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Ria. Episode 21 to 24

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Ria. Episode 25 to 28
Ria. Episode 16 to 20

♠ RIA ♠
IAN POV ????
“Sir..I just received a call from an agent now” Grace said
“Does he have a bigger space now?”
“Yes.. he sent some pictures”
she handed me the company’s tablet. I looked at the pictures in it. The images looked good but it isn’t the type of space I want for Ria
“I want the working space to be bigger than this..and then the personal office should be a bit bigger too”
“Okay Sir. I will let him know”
“What about Ramsey?”
“He is trying to find the House agent you requested”
“Tell him to see me as soon as he finds one”
“okay Sir” she exited
Two days after we arrived in Chicago. Ria called to inform me that she was ready to be my partner. She agreed that I should invest in her business. I don’t know what had changed her mind.. cause it seems Ria will never say yes when we were in China. I felt she would turn me down because I insisted that she doesn’t refund the surgery bills.
But, I was happy she agreed in the End. So ever since, I’ve been trying to find a good place for her. One that will attract rich people to come to her workplace.
“Mr Ian..” I looked up from my system
“Yes Ramsey”
“I just found a place”
“Let me see” I collected the tablet again and checked the images
“This is it Ramsey”
I tapped on the screen.
Exactly what I want for Ria! A big space like a small the road side where people can get to see her work.
“What about the house?”
“I’m still working on it Sir”
“ the agent and set up a meeting”
“Will you like to meet him today?”
“ I have any meeting?”
“No Sir”
“Good..tell the agent I want to meet him today”
“Okay Sir”
“Do that while I call Ria..”
He walked away
I picked up my phone and dialed Ria’s Number..but she didn’t pick up.
RIA POV ????‍♀
“Thank You once again Mrs Betty” I thanked the old Lady that came up pick up her dress. She smiled at me before entering the Taxi and I waved.
“Miss Ria! Miss Ria!” I turned back to the house and saw Mrs Elise on the porch
“What’s wrong?”
She gave me my phone
“Mr Ian is calling”
“Oh!” I collected it and picked it
“Hi” I replied
“Sorry for not picking up on time…a customer came for her dress”
“ are you less busy now?”
“Uhmmm Yes”
“Can we meet up now?.. I want you to see something”
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes Ria”
“I will text the address to you”
“Okay” the line dropped
“Mrs Elise..Ian wants to meet up with me”
“I don’t know yet..he will send me the address”
“Well maybe he found the space for the workplace”
“I’m not sure that’s the case”
“Go and meet him”
“Uhmmm.. Can I go like this?” I asked
Mrs Elise raised her brow
When did I start caring about how I look just because I want to meet Ian
“No..Change into something better.. Hmm let’s see..a fitting jeans and a sexy top will do”
“Sexy top?”
“ that top you made… The off shouldered one”
“No..that’s too revealing”
“Hmm but it looks good on you”
I rolled my eyes before walking into my room
I came back some minutes later. But not the off shouldered top.. I can’t wear that to meet Ian
“How do i look?” I asked her
“Still good”
“Thank You Mrs Elise”
My phone beeped. A text from Ian
“He sent the address”
“Go to him on time”
She gave me my purse and followed me out to get a taxi
I waved when I got into the taxi
RIA POV ????‍♀
I came down from the taxi and paid the driver when I got to the exact address Ian sent to me
“Thanks Ma’am” the driver said before driving off
My phone binged. It was Ian! I picked
“Hey…I’m there”
“Look ahead..I’m right in front of you”
I turned and looked ahead. He was standing at the other side of the road waving with his phone still on his ear. I hang up and crossed the road to meet him
“Hi” He greeted as he flashed me a smile that almost blinded me
“Hi” I managed to say while I surveyed the area.
It was quite busy..with half dozen streets lined with shops and businesses. Its heart and widespread residential area sprouting out in all directions around it. The first thing that struck me about this place was how clean and well kept everything was.
And why does he want to meet up here?
Ian cleared his throat
“I found a space for your workplace” I stared at him trying to make sense of his words. He pointed to an enormous building right behind him as he moved to let me get a clearer view of the place. There were some structures on both sides ..a diner,counter service, ice cream parlor, a grocery store and some major fast food business wasn’t far from it. Shops were set up in their own distinctive styles. And there was the requisite Starbucks,as well as gas station complete with Mini mart down the block. For the most part of it seemed best with available spaces.
“Let go in the agent is waiting to show us around”
He held my hand and we walked in through a glass door which was beautifully designed. And I was curious about how the inside would look like!
