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Kiss. Episode 8

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Kiss. Episode 9
Kiss. Chapter 7

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???? CHAPTER 8????
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‘Hey cheng’ I said as I walked into the kitchen the next morning and saw cheng preparing breakfast


‘good morning’ I said

‘good morning’ he replied without even looking at me but still focused on the food

He is still that Cheng

‘ummm cheng’ I said

‘yes’ he replied

‘what wrong’ I asked

‘wrong, is there something wrong’ he asked

. ‘no i mean what wrong with you’ I asked

He walked pass me and dropped my breakfast on the dinning table while he sat down and started eating his

Normally he wouldn’t start eating until I eat but now he is eating without me

I walked towards the dining table and sat down next to him

I smiled at him while he just focused on his breakfast

My phone rang and I picked up the phone

‘hello’ I said

‘hey honey how are you’

‘Mum.. Am fine’

‘great well your cousin heize is coming to live with you’ my mum said

‘heize is comin but why’ I said

Heize is a good girl and I like her
But the problem is how will i explain Cheng to her

If i tell her the truth about cheng I know she will understand and she can also keep a secret, I mean she has been my best friend since I was a kid

I trust her more than I trust jisoo

‘but I thought you love heize and you wouldnt have a problem with her coming’ my mum said

‘ofcas I love heize a lot, I will be happy to see her here’ i said

‘great she will arrive later in the day, tell the driver to pick her up’ she said

‘will she also be going to shancei art?’ I asked my mom

‘come on we both know heize knows absolutely nothing about art, remember the horse she drew last year’ she said

‘was that an horse, i thought it was a hippo’ i said while my mum laughed

‘heize will be there very soon and she will be attending Mckenzie College’ she said

Mckenzie college

That one of the most expensive international college

You pay alot of money to get in there

Anyways heize parents are also rich like mine

My mum wanted to force me to go there

It took me alot of effort to convince her not to let me

I just love art and I want to be a great artist someday

Cheng finished his food and stood on his feet

He dropped the dish in the dish washer and picked up his bag back to go to school

‘aren’t you gonna wait for me’ I asked

‘no need, I will take a taxi’ he said

‘why taxi, I have a car let go to school and beside isn’t taxi too expensive for you’ I said

He stares at me and I immediately remembered that he has a job now and he is being payed huge amount of money

But i feel like he is trying to avoid me or something this days

Cheng you have to stop this it ain’t funny at all

He walked out of the building leaving me all alone

I got ready afterwards and drove my car all the way to school

I walked into the school and the first person I saw was jisoo

‘hey’ she said

‘hello jisoo Goodmorning’ I said with a smile

‘so I talked to my aunt and she agreed’ she said

‘waw thanks alot, I really don’t know how to thank you’ I said and she smiled

‘anything for a friend’..

We talked and laughed and I turned to my left only to see rose watching us

She has this sad look on her face like she does not like seeing us together

I wanted to walk towards her and act like my normal self again

I don’t like staying away from rose or being so cold and uncaring to her

But am just giving her what she wants

She needs space right..

I became very upset when I saw kyung walk up to her

I have to act like I don’t care

He is the reason we not on good terms anyway

He has been talking to jisoo for a while now

And he looks so happy with her

But jisoo is my best friend why does she enjoy the company of my boyfriend so much

‘hey’ kyung said as he walked towards me

‘oh hi kyung’ I said

‘what you doing standing here aren’t you meant to be with your boyfriend’ he said

‘no it nothing, am just… Forget it’

I looked at cheng and jisoo again

Why can’t he be jealous seeing me and kyung together

He should be looking at me and focusing on seeing both of us together

But no he is just having a great time with jisoo

What brings about this newly found friendship of theirs

Am so frustrated

‘come on let go’ kyung said as we walked towards jisoo and cheng

‘oh I bestie’ jisoo greeted with a smile

‘hi’ I said

‘waw you guys seem to be getting along quite well’ kyung said

‘oh we really getting along, he is one of my best friends now’ jisoo said and cheng smiled

‘waw you seem to be so busy with my cousin you totally forgot about your girlfriend’ kyung said and cheng focused on me before looking at me

‘kyung what are you saying’ I whispered in his ear feeling a bit embarrassed

‘the truth, do you have a problem with that’ he asked

‘Just stop let go’ I said as I pulled him away with me

‘pls don’t say that again’ I said to him

‘it obvious you guys are not on good terms and maybe is using my cousin to make you jealous’ kyung said

‘no I know cheng he will never do that, and beside is not the type that uses people, if he doesn’t like you he won’t be any where around you at all’i said

‘ waw you seem to know alot about your boyfriend ‘kyung said and I sighed.

I know cheng can only love me but the

He is just upset with the way I treated him earlier

And the truth be told he didn’t deserve any of that

question is what does jisoo wants from him

Does she also like him or does she just think of him as a friend

After Madam Cindy our French teachers class Cheng walked out of the classroom and i followed him

He walked into the boys bathroom and i stood at the entrance waiting for him

This is the only way to talk to him since jisoo is always with him

I walked out of the bathroom and I saw rose standing at the entrance.

