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Ria. Episode 16 to 20

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Ria. Episode 21 to 24
Ria. Episode 13 to 16

♠ RIA ♠
IAN POV ????
A nurse we met at the reception led us to a office. An aged man with a glasses on sat at the desk. He stopped up immediately we came in.
“Mr Bryant I guess” he stretched his hand for an hand shake. I nodded my head
“Doctor Lui” he said again
“Nice to meet you..and this is Ria Robert” I introduced then Ria shake hands with him too
“Good to have you at the centre..please seat”
Ria and I settled in the chairs facing him directly
“I spoke with Doctor Alisa last night. She already explained Miss Ria’s case to me and I’ve looked into her eye results which Doctor Hawn mailed to me days ago..” He paused and clicked on his system
He continued
“Stem cell Therapy is the new treatment in China to cure certain types of blindness. It like a breakthrough to vision – recovery treatment for different types and stages of visual function impairments. In Miss Ria’s case undergoing pioneering Stem Cell treatment is the best option”
“Doctor can we at least know how the treatments works?” I asked
“the stem cell treatment could be the answer as it works by implanting a ” patch” of stem cells over the person’s damaged part of the back of the eyes. Stem cells are special cells with the potential to repair any damaged tissue and organs. The therapy involved using these cells in injections and tissue transplants to heal injuries and treat injuries. And close to 15 people have taken the stem cell transplant. Like a two years girl was diagnosed of Septo optic Dysplasia, so we had to take stem cells from an umbilical cord and feed into her forehead to allow her see. After just 3 weeks of Stem cell treatment she can now see,her eyes are tracking together and she is now able to recognize people and objects without touching them. So I believe the stem cell treatment will work for Miss Ria too”
“Doctor will she feel pain during the transplant?” I asked him again and Ria turned to look at me
“She will be awake during the surgery and will be given oral medication before the procedures so she is fully relaxed and feel no discomfort during the Cataract Surgery. Here at our center we believe that our new approach will result in Paradigm shift in Cataract surgery and it also offers patients a safe and better treatment option” Doctor Lui adjusted his eye glasses
“And also Stem cell transplant patients will go through conditioning treatment which includes chemotherapy,mouth Sore -”
“Nausea,vomiting,fatigue, dry moth,hair loss and breathing problems” I completed his intended statement
“Doctor Alisa already informed us about the conditioning treatment.. But will she be better after all this treatment?”
“Yes.. we are going to administer drugs as soon as the surgery is done”
“So when will the surgery take place?”
“In three days time”
“Why three days? I was hoping she would undergo the surgery as soon as we get here”
“No Mr Ian.. The stem cell from a human embryo was converted into a patch of a special type of eye cell and it is being grown in our lab. So that what we’ve been working on ever since Doctor Hawn called”
“Will she be admitted till that day?”
“Yes..but not today. We give our patients enough time to prepare for the surgery and process”
“So then tomorrow?”
“Thank You Doctor Lui” I stood up and shake hands with him
“You’re welcome Mr Ian”
I helped Ria up and we both walked out of the office with my hands clasped around her waist to guide her.
“Are you alright?”
“Yes..I’m fine” I asked when we were finally settled in the car
“Will you like to visit some places in China?”
“No..I want to rest at the suite” I nodded
“To the Suite” I ordered the driver. The engine purred to life and the car moved into motion.

RIA POV ????‍♀
Ian carried me from the car to the suite and placed me on the couch gently.
“Would you like to drink something?.. Tea,coffee,water -” Ian asked
“Water please”
“I’ll be right back” he left.
Seconds later he placed a glass in my hand
“Thank You” I drank it and gave it back to him
“What would you like to eat?”
“I’m okay”
“You’re okay?”
He asked and I nodded
“Ria you haven’t eaten anything since we arrived -”
“I’m not hungry”
I sensed him close. He held my hands in his.
I withdrew gently but he held them again
“Is there anything bothering you?”
“No I’m fine”
“Then why won’t you eat?”
“Because I’m not hungry”
“Is this about the surgery?”
I didn’t respond
I don’t know what to say! Don’t know if it about the surgery it or what’s going on inside of me? This weird feeling I get each time he is close like this
“Listen Ria..the surgery will be successful and I also believe that you will be able to see the world”
He said softly
I felt him touch my checks. His other hand still holding my right hand
“You just have to believe..Ria and overcome whatever fear you’re feeling”
He paused
He waited for a response which never came
“Doctor Lui said you have to prepare for the process and be strong. And I also want you to remember that your kids are waiting for you..waiting to see that you can see and recognize them too”
I only nodded slowly since my voice failed me
“So let’s be strong okay?”
