July 24, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 5

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient

Part 5

And since that day, that ugly nurse with the
big arrse didn’t talk to me again…..
I started wondering; did I do anything wrong?
Didn’t I get it right?? Or she was just being
Anyway….. Three weeks went down the drain,
and I was posted to the labour ward….
And the registrar tripping for me was there…..
She never hesitated to make advances and
passes at me, and it was only me, none of
the other male houseboys tickled her fancy
more than I did….
And hey, I wasn’t that handsome, or
muscular, or the “superman” kinda guy….
But one day, she told me to monitor a patient
in labour, and as I was doing the vàginal
She stroked my butt!!!!
I was seriously dumbfounded!!!
“Doc, how far, how are the contractions” as
she smiled at me….
“Errrrmm, its errrrmmm, three in two, I mean,
three in ten minutes” as I stammered…..
“Okay, what of her cervix”
“8cm dilated ma”
“Good, you’re doing well sweetie”
SWEETIE!!! Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!
What if those nosy nurses were there, it
would have been the hottest gossip in town;
a house officer is dating a registrar, a
MARRIED registrar….
Well, the students came around, and I had to
take them on labour, delivery and all that. I
even took the delivery of that lady, they
helped a bit….
I wanted to refresh myself, so I entered the
call room, and as I closed the door….
“Hello handsome”
I turned around and it was my registrar that
wanted the koko with all her might….
“Haaa, sorry ma, I didn’t know you were
“Oh, don’t be silly,” as she tapped the bed to
make me sit beside her….
Now seriously, this registrar is too Sekxy; she
is very beautiful, chocolate-skinned, with big
bôobs and giant arssse to match her
gorgeous body. But she is married,
She looked at me, and I wasn’t looking at her
but her brèasts, as she had unbuttoned part
of her top. Goodness, the size of those fresh
mangoes could make a madman come back
to his senses…..

She noticed that my Jimmy was up….
“Doc, I know you have feelings for me too,
I’m all yours, take me please, I’m all yours…”
The temptation was too much for me, I didn’t
know when I grabbed one boob and started
sU-Cking the black tip on it, and she was
m0an!ng seriously like a rhino…..
I slid my hand under her top, and released
her bra within a split second, then the hand
migrated itself to the other b0s0m, caressing
it and playing with the erect niipplle….
She also got carried away, as she unzipped
my crotch and brought out the black
As I was squeezing and caressing her bôobs,
she was also giving my rod a hand job…..
Then she whispered into my ear… “Baby I’m
all yours, take me”
Those words gave me the adrenalin rush…..
I immediately pulled down her pant trousers,
with her p@anties, and I looked for her cl!t. I
used my thumb and index to pull the prepuce
out, then used my tongue to pluck it as if I
was licking kunu from a straw…..
And she was going gaga with each tongue
” oooh, aaah, doc, hmmmmmmm, please
don’t stop, please, oh, oh please….”
I kept on giving her the treatment until she
was nobonly wet but dripping…..
Then I thrust in my big, long and fat lollipop
into her sweet, juicy, and surprisingly tight
honeypot…. Yes, surprised because after
three kids the tin still tight wella….
But oh my, I’ve never tasted pucci so sweet
in my entire life, I was first going slow to feel
how sweet it was, and after sometime, I
increased the tempo, while sU-Cking both her

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