“Hello” a young man with glasses on greeted when we walked into the Stour room
“Ria meet Daniel..he is the agent”
“Nice to meet you Miss Ria”
“Same here Mr Daniel” I shook hands with him
The room was enormous..a luxurious room with a blue marble floor with large windows
“Here..can be used for the workplace” Daniel said
“Since Mr Ian said that you’ll be using it for a sewing business. There are other rooms too that can serve as office for you..your secretary,..the payment desk and all that” Ian nodded in agreement. We walked through a connecting door into another room
“Here can be a closet..more like a dressing room to check out dresses” Ian added when we entered a room. Daniel showed us around as Ian didn’t stop complimenting every part of the building. It was incredible!
“So do you like it?” Ian asked after we were done checking the whole place
A phone beeped almost the same time of his question
“Please excuse me..” Daniel excused himself to pick his call. And slowly I turned to face Ian
“ is it?” He asked again
“It cool..but – ” I paused
“But what?”
He asked with a concerned look on his face. It struck me that Ian won’t be Happy if I didn’t like the place.
“I like it” I said with a smile
No that’s an understatement! I love it!
“But..don’t you think it too big for -”
Ian leaned closer
“It not too big Ria. You need somewhere like this to start your business”
Yeah! This is starting in a big way! A really enormous way!
“This place would be able to accommodate a lot of workers and probably people who might want to learn. Or don’t you want people to work for you?”
“I do”
“Then we are not getting a small place. We will take this place” he stared intensely at me
“What are you thinking?”
“Well..I’m just thinking of the rent and the bills to set up a place like this -”
It would require a lot of money to furnish this whole place
“You don’t have to worry about the money..I will take care if of Ria”
And there he goes again..wanting to take on responsibility! This is getting too much!
“Ian I still don’t think it a good idea..”
“Of course it is a good idea Ria…just wait and see once everything is set. I will get interior designers to set up the whole place”
“It -”
“Sorry for the delay” Daniel cuts me off as he joined us
“Miss Ria are you doubting this place?..if you don’t like it I can get -”
“We want this place”
Ian said even before I could think of saying anything to Daniel.
Daniel’s face brightened at Ian’s response
“Send your Account details to Ramsey so he can transfer the payment to you”
“Okay Mr Ian”
“And thank you Mr Daniel”
I said before walking out with Ian
“I will drive you back home”
“No..never mind. I will just take a taxi”
I didn’t want him to stress himself driving me home and going back to the office
“I don’t have Much work at the let me take you home”
He opened the SUV and gestured to me to go in. He wasn’t going to change his mind after all so I did as he said. Ian rounded the Car and entered. The engine purred to life and the car moved.
“How about if I introduce you to the people who will help you set up your place? you can talk to them about what you want and how you want the place to be”
I knew it would be useless to argue with him not to bring in expert designers so I just agreed
“That a good idea”
“I’ll also tell Ramsey to help in getting the people you’ll be dealing with when they bring things in or come In to set the place”
I didn’t want to consider why Ian was willing to go to such extent to fulfilling all my long dreams. He’s done a lot for me..more than enough. And soon i hope I don’t start getting this strange feelings that I’m a burden to him.
I pray it doesn’t occur to me!
We didn’t say anything after what Ian said cause he had to answer his cell phone. Calls from work.
“Thanks for the ride” I said to Ian when he pulled up in front of my house
“You’re welcome” he replied
Then I came out of the car and closed the door
“I’ll give you call” He said
“Bye” I waved at him
Then he drove off
I was welcomed by the smell of Deep fried Pomfret in the air when I walked in. I watched Mrs Elise as she worked her around the kitchen. She hummed a song I couldn’t make out
“What are we celebrating?”
“Oh you’re back Miss Ria!”
I nodded as I eased myself on the stool
“I’m just preparing dinner”
And I’m so hungry!
“So how was the meeting with Mr Ian?” She asked
“It was good..”
I explained everything to her without leaving any detail
“Sound like everything is working for you Miss Ria!”
“It not maybe. Everything is working! You’re beginning to have those things you’ve ever wanted”
She paused and stare at me. Mrs Elise pointed the perforated spoon in her hand towards me
“Are you still doubting Mr Ian?”
Maybe that the problem!
“I know what this is about. But at the same time I want you to remember that you already agreed to be his partner. And I think as business Partner he wants to invest in some ways. So just see it all as a Business Relationship… And not that Mr Ian wants your body in return”
I nodded slowly
I just hope that’s all it is for Ian. Business Partners and nothing more!
“…you gat me grooving into the beat of your love
Feen for your touch
I don’t need much
It’s okay with me
If we keep it simple and sweet..”