“Yes” I managed to say
We lapsed in silence for few second until he spoke up again
“I will place an order now”
He moved away from me
“Pasta please..” I said in a low tone
“You want pasta?” I nodded as I fiddled with my fingers
I listened to Ian as he made the call. The doorbell rang seconds later. I heard Ian exchanging words with whoever was out there
“The food is here”
I stood up blindly and waited for him to help me to the dinning table
“I can do it my self”
I said to him when he made an attempt to feed me
“Okay” he gave me the fork
I ate slowly but I could feel his eyes on me. Staring at me as I ate my food
“You like it?”
He asked
I hummed a response
“Okay” he said
IAN POV ????
The soft beeping sound from the system woke me up from a deep sleep. I raised my head up and rubbed my sleepy eyes. I looked around and saw that I had fallen asleep on the dinning table. How come I slept off here?..Gosh! I’m so tired! I yawned loudly
When we finished eating in the morning, Ria said that she would take a nap so i led her to the room and helped her in bed. I was busy with work all afternoon while Ria was sleeping. I assumed she was still stressed from the flight before and needed enough rest. The files Ramsey sent to my mail was enough to keep me glued to my system all day. Around 6:30pm Ria came out and said she was hungry so I placed an order for us. After dinner I was hoping she would sit around for a while so we can have a little chat about random things. But she only said her goodnights and walked back into bedroom. It seems like Ria is a woman of little words or maybe she doesn’t want to talk to me. I don’t really know but sometimes I just wished that we could sit down and talk like normal people do..just like friends.
I feel as if Ria doesn’t want me to close her but at the same time she never pushed me away anytime I’m close. It so hard to tell! What she wants!
I figured it best if I just let Ria do whatever she wants so she won’t feel pressured maybe with time Ria will get used to the fact that I want to be around her and do things for her.
The system beeped again and I saw an incoming video call from My mom.
I checked the clock – 11:00
I clicked to connect
“Good day son”
“Hi…mom it late here”
“Oh!” She huffed
The time zone is different
“How are you doing Mom?”
I rubbed my eyes
“I’m good”
“Where is Ria?”
“She should be asleep in her room”
“Did I disturb you?”
“Not really..I was working on the files Ramsey sent and I slept off in the process”
“Oh sorry for waking you up”
“It okay”
“I will be at the office tomorrow…do you want me to do anything?”
“You can help me meet up with Robert. We are working on a current deal concerning the technological branch”
“Which Robert?”
“Frederick Robert”
“I thought he retired from his company”
“Yes..his son Drake Robert is the one managing the company. Since two years now”
“Well I thought you stopped partnering with Limos company”
“No mom..Frederick only withdrew his shares at the restaurants and transfered it to the textile branch”
“ now I have to make a deal with his son Drake”
“Yes..Ramsey will show you the documents. And mom you have to be careful when making a deal with Drake”
“He is cunning like his father right?”
“Exactly..they always want the best part of the deal”
She nodded
“I will take note of that son”
“I trust you mom”
“So what did the doctor say about Ria’s case?”
“She will be admitted tomorrow for some treatments then surgery takes place the next day”
“It will be a success”
“Yes I know mom. What about dad?”
“He is fine..but still mad at you for walking out on him..and for leaving your works to care for a Lady. But you don’t have to worry I already explained things to him…I mean how you feel about Ria”
“Oh mom you shouldn’t have told him about Ria or how I feel”
“I had to tell him so he would understand”
“I really don’t care If he understands me or not”
“Okay..I’m sorry for talking about Ria with him”
“It fine mom i just don’t want him to come after her”
“You dad won’t hurt Ria or do anything that he knows how you feel about her”
“I hope so”
“Yeah so now go to bed and rest okay?”
“Okay Mom”
“And check on Ria before going to your room”
“I will do that -”
“Bye” I clicked again and ended the call
I closed the system and made my way to Ria’s bedroom. I opened slowly and popped my head in to see. The dim bedside lamp provided the light in the room. I stepped in and saw Ria in bed,sleeping like a baby. She looks beautiful in her sleep, with her long hair spread out on the pillow.
I moved closer and covered her properly. Ria stirred and mumbled in her sleep but she didn’t wake up. She settled back slowly, her chest rising and falling at a normal rate signifying she was having a good sleep. No terrible nightmare today.
I watched Ria with my hands tucked in my shorts pocket. I don’t know how long i stood watching her but I liked it.. Just doing this made me smile. And once again I wished I could get to watch her like this forever.
That’s enough for tonight Ian! Go to bed!
