in the presidents parlour
A highly furnished building in which a woman sat with a girl in her mid 20s

” honey how is the preparation for your party coming up”..
“great its wonderful the party planner is realy amazing”…
“but y must it be a mask party honey I don’t find it safe…
” mum that’s the fun come on…
” so what do you want for a birthday present the last time your dad and I bought you a present you said we should have asked you what you wanted”….
” you still remember that”….
” so what do you want”…
” I don’t want a thing I want a person ……
” who is it a comedian, muscisian what’s the name”…
“Danny Hoffman”….
” Danny hoffman ,you are still not over this childish crush thing fine, invite him yourself then..

” no we are not friends i mean we are not that close I want you and dad to invite him pls..

“what if he is busy that day or he has a shoot or anything you know how busy he is being a celebrity …
” that’s y we need to tell him now so he would be ready by then after all it’s still far….
“ok no problem we will relay an invitation to the hoffman family”….

” thanks mum “,..she hugs her mother

Danny’s penthouse

Danny was swimming when he received a call

“Mr king ?..
” Danny Hoffman you have a shoot I’m 30 minutes”…
” all right “…

He drops the call and placed a call to Sandra
“hello sir”…
“cancel all my plans for today thank you”…
“ok sir “…

Danny dropped the call and walked out of the pool as he walked all he thought of was Celine he kept on smiling he recalled mostly when the oranges fell to the floor and how Celine dragged him back to pick them Danny smilled then he recalled just when she knocks on his car window after duping him and said “see you next time”.. Danny smilled again as he walked further he recalled how celine walked into the water and the first time he hugged celine danny smilled again.. then he recalled chasing after Celine he smilled again …then he recalled carrying her up at the mall he smilled as he recalled when celine tried dragging him out of the mall Danny laughed again he suddenly recalled waiting for Celine this made him feel bad he siped his wine

“Am realy going insane I can’t believe I miss that commoner even after she stood me up”, he said to himself

Just then his phone rang it was Mr king

“what else?
” what else ,what else ,you just canceled your schedule wAts wrong with you man
“nothing I just need a break”…
” all right have fun am glad we just lost 40 million naira”…

” soooo I was wondering when are we doing the continuation of that movie anyway?…
” am talking About the shoot you just missed”…..
” to hell with that just answer me”…
” I dunno ,soon I guess ,but why do you ask did you leave something in that city”…
” who? me? Nothing just wondering….
“all right”….


Celine ran into the compound to pick her broom wen she saw her aunty Brigitta coming into the building she dropped the broom and ran torwards her
” aunty b!!, welcome..
“how are you?.
“am fine ….
” Where is mum?..

Just then celines mum ran down
” am here oh my dear how are you “….
” am fine oo how is every one “….
” God is faithful”…
” ok , am traveling back i came to carry Celine “….
“ehhn!!!!!”,celine shouted

” Celine you Said you will follow her “,
” but mum…
” go and bring your bag”….
” but what of papa”…
“don’t worry your father is getting better, after all junior is here….
“ok mum..
She went inside
” pls what is the family name so I will be relaxed my dear”…
‘ it is the Hoffman’s family I will write it down for you including the address”..Brigitta said.
“ok my dear”…
Brigitta wrote it down


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