July 27, 2021

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K Pop maid. Episode 11

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????????K-POP MAID ???? ????

????BY LICIA TIFE ????

????ON GOD ????

Why can’t i remember what happened

This is so fraustrating

I dried my wet uniform and put on a casual outfit

The kpop maid room is magnificent

Far bigger and fancier than my room at home

I still could not remember what happened but all i can remember is that i saw oppa shirtless

So dreamy ????????????????


If i am not mistaken

I felt something soft on my lips

Naaaaaaa i must be imagining things

But i must thank my sweet oppa for saving my life

Well, tomorrow is another day

I pulled the sheet over my head and went to sleep

I scrubbed my mouth with the toothbrush really hard each time i recollect giving that maid mouth to mouth

Not like she has bad breath or smthn

But i really just don’t like that dirty maid

The next day after doing my household chores

The EFX were not at home as usual

And i went to my EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL

i still have to find a way to help fatty loose weight or else I can just say bye bye to EFX MUSICAL SCHOOL

So on getting to the school, i noticed everyone focused their attention on me

Some of them were even whispering words to each other


It must be no big deal ????.

Fatty ran towards me breathing heavily

I think if she keeps running like this she might actually burn some calories

‘Jina… You.. How… You’ she said trying to catch her breathe

‘Calm down lady, tell me what wrong’ i said

‘have you checked todays newspaper, magazine, social media news’ she said still trying to catch her breathe

‘no’ i said With a puzzled look

‘well take a look at this’ fatty showed me a pic on her phone and immediately i saw this i passed out

What the fuck





Fatty splashed water on my face and immediately I regained consciousness only to see all the students in the school gathered around me

I slowly stand on my feet

So oppa had to give me mouth to mouth to save me from dying

Oppa was my first kiss

Mouth to mouth is kinda like kissing right

‘Tell me how did this happen’? Fatty asked

I still could not answer her question i was still thinking about the little mouth to mouth oppa gave me

I opened the magazine and the first thing i saw was fatty and i picture

‘OVERWEIGHT GIRL SINGS TO POP STAR MANSOO’ i smiled and opened the second page on the magazine

‘what’ i shouted as i stood on my feet abruptly

‘what wrong’ jae woo asked

I walked towards Jin-Hyuk who was sitting on a sofa with his head phone on

His eyes was closed

I guess he is meditating ????‍♂️

‘Hey’ i said as i tapped him on the shoulder

He slowly opened his eyes and removes his head phone

‘what’ he asked

‘take a look at this’ i said as i gave the magazine to him

‘K-POP KING JIN-HYUK LOCKS LIPS ???? WITH ORDINARY MAID’he smirks and dropped it on the table

‘ i am sure it mina doing, i wonder what she is up to this time ‘Jim-Hyuk said as he rest his head on the sofa

He does not look bothered by this at all

‘ but did you really kiss her ‘nam-il asked

‘ mouth to mouth resuscitation ‘Jim-Hyuk replied

‘ to think the almighty Jim-Hyuk will do that to save rap maid ‘jae woo said with a smirk ????

‘ well that not the only problem, mina just posted on social media that you broke up with her because you were having an affair with your maid ‘KYUNG WAN said as he read it on his phone

‘ nice plan’ Jin-Hyuk said

‘you do not seem to be concerned about this have any idea what this can do to your reputation’ man soo said

‘did you really break up with mina’ KYUNG WAN said

‘i broke up with her cause i do not like her, not because i am having an affair with the maid’ Jim-Hyuk said

‘well the comments from your fans and mina fans are not good, here are some of the comments’ Nam-il said as he read it out loud

‘Jim-Hyuk the dirty heart breaker’

‘i hate jin-hyuk’

‘jin-hyuk I use to love you but after what you did the word hate is not enough to explain my feelings for you’

‘jin-hyuk ass hole’

Nam-il was still reading the nasty comments just then mina barged into our personal pop star office

‘we will excuse both of you now :i said as i walked out of the room the boys


I was already irritated by the social media comments

Only to see a more irritating thing

‘ do you like my little plan ‘she asked

‘ and this is your way of trapping me’ i asked again looking unconcerned

‘it seems you do not take this thing seriously.. You have started loosing followers on social media, check out the horrible post and comment on social media. Incase you do not know this will ruin you. It only a matter of time before you loose producer and no one will be interested in your music ‘she said

‘ don’t you ever stop talking ‘i asked her

‘ what ‘she said

‘ ok forget about that, Wht do i have to do to stop all this shenanigans ‘i asked her

‘ you just have to come back to me, let date each other again and after that, you are free, i will take care of the rest ‘she said

I walked closer to her and looked at her in the face

She was smiling ☺ and blushing

‘ if you think i will come back to you, you are Damn wrong ‘

Immediately the smile on her face disappeared

‘ if you think you can ruin me with this then you wrong again’.

I am pretty sure my words were upsetting her

‘and let me tell you one thing Korea Sweetheart, you do not matter at all’ i said as i walked out of the room

I punched the table looking so upset

I do not matter

How dare he

No matter what you will be mine jin-hyuk..

I will show you just what i can do now

……………….. To be continued………..


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