I walked out of her room silently
I don’t know what Ria had done to me to make me like this. I sat on my bed and shook my head from side to side. There was some inexplicable something about Ria that flipped a switch in me. And when that switch was flipped it was as if I came alive. I feel alive in a way I have never had with other a way I never had in my whole life. And what does it means?
When I want to make those sad looks into a happy one. I want to take away the nightmare and make it into the best moments.
Wanting to do this all for Ria could mean just one thing which I clearly know – Love!
I chuckled!
I’m in love with Ria and I’d figured that out ever since the day I met her..maybe I didn’t want to acknowledge it at first but now it so deep. I’d fallen for her and it didn’t matter if she was blind.
“Well I’ve found a woman
Stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams I hope that someday
I’d share her own…
I’ve found love…”
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♠ RIA ♠
DRAKE POV ????????
I woke up to someone pressing soft kisses on my body. My eyes opened slowly to see the blond lady I brought in from the club last night
“Morning Sunshine..” She kissed my naked chest
“What was that your name again?” I asked as I rubbed my eyes
“Bay” she replied amidst silly kisses
Enough of the drama Girl!
“Why are you still here?”
Bay stopped kissing and stared at me in shock
“Are you new in this business?”
I sat up and rested my head on the board. The cover slipped from her body and revealed her bare chest. I chuckled a bit! She is a newbie! No night worker in Idaho stays in bed till daybreak. For me my girls leaves before dawn
“Didn’t the boss lady or your friends tell you I don’t like seeing ladies in my bed in the morning?”
“She didn’t” Bay stuttered
I hoped out of bed and reached for my wallet. I took out a bundle and gave it to Bay. Her eyes widened when the money dropped on the bed
“That’s your payment…You can leave”
I said and made my way to the bathroom and shut the door.
My name is Drake Robert. I am Frederick Robert only child. I am 24 years old and currently the CEO of Limos Company.
Limos Company is one of the best in Idaho. It is known for it quality textile materials. It also dabbles in other aspect too.. Hotels, restaurants and housing. We partner with several other companies and industries in USA. My dad is still the richest man in Idaho while Limos company is one of the most successful company in our state. Limos became the best when my dad became the CEO. It wasn’t this big when Grandpa was in charge. As the current CEO I plan to take Limos to the greatest level in the business world. I will Make it the best in USA. And so to achieve that part of that I’m partnering with successful businessmen in USA and over the world. Making deals,signing contracts and becoming major shareholders in some companies. That sound good but not too easy to accomplish.
Who is Drake Robert?
Drake Robert is known to be a play boy. Am I?
I won’t say I’m a Playboy. I just like flings and enjoy one nights. I don’t have time for relationships or commitment of any kind. I’m too busy for all that Shit!
You might call me a work – oriented person who is not ready to be a family man. Oh yeah! I am not ready to own a Family. I’m fine with just paying girls to warm my bed anytime I want.
I stepped out of the bathroom after taking a shower. I saw a note on the bedside drawer. Bay dropped it
“Call me anytime you need me”
she wrote down in the piece of paper with her number attached to it
My phone beeped
Sorry Bay! I don’t go back to same girl. I chalk things up to one night. I squeezed the note and threw it across the room. Then I searched for my phone which I found under the pillow. It was Alex! My personal assistant
“Hello Alex”
“Sir Drake”
“What’s up?”
“I just called to inform you that we received a mail from Lint Corp. They are ready to make a deal with Limos”
“Who am I meeting?”
“Mrs Perla Bryant”
“What about Ian?”
“His assistant said he is out of the company tending to some important things”
A smile formed on my lips. It much easier to deal with the old lady than the son. Ian Bryant is a good businessman who knows the tactics of business.
Thank God i won’t be meeting him this time
“Alex book a flight for me to Chicago. I will be at the office soon”
“Okay Sir”
The line dropped
I dressed up and was about leaving the room then I remember my expensive watch.
I rushed back to the room and searched the bed. I pulled out the covers then I saw the watch. But then I saw bloodstain on the white sheet.
Did Bay see her period during the night?
Whatever! At least we used protection. I dropped the sheet back and walked out of the room. My driver was already waiting to take me to my apartment.
ELISE POV ????‍????
“Mrs Elise did mommy call you last night?” Phoenix asked
“Yes she did but you were already asleep”
“Was the surgery a success?” Phoebe asked
“They’ve not done it but I’m sure it will be a success”
“Yes Mrs Elise” Phoenix added
“Okay that’s enough grab you bags”
I heard a horn
“The bus is here”
They picked their bags
“Bye Mrs Elise!” They waved
“Take Care!” I waved back at them from the porch
IAN POV ????
I opened the bottle of water and gave it to Ria
“Here drink up to calm your nerves”
She collected it from me and Drank from the bottle.