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♣ RIA ♣
PERLA POV ????????
Walking around my large luxurious Jewelry store checking out the old and new items in glasses and cases of different styles of Gold,Diamonds and Silver. Necklaces,Rings,Chains,Bracelets in distinctive styles and designs.
I stopped at a huge glass and stared at the accessories in it. I raised a finger in the air calling the attention of whoever was in charge of the Space.
“Yes ma’am” a lady in black suit came to my side
“Open up this glass and clean out the dust” I ordered
“Okay Ma’am”
I turned away to look at some other things,But then I saw my old Friend walked into the Store.
“Oh! Good Morning Perla!” The old Lady greeted joyfully
“Madam Charity!” I replied as we exchanged pleasantries
“Good to see you again” she said
“Same here” I responded still maintaining my bright smile
“So you’re here to get a Jewelry?”
“Oh yes! I need a necklace and..I’m also here to give you an invitation”
Madam Charity said
“Then let’s go into my office and talk”
I led her to my office
“Please sit” I pointed to one of the couches in my office. She sat gracefully dropping her bag by her side.
“The annual party at the Foundation is in two weeks time”
She brought out an invitation card and placed it on the Table.
Madam Charity runs an orphanage home. It one of the best Charity Organization in USA. And so she holds a party once in a year to celebrate the Kids, sponsors and whoever has contributed to the growth of the Foundation.
I checked out the Card which reads
The party is a Five – Day Event. With Grand Finale on Saturday where they give out Awards to Donators.
“Will you be chanced during this days?” She asked
I tried to think if I would be chanced,when she said again
“You’re the Mother of The Day for this year’s party”
I checked it and saw my name on the downside of the Invitation Card
“You’ve donated so well to the Foundation that’s why we decided to give it to you”
“Oh! thank You Madam Charity”
Well I never expect something like this coming from her. Won’t buy that idea of being the best Donator. I Send money to the Foundation every least Half A million in Two months but I don’t think it enough to make me the Best!
And where the hell is Jennifer Muller? She is always the Mother of the Year? Did she stopped donating to Amber Foundation?
I was tempted to ask But I decided to keep that to myself.
It better not to know about that Sly!
Madam charity is not here to buy a necklace exactly..she’s here to impress me with the title. So I would make contributions to the party.
But even without her doing this..I would still give whatever I have if I wasn’t made the Mother of the Day.
“What are your plans for the party?”
“A lot has been planned..and the Kids are preparing for it too. Games,family outings and performances from the children”
“We decided to print out t-shirts for the kids and people who will attend the Game section”
Then a dress for every child performing that day…Sound good!
“I’ve met with the printing press they’re working on that”
I think this a good plan!
It struck me that children could wear dresses sewn by a talented Seamstress!
I listened to Madam Charity plans for the party without interruption.
They can get the printed T-shirts for everyone! I won’t stop them on that since it a good plan. But I want to do something else on my own path!
“Madam Charity we could make dresses for the girls.. from a certain 6-8”
She stared at me for a second and nodded slowly
“That’s a good idea” she answered with a smile
“ do we get someone who will make those dresses?”she asked
Ria! She can! Ian said she is a seamstress!
This is a chance to help, to show her skill to the world!
And I really want to be part of that Dream Ian has been talking about.
” I have someone who make dresses..pretty ones at that. Just help me with the number of children between these ages”
“Yes…I will do that. I will get back to you”
She stood up and clasped her hand around her handbag
“Please help me pick out a nice jewelry for the event”
She said
Then we walk out of the office.
The continuous beeping sound under my pillow woke me up from a deep sleep. I reached out for my phone underneath. Caller ID..My Mom!
Why was she calling by this time of the night? 11:45pm
I rubbed my sleepy eyes rapidly and picked the call
“Hello Mom”
“Oh Ian!..I’m sorry for calling at this hour”
I sat up and rested my head on the bed board
“I should have called earlier but I was kinda busy”
“What is it mom?”
“I need to see Ria”
“What?! Why mom?”
“It -”
“Mom..we already talked about this. It isn’t the right time to meet Ria. I don’t want her think that I’m introducing you to her for some reasons. Remember I told you it Business Relationship now..not the other way round”
“Yes I know and that why I called. I want Ria to make dresses for madam Charity’s Children”
“What are you talking about mom?”
She sighed
My mom explained her plans for Amber Foundation.
“This is a great chance to bring Ria to spotlight. If she sew those dresses well..then people at the Event will want to know whoever made them”
“Yeah’re Right. But will Ria be able to finish up in less than two weeks?”
