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K Pop maid. Episode 10

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???????? K-POP MAID ???? ????

????BY LICIA TIFE ????

????ON GOD ????
CHAPTER 1️⃣0️⃣

I sat down with my legs crossed as i listened to fatty’s angelic voice

It was only a matter of time before students gathered us looking at our little music routine through the big window leading to the hallway

Some were taking pictures of us

Am sure that going to paparazzi

And it going to be on every magazine cover and also new trending picture on social media

Can’t a celebrity do one normal thing that without it going viral? ????

‘ummmm, people are watching’ she said still unable to face down

‘so?’ i asked

‘well you a celebrity and i am’

‘You are what’ i asked without letting her finish..

‘an ordinary oversized 22 year old singer’ she said as she pulled a string on her guitar

‘with that voice of yours ordinary is not a right word ‘ i said

She smiled

Jina walked into the room few seconds later

I can see she was shocked seeing us together

Okay what going on

Jin-hyuk character twin with fatty

I do not really understand what going on

‘ Anyway your friend is here, see you later’ he smiled at her and walked away

Fatty cheek was so red

She is actually blushing

‘do you mind explaining what going on’ i walked towards her and sat down next to her

‘well’ she explained the whole event to me

‘waw, i thought oppa was some kind of arrogant hottie’ i said with a big smile on my face

‘me too but he is very nice’ she smiled and blushed again

‘well you are lucky, Atleast your crush is nice but my crush is totally different’ i fold my arms looking upset

‘oh Jin-hyuk right’ she pulled a String on her guitar

‘and how did you know’ i asked

‘it obvious, the way you look at him all the time, any dummy Wil know you have a crush on him’ she said

‘yea, i have had a crush on him since i was just 16 years old’

‘i was just 10 years old when I had a crush on Mansoo’ fatty said

‘ten years old’ i shouted


‘but how’ i asked

‘you see back then when my dad was still alive, he was a millionaire, Oppa and i attended the same elementary school and high school we kinda lived in the same neighbourhood until my dad went bankrupt and we had to live those luxurious live behind… My dad died later on and I have to live with my stepmom who wants to use my voice to make money for herself ‘

‘ ohhhh’ i said

‘oppa was like the cutest and most popular boy in highschool but am pretty sure he does not notice me because you know i the fat ugly social outcast ‘ she said

‘do not say that, you special, unique and your vocal cords shit i will pay a million buck to have that voice’ i complemented her

A smile appeared on her face and disappeared almost immediately

‘But no one really cares about talent’

‘What makes a girl very special is her beauty’

‘You know long legs’

‘Slim and curvy’

‘Cool hair’

‘Nice skin’

‘And impeccable fashion sense’

‘And if i ever want a guy like mansoo, i will have to be those things i mentioned earlier’

‘But i am the complete opposite of that’ she said as she used her hand to swing her hair to the back

We kinda have the same hair

Her hair is a long golden brown fringe hair and mine is a black long fringe

‘do not say that fatty, what the use of beauty without talent’ i said trying to encourage her

‘ummmmmmmm, you are lucky, you cute and Tall and slim too ‘ fatty said

How I wish oppa could complement like this

I know i am not an exceptional beauty.

Infact i am not pretty

but i am not ugly either ????

‘come on let go to class’

Fatty and i both stood on our feet and walked out of the music room

We went for our musical lecture and when i was done with schools and stuff i resumed my work in the EFX HOUSE

Later in the night, i saw oppa Jin-Hyuk walking into the room while that korea sweetheart Mina was following him behind

I just hate that woman

Normally i will stand at the entrance of oppa room and eavesdropp on Thier conversation

But i realised that was very rude so i decided to walk out of the house to give them time to sort things out…

I walked to the backyard and saw a big pool

The pool was very big and their while lampposts that light up the whole area

This pool is really big

And for some reasons i have this weird phobia for large water

Including swim pools

Maybe it due to the fact that i can’t swim

And am not willing to learn how to either

I sat down on the bench very close to the swimming pool wondering what going on between oppa and that so called korea sweetheart