We were waiting for Doctor Lui team to come in and take Ria to the surgical ward. I brought her to the centre yesterday afternoon and we’ve both being here since then..with Nurses around to attend to us when we needed something.
Ria looked nervous today and coupled with the fact she didn’t sleep well last night. I had to call Mrs Elise so she could talk to the kids maybe she would stay calm but the kids were already asleep. All she did was stare into space while I worked on my system attending to an online business conference from the office. Ria managed to sleep around 10:00pm and was up around 4:00am. I couldn’t figure it want was going on on her mind. Its so hard to read through her. So I just let her have those silent moments she wanted for herself
“Thank You”
Ria whispered as she gave the bottle to me
“You have to feel relaxed Ria”
“Yeah I know” she placed her hands on her laps
“I want you to be rest assured that the surgery will go well. You believe right?” She nodded
I sat on the bed and held her right hand in mine
“Be strong Ria..everything will be fine”
Ria didn’t move my hand away.
She whispered
“thank you..Ian”
I looked at her
Ria bit her lower lip. This was the first time she called my name without a “Mr”. The door opened and Doctor Lui came in with a nurse
“It time” he announced
“The team are waiting”
I caught a glimpse of the stretcher outside
“Okay Doctor Lui”
I carried Ria in my arms and out of the ward. I placed her gently on the stretcher
“Take her to the ward. I will be there in a minute” Doctor Lui said and the nurses nodded
“Please be careful” I added and they pushed Ria away
“Doctor Lui..can I wait outside the operating room?”
“Sure you -”
I followed the nurses even before he finished his statement. I caught up with them and held her hand. Ria in turn held me tightly and I thought I saw a smile on her face or maybe I imagined it. They stopped at a point and I looked up at the sign “Operating Room 2”
It was time.
I let out a shaky breathe before leaning close to her
“It time to go in Ria” I whispered to her ears
“I will be out here waiting for you..okay?”
She nodded
I held on tightly for a second and sighed.
They pushed her into the Ward and closed the door behind.
It will work out! Ria will see again!
I leaned up against the wall and chanted in my head

•••••• IDAHO••••••
BAY POV ????‍????
I walked in silently and would have tiptoed to my room but I heard her voice
“And where did you sleep last night little girl?”
I turned and saw my mom sitting on the couch with a magazine high up in the air
“I..I was at Jessica’s place last night” I lied
My mom dropped the magazine and stared at me
“I called Jessica last night -” she paused
I clenched my fist
“And she told me that she hasn’t seen you since the day before”
Now I’m dead!
“Where were you last night Bay?”
I cracked my head for the right words to say to my strict mom but nothing came. I’m a dead meat if she finds out I went clubbing last night and even slept with someone I don’t know. No! Drake Robert isn’t a strange Man! I know him! I liked him immediately I saw him on TV. And Ever since I’ve been trying to get close to him. I made up my mind to search for me and get to meet him.
“ don’t have to worry about where I slept last night. The truth is..I wasn’t at Jessica’s place. I lodged into an hotel cause I was too tired to drive home”
My mom relaxed
No I think that worked on her!
“You should have at least called to inform me that you are the hotel so the driver would have come and pick you up”
“I wanted to but my phone battery ran down..and i didn’t charge at the hotel cause.. I didn’t go along with charger”
“Okay..but please always go with it..I was so worried about you last night”
“Oh come on mom you don’t have to worry too much about me”
I’m not a kid anymore I wanted I say but if i do my mom won’t agree. I’m 23 but my mom still treats me like I’m 16. Sometimes she even pick out my dress and also I have to to tell her about my whereabout
“I have to worry..”
“Okay mom. I’ll just go ahead and take a shower”
Thank Goodness she didn’t find out! She believed those sweet lies!
I rushed to my bedroom and crashed in my bed happily.
I Got what i unwanted! Atlas! I met Drake Robert! We slept in the same bed and we had great sex. I can’t believe it!
I should call Jessica and tell her about it! I can’t keep it to myself!
“Hello Baby”
I said
“Hi” she yawned
“Are you still asleep?”
“Yes..cause I slept late last night”
“Okay…guess what girl?”
“Hey babe hold up..where were you last night? Your mom called me”
“Yes…yes I went clubbing”
“What?! Bay you went to club?!”
“Yes and stop sounding like I’m too small to club”
“Oh well you haven’t clubbed before”
Sounds old fashioned but I’m not!
Yesterday was my first time in a club
“But..i didn’t go there to merry or dance. I went to see someone”
“See someone? Bay when did you start seeing someone?”
“Just last night”
“ don’t tell me you went to Tessa club to see Drake!” She screamed
“That’s it Jess!”