“Tell her about it first”
“Oh Thank you Mom”
“Just talk to her About it and get back to me”
“I will do that now”
I hang up
Will Ria be up by this time?
I dialed her number
And she picked on the first Ring
“Hi” she responded
“Sorry for calling -”
“It fine I wasn’t asleep anyways”
And why is she still awake by this hour?
“I need finish up a dress”
Thank Goodness I didn’t have to ask her before she told me what was keeping her up.
“My mom wants to make dresses”
“Your mom?”
“Yes. She called in just now”
I briefed Ria about Amber Foundation and told her about Mom’s plans to make dresses for the kids as the Mother of the Day.
“So what do you say?”
“It actually a good plan you know”
“Will you be able help her?”
I asked trying not to sound like I was compelling her to do it.
“Yes I can”
“Will you be able to make at least 50 dresses in less two weeks”
She was silent
Children ranging from 6-8 at Amber Foundation should be up to 50. Not Too sure but we should set our minds on 50.
It a lot of work! Too much for Ria and I won’t mind her saying no cause of the stress. She is just getting better from the conditioning Treatment of the Surgery.
Even though this is a chance to make her famous I would still accept her decision.
If this doesn’t work out then we will make more plans…Better ones.
“Ria I would understand if -”
“I will do it” she replied finally
“Ian I will those dresses for the kids”
“Okay. I will let her know you agreed”
“Bye” I said
“Ian -” she called
“Thank You”
“You’re welcome”
Then the Line dropped
I dialed mom’s number back
“Hey son”
“I just discussed with Ria. And she agreed to your plans”
“Oh That good”
“So when do you want to meet her?”
“Yes Ian..we don’t have much time..just less than two weeks to make at least 50 dresses”
“Okay..where do you Want to meet?”
“She can meet me at the Store”
“What time?”
“12:00..So we can talk before leaving to Amber’s foundation”
“Okay mom”
“See you tomorrow”
I hang up and sent a text to Ria
“Meeting with my mom by 12:00pm” I sent
My phone beeped an incoming message from Ria
“Text me the address”
She doesn’t need address
“Perla Jewelry store. I’ll come and pick you up”
Was about sending it but i paused to add more
“And don’t think of turning my ride down. See you by 11:15pm” then I sent it
Ria might insist on taking a taxi just to save me the stress of driving down to her house from the office.
My phone binged again
“Okay.. And thanks once again”
“Yeah..see you tomorrow”
I replied and waited to see if another message will come in. But nothing.
I swiped to switch off my phone.
I rolled on my bed and toyed with the bedside lamp switch for a while
The thought of seeing Ria tomorrow made me smile.
But soon I drifted into sleep with a huge smile on my face.
“..late in the night into the morning
Holding me I’m yours now
Feening for your touch
baby you just like a drug
I know it took one hint
Now I need a fix
Because of you
I’m so high now I’m not coming down
Why should I do?
I think I’m addicted…”
Is anybody out there?! ????
What do you all think of the plans?
Well for me i just thought of something that might make Ria see that Ian is true to her and really wants to help. And also to give her the assurance that her dreams will come true soon!
Now reaching out to a fan..I read her comment and from what I saw it seems she’s just like Ria..having this issue of trusting men.
It a good thing that I am able to write something that will inspire a change of mind and for you to learn from.
To whom it may concern!
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♠ RIA ♠
RIA POV ????‍♀
I stopped the wheels and accepted the glass of water Mrs Elise offered me
“Thank You”
I said after drinking from the glass
“You should get dressed for the meeting. Mr Ian will be here soon”
“I know Mrs Elise. Let me just finish up then I’ll get dressed after”
“You can finish up later Miss Ria. Meeting Mrs Perla is more important…Remember this is a big deal”
I nodded in agreement
“So what price will you give to Mrs Perla?”
“I have thought of it..but I’ve not concluded”
“Hmm..but still I have this feeling that you’ll make a lot out of this deal”
“Yes..but I won’t give Mrs Perla a high price..for Ian’s sake. And not only that.. I won’t bill more considering the fact that it a Charity work”
“You will give discount right”
I nodded
“Let’s just use that word Discount..on each child”
” it won’t affect you right?”
“No..I did a rough estimation last night. And from the pay I will get a form into the Fashion school..and also give Ian the rest of the money of set up my place”
“And you think Mr Ian will accept your money?..No I doubt it. He won’t accept it”
“I will persuade him”
“Mrs Elise -”
“Do you think I can run that Large place and still study at the same time?”
I asked
Doubting if I would be able to attend school and run my place all at once.
