July 25, 2021

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Cold Heart In Love. Episode 10

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????????COLD HEARTS INLOVE????????

Shes a psycho????

By Author Jenny

Not edited

Episode 10

Donald pov

I came out of the bathroom with a towel tied arround my waist when i heard my door slammed close ,i saw selena in my room anf i heard my mom telling her to sleep her tonight that she needs to put insecticide in the house

I knew it,i knew my mom had her own plans of coming to my house ,i looked at selena in her nighties ,she boobs were standing firm and pointing through the night gown she was wearing ,she saw looking extremely sexy her shape was more visible her slender legs and full hips ,what kind of nightie is this i could see almost all her body she am 100% percent sure shes not wearing pant ,my eyes went back to her boobs and she quickly used her hands to cover them

“What are you looking at”she yelled

“Nothing” i managed to say ,i cant believe i could get this attracted to selena

She quickly climbed on my bed and used the duvet to cover her self ,i climbed on the bed too and backed her

“No matter what ,dont come close”she said and i chuckeld

Soon i moved close to her and used my butt to push hers

“You are looking for trouble mr kings “she yelled she also used her butt to push me but hers was really soft ,i had to stay strong else she would have pushed me to the floor

I regained my position and rushed her with my butt really hard that she landed on the floor and winked in pain ,I quickly rushed to her and helped her up in the process my hands brushed her soft boobs and she stared at me in anger

“Pervet”she muttered and we lay back ,this is going to be a really long night

“Mr kings i think you should sleep on the floor ,i really have bad sleeping habbit when am not on my own bed” she said

“What i should sleep on the floor in my house ,you must be joking selena ,why dont you sleep on the floor”i replied back

“I might get sick” she answered but i dint reply her back ,soon i heard her snoring gently and i was beginning to sleep when i felt something landed on my d**k it was selena’s leg and i yelled in pain and placed my hand there

Selena woke up immediately she heard me shout

“Selena you have killed me “i yelled and when she saw where my hand is she knew what she did

“Oops sir am sorry but i told you “she said and i glared at her angrily

“Should i massage it “she said quietly and i gave her a deadly glare

“WTF are you serious right now selena”i yelled at her and she kept mute

I carried all the pillow and create a huge fence between us and we slept off

i woke up early and selena was laying upside down with her legs in the air she does really have a bad sleeping habit i entered the bathroom and did my business when i came out selena was no more there and the bed was now neatly arranged
and i began preparing for work not without remembering last night and laughing part of me keeps telling me that she did it intentionally

Selena pov
Last night was really something else ,i woke up when i heard noise in the bathroom i qickly arranged the bed and opened the door and it opened ,i went downstairs kate was preparing breakfast and she asked me to go prepare for work

Soon i was done i head out and kate told me donald left already ,i head out and kate called me back

“Take this is donald meal make sure you give him “she said and handed me a flag ,kate arranged my hair properly before i left

I arrived at the company and many workers kept asking which i answered politely

Donald did not sent for me through out ,it was lunch time i took the food to his office and knocked and he asked me to come in

“Sir i brought lunch”i said and his eyes light up immediately

“How am i sure you didnt put anything in the food taste it”he said and i did

“Sir i need to see a doctor now and i wont be back till evening can i go”i asked and he nodded

Well i have gathered some money that i could go for treatment, i took the adress dr lucas gave me

I arrived at the hospital and i was directed to the doctors office i knocked and went in and my jaw dropped immediately DANNY

I never planned on posting again today oo but when i read comments ehh i laughed at some some i decided to write immediately

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