“What?! Are you serious Bay?!’
” yes I met Drake last night”
Actually after much findings about Drake Robert. I realized that to be able to see him then i have to go to Tessa club and act like a random big girl
“Tell me about it”
“I took the chance and went to the club..the day was so good to me. I saw Drake. I had to pay a girl to lemme join their crew. Luck was on my side, Drake couldn’t take his eyes off me! He kept staring and finally asked if we could talk at first. And after that we went to the hotel to spend some time together”
“Oh! You went with him to the hotel!”
“Yes…I just said that now”
“What?! Bay!”
“What is it Jessica?”
“Bay you slept with Drake just like that?!”
“Yes! We had great sex and it was fun Jessica! And guess what?! Drake said he likes me and that he enjoyed my body”
“Did he know last night was your first time?”
“I don’t know..about that Jess”
“That bad Bay!”
“How is it Jess?..I got what I wanted in the end”
“Yes I know cause Bay always get what she wants”
“Drake is bad guy. You shouldn’t have sex with him. Bay I told you about Drake and who he is..all he does is chalk things up to one nights and flings. No commitment”
“Jess I dropped a note before leaving his room”
“What was his first word to you when he woke up?”
“Well he asked me why I was still in His bed. Actually Drake thought I was night worker. He even paid me then asked me to leave”
“Oh my God Bay! What have you done to yourself? Drake thinks you are..a whore”
“That was why he paid you and asked you to leave”
“I don’t think so Jess..he was very nice before we got to hotel”
“Because he was nice last night doesn’t mean he likes you. He just wanted to have you and then leave. And of course! He got what he wanted”
I itched the back of my neck
“Jess I want to believe that what Drake and i shared last night meant something to him. Cause it means a lot to me”
“Oh bay..”
“Let just put that aside Jess. So what are you up to today?”
“Let’s hang out”
“Will mom allow you?”
“Yes..I will tell her I’m going with you”
“Okay be here by two”
She hang up
I fell back on the bed.
A smile formed on my lips when the images of last night flooded my mind.
Hours had gone by like mere moments. Drake had made me laugh. He’d been able to talk about himself more comprehensively and I had flowed freely with him. Last night had turned out to be the best night of my life. Drake had paid attention to everything I’d had to say. He’d made me feel as if I was the woman in the world. They often say that Drake Robert was bad guy but he’d been a perfect gentleman. We had finished an entire bottle of champagne when we kissed. He had finally kissed me. It was long and I’d been dying for him too. Of course i didn’t care if everyone was watching us kiss. But still Drake could kiss. When we got to the Hotel.. The way he held me.. that was arousing all on its own. I could feel the power in his arms,in his muscular body. It was leashed into gentleness it made me feel cherished. And very turned turned on that i wanted to stay kissing him forever. I wanted to stay held in his arms forever. More than that i wanted to feel his touch over my body again. I hope that Drake sees the note I dropped. My number was in it and I pray he calls me soon.
“I guess I’m fool
I’m a fool in love
But I’m willing to look stupid..”
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♠ RIA ♠
IAN POV ????
My phone binged and I took it out of my pocket. It was a call from Mrs Elise.
“Hello Mrs Elise”
“Hi Mr is Miss Ria?”
“She is still in the operating room. I’m outside waiting for the doctor”
“Mr Ian please take a break..Miss Ria will be fine”
“I can’t do that Mrs Elise. I’ll just wait out here till I see the Doctor”
“Okay Mr Ian”
“I’ll call you when I talk to the Doctor”
“Okay..bye” she hang up
“The door leading to the operating room opened. Doctor Lui walked out with a Nurse. I rushed to him
“How is she?”
“She is good. We were able to take out all the Cataracts and implant the Stem Cells”
I let out a sigh of relief
“She will be transfered to a ward soon”
“Thank you Doctor Lui”
He walked away while I waited for them to bring Ria out
I sat in a chair close to the bed
“Can you hear me Ria?”
She nodded. A white band was on her eyes. Doctor Lui said it was to keep germs away from her eyes so it won’t affect the works of the stem cells.
“How are you feeling?”
“Sleepy” she replied in a low tone
I held her right hand in mine
“Mrs Elise called while you were still in the operating ward”
“Did you wait outside all those times?”
“Yes. I told Mrs Elise that you are fine”
“How are the kids?”
“They are fine too”
I stood up and covered her properly
“Rest Now Ria”
“You should do the same too”
She whispered
It being 3 weeks since Ria had the surgery but she was still yet to see. Doctor Lui assured us that everything was fine. He said stem cells treatment takes at least 6 weeks or more to heal the patients. And Results shows that Ria’s eyes were getting better.