“Yes you can Miss Ria. You attend school when you have to..and attend to work when you are less busy from school work. And it won’t be hard since you have an idea about what you wanna learn..and not just an idea..I mean you can sew and you’re pretty good at it. You just want to gain more knowledge about how to run things and know more styles”
Yeah she is right! I didn’t even think of it like that!
“And I think I don’t have to worry about anything since you will be there to oversee things at the workplace while I’m in school”
“No..” She itched the back of her neck
“What’s wrong Mrs Elise?”
“I…I don’t think I can run the business”
“Yes you can Mrs -”
“No I don’t think so..someone else can -”
“No one else except you. If I want someone to help me then it would be You. You’ve been with me for years now and it only you I trust”
Her cheeks flushed pink
What was she thinking? That I would let someone else run the business while I’m away. No I can’t do that!
Mrs Elise is my only trusted companion!
“Let see what position you will hold..” I said and she giggled
“The manager.. Or Accountant?” She laughed
“Come on Miss Ria”
“Just name it -”
I paused
“I’ll be fine with just handling the Supplies of clothes” she said with a smile
“And what about being in charge of the workers, taking stock of dresses -?”
“Can I get to do that too?”
“Of course! As a matter of fact Mrs Elise can do whatever she wants”
“As long as I don’t mess things up”
She said loudly
And we busted into laughter
“Now go and get dressed before Mr Ian comes. You shouldn’t keep him waiting when he arrives”
“Okay” I threw my hands up and stood up from the machine
“I will finish up the dress”
“Thank You Mrs Elise”
I needed to take a shower and change my dress.
I took a quick shower then went in search of my clothes which was hung in the Closet.
Searching for something to wear,trying not to think of Ian as I did.
Why should it matter what he might like or what might make my waist look smaller and my rear end look firmest that they were? It shouldn’t matter to me If Ian will like it!
But as I stood surveying my choices,I suddenly regretted that my limited budget had left my wardrobe empty. I can’t remember when last I purchased a dress for my self. It was left on the practical side.
Well Everything between me and Ian is businesslike so I had no need to be overly concerned with what I look like.
Even though i didn’t have anything I considered impressive. I won’t be underdressed.
I’m meeting the famous Perla Bryant so I should look my best.
So I assumed Jeans is too casual. I opted in for a pair of black twill slacks and a plain white blouse with a banded collar. And I paired it with black flats.
I stood in front of the Mirror and focused on my reflection. I powered my face,freshen a mascara and blush and put a comb through my hair then bound it up. I focused onto myself to make sure I was at least presentable. A part of me secretly wished that I was so stunning that it would take Ian’s breath away.
I slapped myself out of it.
It was something I shouldn’t be thinking,let alone wishing for.
“Strictly Business” I told my reflection much more sternly. Then I turned away from the mirror and moved out of my room.
I stooped on track as soon as i walked into the sitting room. Ian was there with Mrs Elise. When did he come in?”
They stopped talking and stared at me. Did I apply too much on my face?
“Hi” Ian greeted with a smile
“Hi” I replied shyly
He stood up from the couch and said
“Can we go now?”
I gave him a nod
“See you later Mrs Elise” I said before following Ian out of the House.
He was wearing a Khaki slacks and garnet colored polo shirt. He must have changed into this before coming over..cause it doesn’t look office like.
He was freshly shaved and the scent of woodsy Cologne wafted out. I tried not to think how much I liked it or how much I liked that first glimpse of him inside.
But it was all there anyway..just below the surface.
I said to him as we walk to his car
“Sorry for keeping you waiting”
He opened the door and waited for me to enter before saying anything
“It was worth the wait”
He closed the door and made his way to the driver seat. He started the car and it glided into motion.
I thought of what to say to start a conversation but nothing occurred to me at the moment.
“Ramsey got someone that Will set up your place” Ian said. “Two actually. So I planned to meet them tomorrow”
A good way to persuade him to accept what I want to give in setting up my place.
“Will I be there with you?”
“No. I will talk to them and check out their works before introducing them to you”
“About..the equipments you will be needing. Do you have a list? Of machines?”
“I have some”
But I’m still yet to know the rest. There are new inventions coming out which I don’t know of.. And this why I want to attend a fashion school to get to know this things and how to use them
“You will get it at school right?”
“So have you found any?”
“I mean the Fashion institute you wanna attend”
“So tell me about it”
“Rory Thomas institute”
“Is it the best?”
“One of the best”
And not too expensive
“How far is it from your house?”
“About An hour drive” I replied
“From the workplace?” He asked
“35 minutes”
“How long will you be in school?”
