July 29, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 61

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???? He and her v@-ginity ????

Episode 61

(The giver is a diamond)

A month later

Camila’s POV

“I prefer white and blue ” I said to my organizer. She’s the one I had invited over to choose the kind of cloth I wish for my bride maids.

Tucker and I are getting wedded on Saturday and I just can’t wait.

I was trying to organize everything well from my own side while Tucker was doing all his best to ensure that the wedding was a glorious one.

Grace is going to be my best lady, she and her mom had really being of great support to me : In my career and in my relationship life.

After discussing with the organizer , she walked away and Grace who had being eating at the dinner , stood and came to my place.

“Bride of the week” She teased and I smiled.

“I can’t wait…but Grace , when are you getting married…or…I didn’t even know any man with you yet” I said.

She smirked and adjusted on sit in a relaxing manner.

“Well…what can I say? You may be surprised but I’m getting married on Saturday also ” She said and I chuckled at her meaningless words to me.

“Common! Do you want to wed the best man” I replied her with a joke from my side but she just smiled faintly.

“Hope everything is set?” She asked.

“Almost , I will need to ask Tucker if everything is well arranged as well ” I said and checked the ring in my finger and my heart just rejoiced happily.

I smiled and blushed.

“You like the ring?” Grace asked.

“Huh! Funny question…I love it with my life ”

“It’s not even diamond ” She said and I giggled.

“I don’t care , the giver is diamond , Tucker is diamond to me” I replied.

“What if this Tucker gives me that ring instead on Saturday ” She said and I just giggled.

“Hey woman! It’s high time you stop fantasizing about my husband ,go and get yours ” I replied jokingly and stood up.

“Let me rehearse how I will walk on that day ” I said and stood.

I began to cat walk while Grace just watched.

Today is Thursday and I can’t just wait for Saturday to come.

Someone should tell me in the comment box what Grace may be up to?
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5 thoughts on “He and her V. Episode 61

  1. To me..
    I think Grace is up to no good..
    That is she’s going to create a scene on their wedding day..
    If possible she might even force Tucker to wed her instead using Camilla as bait

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