“How are you feeling?”
I asked Ria as I filled the chair next to the bed
“I’m fine”
I was just coming back from a meeting with an investor. I had to see the Chinese Businessman cause I promised to visit him anytime I’m in China
“Aren’t you Hungry?” I asked Ria
“The Nurse said you haven’t ate since morning. I bought food from the hotel restaurant”
I said,setting out the utensils but she didn’t care. I sat next to her,holding a spoon In one hand but she stared into space
“If you’re not going to feed yourself.. I’m going to have to feed you myself” I paused waiting for a reaction from Ria. She ignored my words and sat silently.
I held a spoonful of food right in her face
“Open up” I prompted but she turned her head. I didn’t give up. I brought it closely to her lips
“You have to eat Ria”
“I’m not hungry”
I dropped the spoon and packed the food back in the boxes
“What’s the problem?”
“Nothing” she replied sharply
“Are you doubting the surgery?” Ria froze
That was it! She’s refusing to eat because she was yet to gain her sight!
“Ria..we still have three more weeks..and anything could happen even before that time”
“What..what doesn’t work?” Her voice trailed
I took her small hands in mine
“It will work Ria. We have to believe..The treatment needs time to heal your eyes. This is gonna work. You will see! I’m sure that you are going to see soon. Doctor Lui said the result shows that your eyes are getting better”
“I hope so”
RIA POV ????‍♀
The room was silent except for the constant beeping of a device I couldn’t make out. I shifted on the bed as I regained consciousness slowly. I opened my eyes and was welcomed by darkness again. I heard a voice in the room which i recognized to be Ian’s. Then it was as if I could see through the white band on my eyes. I reached the knot behind my head and it came off.
At first, I thought I was imagining things..but I wasn’t!
I blink rapidly..and everything became clear! I was in a room painted in White.
Unbelievable! I can see!
My eyes lingered to the window where I saw a well built man dressed in a faded jeans and top. I sat up immediately.
My mind was blank like a piece of white paper that doesn’t have any words written on it. I glanced around once again to be sure if I was seeing things with my eyes! And…
Yes! I can see!
“You’re up?” I turned towards the direction of where his voice came from. He walked closer to the bed. I recognized him..but it seems he didn’t notice that I could see him.
“Are you feeling better today?” He asked me as he took my hands. My lips remained silent. I don’t know what to say at the sight of him. I can see him! I finally got the chance to see him!
This guy sitting right in front of me was the one who helped me. I had wondered what he looked like and now i can see him. He was was here for me,he took care of me,fed me..and encouraged me never to give up. All those times I ruined his expensive Wears with Vomits..he never complained or feel irritated. During the conditioning treatments he was there..the sleepless nights when I had diarrhea and covering my hair tight to stop it from falling off and also the morning walks around the hospital when i needed fresh air out of the ward. Ian went through those periods with me!
And I must admit that we became close over the past few weeks than I expected. Tears formed at the corner of my eyes. The same man I tried to push away turned out to be a care giver.
“Why..are you.. crying?” He asked when the tears dropped own my cheeks
Ian stared at me
“Wait why did you take off the band?”
He asked
“You should put it back on..”
I stopped him when he was about to fix it back. He stared at me in shock. Like he knew my reason for refusing the band
“Can you see me?”
I nodded slowly
“Yes..I can”
“’re on a faded jeans”
“Yes..yes! You’re right Ria! Yes i knew it!” He screamed
“I Knew this would work!”
Then he did the unexpected. He hugged me! And I didn’t push him away instead I pulled him tighter and sobbed.
Finally! After all these Years of waiting! Now I can see the world for the first time!
“I’m so can see Ria!”
He released me. A bright smile on his face. It suite his handsome face
“Let me get Doctor Lui”
He rushed out of the room. And came back with an aged man
“miss Ria” the familiar voice said with a smile.
I wiped my cheeks clean and smiled back at him
“I want to believe that you can see now” I nodded
“How many fingers?”
He right hand up in the air
“Five” I replied. He went on and on like that to see if I could identify simple objects around and I did! Ian stood staring at me with a smile on
“It a good thing that you can see Miss Ria”
Doctor Lui said
“What’s next now?” Ian asked
“Few tests..and some monitoring for a couple of days”
“Thank You doctor Lui”
I said before he exited the room
Ian filled the chair back when the doctor left the room.
“So will you like to go for a walk around?”
“Yes!” I exclaimed
I want to see the world! Everything! I want to see it all with him! I want him to be the one showing me world!
“I can almost see it
That dream I’m dreaming But..
There’s a voice inside my head saying
You’ll never reach it
Every steps I’m taking
Every move I make feels like
Lost with no directions
My faith is shaking
But I, i gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high..”