“At least three months. I’m not going in for the full course”
“Because you know about it”
“Okay..then Mrs Elise can see to the affair of your place while you at school”
I nodded
My phone beeped. It was Mrs Elise
“Are you there now?”
“No still on our way”
“Okay..I want to get some stuffs from the grocery store. Is there anything you need? so I can buy it”
“Uhmmm..” I itched the bridge of my nose.
I recalled that I made a list last night before going to bed. I planned to drop by at the mall on my way back. But I didn’t remember to bring the list along Now.
“Mrs Elise I pinned the list to the board in the kitchen”
“Hold on lemme check” she was silent for a while
“Oh! Seen it! It almost the same with mine”
“Pleased don’t add shrimps to the list because of Phoebe”
“Oh yes! That’s true I will take it out”
“Thank you Mrs Elise”
“You’re welcome” then she hang up
I looked at Ian whose attention was focused on the road ahead. He didn’t say anything but I felt like we should talk…like have a conversation. But nothing came from him. Same with me. So i just let things remain like that!
ELISE POV ????‍????
I caught a glimpse of a figure I know.. Of someone i knew. I didn’t believe at first until I followed him. He leaned closer to a woman holding a basket in her hands. She was Pregnant! The two laughed happily as the man placed a kiss on her cheeks.
Tears gathered at the corner of my eyes as I watched my ex husband Leo and my best friend Abigail displaying their love right in front of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her baby bump. She was carrying his child.. Probably the second or third. I turned away quickly before Leo could see me.
I shouldn’t have followed Leo when I caught a glimpse of him.
I lost concentration, couldn’t control the tears at the sight of seeing Leo and Abigail together. That should be me! Not Abigail carrying his child!
He is happy! That bastard left me! After everything I did for him! Giving my saving and inheritance to save that Asshole!
But in the end he left because I couldn’t bear him a child! He didn’t remember how we suffered together!
He fell in love with Abigail! He cheated! And that had happened right under my nose and I didn’t know that. I only found out it was true the day I saw Abigail with Leo in court.
I had considered her a good friend but she turned out to be a thorn in my flesh.
She took my Husband! Away from me!
I bumped into someone and the basket I was holding dropped from my grip. Part of the items poured out of it
“Sorry…Sorry I’m sorry” I apologized to whoever I bumped into without looking up.
“Mrs Elise -”
The voice said and I looked up and saw the person. It was Mr Brown.
I looked away quickly to hide my tears
“Good..good afternoon Mr Brown”
I managed to say keeping my head down to wipe my face
“Are you okay?” He asked
I sniffed and got up after packing the items that spilled out of the basket
“Oh Yes! I’m fine”
I said with a half smile
Just trying to maintain the Mrs Elise he met the other day
“How are you be doing Mr Brown?!”
“I’m..I’m good” he replied with a shock expression
Yeah I know I’m weird! Earlier I was crying,grieving for my ex husband but now I’m smiling at a customer.
“What about you?”
“Yeah. I’m fine too”
I clasped my hand around the basket
“You’re here to shop right?”
I asked
That sounded foolish but I still pointed to the basket with him
“I came to get some ingredients for Mr Ian’s favourite dish”
I raised my eyebrow at his words
“Mr Ian…favourite dish?”
Is he a cook?
Is he working for Mr Ian?
“Are you working for Ian? his cook?”
His forehead creased
His look like someone who just exposed a deep secret.
He scratched the back of his neck for seconds and I waited for his response.
“Uhmmm..” He paused
He cleared his throat and said
“I’m a chef..or a cook. Whatever you call it” he sighed
“I work at Mr Ian’s place” he completed
What is this?!
Mr Ian said, Mr Brown was his friend..and Cassidy’s father…
Oh well he can be his friend and still work for him.
“The truth is that I’m not his friend like I said”
I stared at him
Now what is he saying?
“Are you done shopping?”
He asked
“Oh yes! I’ll just pay and leave”
“Lemme drop you off at your place”
I stopped on track and turned to face him
“Thanks.. But there is no need for that”
I don’t think I wanna hear the remaining part of the secret. Or
Maybe I’m just scared to find out that Mr Ian had been pretending and deceiving us.
No! It can’t be!
I didn’t sense deception around Mr Ian.
“Mrs Elise..”
He followed me to the payment desk. The lady at the table gave me my bills
“I’ll pay my items and hers too”
He gave his credit card to the lady and I couldn’t argue with him not to pay. So i just let him.
“We need to talk”
He said when we stepped out of the mall.
What is it we have to talk about?