‘Should i eavesdropp’ i asked myself

‘No that will be wrong’

Before i knew It an imaginary angel ???? appeared on my right shoulder

While an imaginary devil ???? appeared on my left

‘you should go in there and eavesdropp’ the devil said

‘no, you shouldn’t it called invading other peoples privacy and it very wrong’ the angel said

‘Thank you ‘i said to the imaginary angel on my shoulder

‘ buuuut ‘the angel said

‘ but tell her the but in it’the devil said

‘you can just listen to their conversation really fast and they won’t even know you were there, in that way you ain’t invading other people privacy’ the angel said

‘that doesn’t sound very angel like’ i said to the angel

Everything is just going wrong

Even my imaginary angel is talking gibberish

I dusted off my imaginary friends, just then a bug landed on my shoulder

It a flying cockroach

And that ugly think freaks me out

I stand on my feet shaking my body to get the cockroach out when suddenly i fell into the pool

This crazy woman is back

I really do not know how to get rid of her

‘we have to come back together’ she ordered like i was some kind of toy she can use to play her games

‘no’ i said

‘what exactly is your problem, this relationship cannot break don’t you get that’ she yelled

I sat down on my sofa and crossed my legs as i started going through my phone paying no attention to her blabbering

‘are you even listening to me’ she asked but i did not reply

‘do you perhaps have another girl in your life’ she asked again but i refused to answer

She talks too much

I dropped my phone and replaced it with my head phone as i put it on and rest my head to listen to music on it hoping it will finally drive that crazy girl away

She removed the headphones and shouted.


I stood up and looked her straight in the eyes

‘never do that again’ i said as i collected my headphone ????

‘and yeah i have another girl’

I really hope telling her that Will finally drive her away

i walked out of the room leaving her to argue with the sofa

I was pretty frustrated so I decided to walk towards the pool

I sat down on the bench looking pissed off since that loud mouth ruined my mood

I looked up only to see a black object in the water

I stood on my feet so have a closer look and apparently it was another loud mouth dummy i do not like at all, drowning in the pool

‘MAID ‘ i said as i removed my jacket and shirt, jumped into the water to save her

I managed to pull her out of the water but she was clearly unconscious.

I keep pressing her chest down for her to regain consciousness but that did not work

I guessed dummies prefer dying to living

What should i do

Maybe i should call 911

But that gonna take some time

She needs first aid treatment

I keep pressing her chest down hoping she will regain consciousness but nothing seem to be working…

Something hit my mind but i quickly shake it off

No way i will do that for this dirty ugly maid

But what if she dies

I won’t die if I help her this once will i?

I slowly bent down and decided to give this ugly girl mouth to mouth resuscitation

And just to be clear i am not enjoying this

I followed Jin-Hyuk all the way to the pool

I am not ready to let this guy go yet

On getting to the pool i saw something and decided to hide behind the bushes to see what going on

The world famous Jin-Hyuk

Giving an ordinary maid mouth-to-mouth

I got to admit seeing this makes me jealous

But i have to play smart and use this to my advantage

I brought out my phone and took several pictures of the situation

This will be my ticket in getting him back in my life

I smiled mischeviouly before walking away

My mouth was placed tightly against hers forcing air into her lungs while pressing her chest

This is very embarrassing for me

I Wil have to disinfect my mouth

Goodness knows the kind of germs her mouth contains

After repeating this action several times

She finally regained consciousness coughing out water

I stood on my feet looking at her

‘Why jump into a pool if you can’t swim ‘i asked

Instead of this dummy girl to answer my questions she was obviously drooling ???? over my body

‘ do not expect me to help you next time ‘i picked up my shirt and jacket before walking ???? away


Waking up and the first thing i saw was oppa sexy body

so close to me

His body is ???? ???? ????

I couldn’t help but stare at that gorgeous man Pac

How can someone be so perfect

As usual he said something unfriendly and walked away

While one part of me was busy thinking about that gorgeous body i just saw

The other part was wondering what happened when I was unconscious

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