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Ria can see! So..
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♠ RIA ♠
RIA POV ????‍♀
The limousine driver that picked us at the airport pulled up in front of my house. I rushed out of the car ignoring Ian’s warning to be careful. I was anxious to see my family.. Mrs Elise, Phoebe and Phoenix. I wanted to see them!
Two kids ran out of the building and I spread out my arms to accommodate them!
“Mom!” They screamed
Phoenix was a compact little thing.. Cute with a dimple on his right cheek like mine too. His hair shimmering in the sun!
Phoebe had a short black hair packed in ponytails. Her cute brown eyes added beauty to her Heart shaped face. They are beautiful creatures!
“How are you doing mom?”
Phoenix jumped
“I’m fine” I pinched his cheeks
“Can you really see me?!”
He asked again
“ little man!”
“Miss Ria!” I looked up and Saw Mrs Elise. She was short and plump with her brown hair packed in a bun. She looked wonderful in the knee length gown.
“Oh miss Ria! -”
She hugged Me
“I’m so happy you can see now” I noticed the stray of tears on her cheeks when she released me
“Thanks for taking care of the Kids”
Phoebe and Phoenix dragged the boxes together
“Mr Ian..I don’t know how thank You for taking good care of Miss Ria”
“You don’t have to Thank Me Mrs Elise”
“God bless you. I’ll just take the boxes inside”
She dragged the big one while The kids fights over who will take the second one
“Phoenix let her do it” he let go instantly and made his way to the front door to open it.
Leaving me Alone with Ian
“So what next now?” He asked before I could think of thanking him
“I will just see the work we have on ground before deciding on what to do next”
He leaned close
“I hope that you’ll give my offer a good thought”
I nodded
“I await a good just call me when you’re ready”
“Yes. So where are you heading now?”
“To the office”
“You should get enough rest after seeing to the work at the office” he nodded
Now I’m sounding like I care
He entered the car and waved at me before the car moved. I waved back at him.
I walked back inside only to find them searching through my stuffs.
“Is there something I need to know about the trip?” Mrs Elise asked
“What are you thinking?”
“No..nothing” she shrugged
“Wow!” Phoenix screamed when he brought out a Superman toy
“That for you little man”
“What about me?” Phoebe pouted
“I couldn’t fine the type of diary you wanted in China. But don’t worry we’ll visit the mall this weekend to buy it”
“Okay mom”
“You can pick some candy and chocolate now..and put the rest in the fridge”
“Thanks Mom!”
“So what do I get in place of goodies,toys -”
I laughed at Mrs Elise remark
“I’m sorry Mrs Elise..I didn’t know the size of shoe or the dress to buy”
She laughed
“It okay..I understand” she packed the stuffs back and closed the box
“Let me put this inside”
“Thank You Miss Elise”
I pull off my sandals and followed Mrs Elise to the room
“I guess we have a lot to talk about” Mrs Elise said
“I figured that from the smile on your face”
“What smile?..I’m just happy I can see you guys now”
“Yeah I know..but I’m talking about Mr Ian”
I rolled my eyes
“Let me freshen up so we can talk” I slid down my dress and walked into the bathroom
IAN POV ????
Several of my staffs stopped to greet me as I walked in. I waved at them without saying a word. I’ve been gone for 6 weeks..away from most of my duties just tending to few files on my system. Grace and Ramsey greeted me cheerfully when I walked into their area
“How are you doing?”
“Fine Sir” they chorused
“How was your trip sir?” Grace asked
“Mrs Bryant is waiting for you”
Ramsey informed me
I opened the door leading Into my office. My mom sat at the desk. I wondered how she was able to run things here with her store?
“Hi mom” she stood up and met me halfway
“Welcome son!” She kissed my cheeks
“I missed you!”
“I missed you more!” I replied with a laugh before settling on the couch and she did the same opposite me
“How was the trip?”
“Good..I’m so tired! I need a good rest”
“What about Ria?”
“She’s fine..I just dropped her off at her place before coming to the office”
“Son you don’t know how happy i was when I saw that Ria could see”
Yeah! Mom made a video call with Ria while we were in China! She wanted to be sure if Ria could really see. I thought Ria would feel pressured cause of that but she had agreed to talk to my mom.
“I’m happy too mom”
“And now you’re feeling like the happiest man on earth”
“More than being the happiest mom”
We laughed
“So what the next plan?”
“Oh mom…” I rubbed my forehead
“Just the same old plans..”
“Did you discuss it with Ria?”
“Yes I told her about my plans to setup her business…and for me to invest in it and then be partners”
“So what did she say?”