He helped me with my bags
“I will drive you home”
He carried it to his car
“Please go in”
I hesitated
“Well I’ll accept the fare if you don’t want a free ride” he said with a croaked smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and entered the car
“Now what do we have to talk about?”
I asked when we moved on the highway
“The truth”
“What truth?”
He cleared his throat and started.
I listened as he explained Mr Ian’s former plans. And why he had sent he and Cassidy to act like a Father and daughter.
“He was just curious about Miss Ria. And he was really interested in her case. So that was why he did it. But when Cassidy realized that his plans to keep acting as a spy seemed like deceit so she suggested that we bring you into the picture.. Just coming out clean and straight”
After all I was right! Mr Ian is true to Miss Ria!
Always real. His plans was just to get him close to Miss Ria!
And that feeling is Strong! So strong!
“So you’re not Mr Brown?”
“Oh well..”
“So what your name?”
“Tyler Griffin”
“Hmm so your name is Tyler and Griffin for surname. Then what about Brown?”
“My mother’s family name is Brown so I’m still Mr Brown”
He laughed
I nodded slowly
I wasn’t in the mood to laugh at his joke.
I remember the reason I had cried at the Mall. But I managed to blink back the tears that threatened to spill at the thought of Leo.
“Mrs weren’t looking good at the mall everything okay?”
“Oh! That.. I was that because I had dirt in my eyes and couldn’t see for a the reason why i bumped into you”
I managed to rush my words out! Those words were lies but I think it worked on him. Cause he didn’t say anything about it.
This must end! It has to end!
Shedding Tears because of Leo and Abigail!
The drive to Miss Ria’s house was cool! Mr Griffin and I had a friendly conversation.
Actually we talked about Mr Ian and Miss Ria mostly. I told him about Miss Ria while he filled me in about Mr Ian.
But I didn’t tell him about Ria’s past.
He knows a lot about Mr Ian and it was clear that Mr Griffin was now part of The Bryant’s Family. Since Mr Ian regarded him as a father.
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♠RIA ♠
It was nearly 12 before we got to the Jewelry Store. It was an enormous, old red building that had been renovated with an eye towards retaining the original design. The building was caused into a granite arch above the main entrance and I was curious to know how they came about such structure. Ian pulled up in the private driveway and stopped the car.
I couldn’t help but glance around when we stepped into the store.
“Want to check out some stuffs before seeing my mom?” He asked
I assumed he noticed I was looking around with a surprised look on.
“” I replied
Why do I need to check anything when I don’t plan to buy one.
He nodded and we resumed walking side by side.
Every person we passed in the store stepped to greet if he were a prodigal son returning home. There was no need to ask why most people stopped to say hello. He is Ian Bryant! CEO of Lint Corp! He is quiet popular in his world! So they must greet him as the son of the owner of the Store.
I heard a soft voice call his name. He heard it too cause he stopped and turned. I saw a young woman dressed in an expensive knee length gown.
Who is she?
I drank in her features as she walked towards us. She was beautiful. Long wavy brown hair frumed her round face with full lips and large eyes. She had a pointed nose..her alabaster skin shimmered. She is rich noting from her outfit and the way she carried herself..Gracefully with her shoulder up. Ian tucked his hands in his pocket
“Lorna” he called at her
The lady stared at me for a second before looking back at Ian.
“We need to talk” she said with a frown on his face
“Okay” Ian replied
“Privately” she said again
“Lorna as you can see I have a company” she glared at me
I don’t think I wanna be the one stopping her from talking to him.
“I will just give you some space to talk”
I said and stepped aside. Away for them to talk privately
My phone beeped. It was Cassidy. Then I looked back at Ian and Lorna before picking up.
“Hello Cassidy”
“Hi Miss Ria”
“How is school?”
“Fine..I just finished class. Are you home?”
“No..I’m at Mrs Perla store”
She was silent
“I’ll tell you about it when we see Cassidy”
“Okay..see you tomorrow then”
“Yeah” i hang up the Call
“I’m sorry for delaying you”
I heard Ian say behind me. The lady wasn’t around anymore
Where did she go?
“It okay” I managed to say
Even if part of me wanted to know who that Lady is to Ian
His girlfriend? Or his Ex?
I shouldn’t be bothered about it
“Let’s go”
He said and we continue walking.
We stopped in front of a huge door. Ian opened it and motioned to me to walk in. I did and he stepped right behind me. The lady at the large desk who I immediately recognized to be Ian’s mom,she stood up and met us halfway.
This was our first meeting but we’ve spoken on phone thrice while in China through a video call.