I was happy being so close to her.

But a little bit sad because I have a feeling she is going to say hurtful words again

‘cheng I need to talk to you’

‘about what’ I asked

‘about all this, why you not acting like cheng towards me anymore and why do you seem to enjoy jisoo company this days’ she said

I looked at her for awhile before saying ‘you have class, do not wanna miss class do you’ i said as I wanted to walk pass her

She held my collar and pinned me to the wall

‘You not going anywhere till am done talking to you’ she said

‘is this a form of rape’ i said

‘be serious cheng why you not paying attention to me anymore why you always with jisoo all the time, don’t I matter to you anymore, am I not your rose anymore, you are my boyfriend and you meant to be with me or do you actually want me to apologize for what I did to you fww days ago, you know what am not gonna apologize cause you don’t matter At all ‘she said

I only realised what have just said after those words fell from my mouth

Ohhhhh rose must your pride always get in the way all the time

He slowly held my wrist and pulled my hand off his collar

‘ cheng am….’

‘it okay i was prepared for that anyway’ he said as he walked away

Rose whtyyyyyy

I hit my head continously saying *you so stupid rose. So proud so stupid ‘

A simple sorry wouldn’t kill me

Neither will it shorten my life span

I went back home that day alone

I was hoping to meet him at home

But he was not there

I guess he is also starting work today

I do not even want to imagine the fact that he is with jisoo right now

Later in the night, my cousin /best friend arrived with the driver
.. ‘Haize’ I shouted at I ran towards her pulling her into a big hug
Haize and I departed when we were just 15 years old

Haize is extremely beautiful with long hair and impeccable fashion sense

She has been staying in America for four years now

I really miss her and now I have to tell her about cheng..

‘hey sweetheart, am so happy to see you again’ she said

‘okay do not use that America accent on me, this is korea ‘ I said

‘oh Sorry my bad kumosimita’ she said and we both laughed

Her korea is terrible

‘okay am starving, what we gonna have for dinner’ she said

‘let me prepare dinner’ I said

‘no, no, no, unless you a better cook now please don’t cook’ she said and I laughed

‘okay am terrible you should cook’ I said and she laughed

‘okay let me pick my cell phone’ she said while I went to the kitchen

About few mins later I heard haize voice and I went to the living room

Haize was in the room staring at cheng with her mouth wide opened

‘haize’ I called her name but she was still drooling over cheng who was now feeling uncomfortable

“haize ‘I shouted while she jumped back to reality

‘ rose, who is the beauty ‘she asked

‘ that my boyfriend ‘I replied

‘ well he is one yummy ???? guy ‘she said and I hit her

I have no problem if haize drools over cheng

I know she can never fall for him because she is not the type that runs after guys

Most especially my boyfriend, she will never think of snatching him

‘ ouchhhh ‘she said

‘ cheng meet haize my cousin ‘I said

‘ hi ‘he said with a smile as he stretched his hand to shake her

‘ men you are one handsome guy ‘she said still not letting go

‘ that enough ‘I whispered in her ear and she immediately drops his hand

Haize don’t let me have second thoughts about you

‘ waw your boyfriend is waww… But why is he here so late, is he living here ‘she asked

‘ yes he is ‘I answered

‘ but why ‘She asked’ I have no problem with him staying here but am still curious to know why ‘she said said

I have to tell her the truth

I alone can’t keep this heavy secret

I need someone to share it with and I totally trust heize

‘ I feel like you hiding something from me ‘haize said

I should have known this is gonna happen

Haize knows me too well and she is going to force me to talk

‘ haize can you keep a secret? ‘

‘ you know me since we were one year old, we share secrets right and you know am good at keeping them’ she said

‘okay well you see cheng over here is not human’ I said and cheng looks at me

‘he is not human?’ she asked again looking shocked

‘See he is human, but a very old one, he is over two hundred years old’ i said

‘two hundred years old?… All I see is a hot goodlooking twenty year old korea guy’ she said

‘no, no, no remember the master cheng story’ I said

‘yes, the myth we were told when we were five years old’ she said

‘yea, it not a myth and he is master cheng from that story’ I said and she started laughing

‘am seriously, remember a witch turned him to a statue and only a kiss can break the spell, i kissed the statue and i broke the spell, now I have to fall in love with him to break the spell completely’ I said

‘I don’t belive tbis, stop playing with my head’ she said

‘it true’ I said

‘then prove it’ she replied

I sighed and walked towards cheng

‘I know you and I are not in good terms now but please, just do it for me’ I said

He looked at me for awhile and stares at haize

‘well am waiting for the prove’ she said as cheng turns into a statue and back into an human

‘O.M.G’ haize said as she loosed consciousness

Do you think rose made the right decision by telling haize

Haize also a main character

And her love life is starting soon

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Kiss. Episode 9
Kiss. Chapter 7

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