“She’s yet to give me a response mom. I’ll give her enough time to think about it”
“Ria will accept”
“How do you know that Mom?”
“My instincts”
“Just instinct mom? I’m sorry that won’t work with Ria”
“Don’t doubt the instinct of a woman..especially that of a mother”
Those times we spent together after Ria was discharged from the eye centre..they were special to me. We visited places in China. I made sure that Ria see everything..and I watched her smile during those moments. Everything had looked new to Ria when I was showing her things and also telling her about some objects in China. She was happy.. More than happy that she didn’t stopped smiling at everything she saw. We didn’t discuss personal issues..past or whatever but we talked about random things. And I never wanted those moments with her to end!
“Well I hope it works according to your instinct mom” I sighed and went to my desk
“What do we have here?”
“Ian you don’t have to start work today. Go home and rest for few days”
“Few days?”
“No..I’m resuming work tomorrow”
“A day or two rest won’t cause the company harm”
“Yes I know mom.. But I’m not talking about this company”
“Then what?”
“I want to start working on my plans for Ria”
“Sound determined”
RIA POV ????‍♀
I sat at the countertop in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee. I was waiting for Mrs Elise to finish washing the dishes. And ever since I came back Mrs Elsie stopped me from doing anything. She helped me arranged my clothes back in the closet. She kept saying that I should save up my energy for our discussion later in the day after the kids must have gone to bed.
“Now we can talk”
She wiped her hands clean on a napkin. She sat on a stool facing me directly
“Where do I start from?”
“Tell me what happened after you regained your sight”
“Well Ian was there..”
“Yes I know.. You told me that on phone”
“We didn’t do much in China.. Just visiting places and him showing me things. He also helped me to identify objects and colors”
“And yesterday..Ian asked what are my plans when i get back home”
“You know my plans Mrs Elise.. Saving up to enrol into a fashion school and getting a space for the business”
“Yeah like having a workshop”
I still have a lot to learn about being a clothe designer. Wedding gowns and some other trending clothes I’ve seen. I need to learn and become a professional in this Field
“So what did he say?”
“Actually Mrs Elise..” I paused and wrapped my fingers around the cup
“Ian wants to help with sewing business”
“That a good thing”
“You think so?”
“Yes Miss Ria”
“I don’t like that idea..”
“You know..Ian already spent too much on that trip to China and the surgery bills. And he’s still kinda insisting that I don’t pay back whatever he spent. Now he wants to help again”
“You can partner with him. Like you can let him invest in Your business”
“But I still don’t have enough to start”
“Then I suggest you let him help you if he wants to. And from what I’ve learnt about Lint Corp..they produce textiles.. You can partner with them so they can supply with materials…”
“Yeah Ian said that too..but I still don’t feel comfortable about helping me just like that..cause I keep having this thought day Ian might demand something in return”
“Perhaps did he make any advances while you were alone with him?”
“No he didn’t..”
“So what does that tell you?”
“I..i..don’t know Mrs Elise”
“Well it means that Mr Ian is different from the type of men you know. He is not in your life for sexual pleasure if I may Lucas did -”
She stopped
“I want to believe that too..”
“You have to. Mr Ian is nice and he wants to be part of that great dreams of yours. He is waiting for you to let him in and help you with whatever he can”
“So what do I do?” She sighed
“Go to your room..” She stood up and collected the coffee from me
“Think about what Mr Ian told you..what we discussed.. Think deeply and make up your mind once and for all”
I think that’s what I should do. I need to have a deep thought about my life,think about Ian’s deal and make up my mind.
“Thank You Mrs Elise”
I hugged her before walking into my room.
I crashed on my bed and pulled the covers over my body.
Ian was extremely good company. He was calm.. Very intelligent. He was interesting and knowledgeable. He was interested in anything I’d to say. He could be very funny at times..And it was really nice to be with him. Not that I trusted him but I felt safe and protected. I had no idea what that means..but I could give Ian a benefit of doubt. I might learn to change my perspectives about Men through Ian. And also allowing him to help me,I waited for a miracle..a breakthrough to fulfilling my dreams.
“It not bad to let Ian into my life”
I whispered to myself
“If I was able to stay alone with him for six weeks..without him acting funny”
then Ian might be a good man. Different from Lucas.
“Letting go of everything
That has ever had a hold on me..
No more running when I’m scared.
Running never gets me anywhere
I used to care but now its whatever
They don’t want you to do better
They’ll get you down if you let em
Just remember,no pain is forever
I know its hard to forget, how wrong they did you
All of the shit that you’ve been through
All of the fights you got into
Just remember that God is still with you
They want to bring me down..”
Theme song by Tatiana Manaois!
Now it almost time to make it Big!
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