“Goof Afternoon Ma’am” I greeted. Ian came beside me and perform the introduction
“Mom,this is Ria Robert and meet my mom Mrs Perla Bryant”
Then we both exchange pleasantries
“Please take a seat”
She pointed to a large couch.
Ian and I settled on it
“Son..did you see Lorna?”
She asked Ian
“Yeah I saw her”
Even his mom knows Lorna
“So how is business Ria?”
“Fine ma’am”
“Good to hear that”
She picked a blue print file from her side and stretched it towards me. I leaned forward and took it from her
“It Amber Foundation File. Madam Charity insisted that the seamstress should know about the Foundation and kids too”
“Is that necessary?” Ian asked
“Madam Charity insisted on that”
I scanned through the files. In it was the number and names of children ranging from the selected ages..6-8.
“Will you be able to make 30 dresses in less than two weeks?”
I have to do it cause I need the money!
“Yes Mrs Perla”
She asked and I looked up at her. Trying to make sense of her question.
“Will you be the only one to make all those dresses?”
“No I have someone who is helping me in the business”
Ian was busy with his phone
“What sort of dress do you want for children?”
“I want a beautiful gown”
I brought out my collections and placed it on the table.
She picked one out of three. I was a bit nervous. What if she doesn’t like the style in the book?
They are actually dresses I designed myself when I was blind.
To me they are pretty and awesome when I got to see them after the eyes surgery…But for someone like Mrs Perla I’m not sure if she will like it.
My phone beeped as I waited for Mrs Perla to say at least say a word.
It was a message.. from Who?
Ian! What did he send me a message when he’s right here with me?
“Don’t be nervous.. Your dresses are good and I’m sure she will like. I have to get somewhere quickly… I’ll be back to pick you up”
I read the message he sent. Ian stood up
“Hey mom..” She glanced up at him
“Are you leaving?”
“Yes..i need to see someone. I will be back soon”
He kissed her cheeks and flashed me a bright smile before walking out.
Now way did he leave me alone with his mom?!
And where was he heading?
Mrs Perla cleared her throat and I looked up at her
“Your collections are -” she paused
What was she going to say? Awful?Boring? Old Fashioned?
“Intriguing” she said finally
And did she just say that?!
“And attractive” she added
A smile automatically formed on my lips
“Did you make these dresses when you were blind?”
“Yes ma’am”
“I must say that this is amazing..”
I have three collections for all my dresses. Andrea put my first collections together in a folder while Mrs Elise put the second and third collections together.
“You’re creative in this field”
My cheeks flushed at her words
“Thanks Ma’am”
“But you can also do better than this” I nodded
“Can you make another design for the dress?”
“What type of design?”
“I want something that will amaze everyone at the that when they see it at the event.. They will all be dying to know whoever made the dress. Something that spells professionalism..practically designed by a Clothe Designer”
And that’s my greatest dreams! To be a Clothe Designer! It what I wanted to be since I was a kid!
I brought out a notepad and a pencil.
“Let’s discuss about it our next meeting will be at the Amber Foundation to take the kids measurement”
“Okay” I nodded in agreement
IAN POV ????
I let out a handful of breathe before walking into the restaurant. Earlier Lorna and I agreed meet up since she insisted that we need to talk like two matured adults. Speaking of maturity..Lorna is quiet far from it!
I felt like stuffing a bread in her mouth as we were at the store! She didn’t take her eyes off Ria while she was talking to me. I just hope that Ria didn’t get the wrong idea about Lorna. And i how will i even explain things to her?.
Even Lorna was mad that I didn’t introduce her to Ria and that i even acted like she wasn’t important to me.
What should I have done?
“Ria meet Lorna..the lady my dad wants to me to Marry but i don’t love”
Does that make any sense?
Hell No!
About the meeting with Lorna in the restaurant.. I have no choice but to give Lorna’s request cause she threatened to tell Ria that I was having an affair with Grace my Secretary.
That wasn’t true.. But I had to say yes! Just to stop her from saying those nonsense to Ria.
And Even if it wasn’t true Ria will still find it hard to believe me if I try to explain that nothing is going on between Grace and I.
“I thought you wouldn’t make it down here” Lorna said when I sat in the chair opposite her
“I said i was going to anyway..” I replied
“She is the reason why you were out of the country for weeks”
Lorna said and that didn’t sound like a question!
She knows something!
She chuckled
“When will you stop paying people to find out things about me?”
“You caused it Ian. We aren’t like this when were kids. We used to be best of friends until you changed up.. And I keep wondering what caused that change between us”
“You should find that out -” I shrugged
“But I don’t know Ian”
Just one thing changed our friendship.. Mason! We were inseparable! Maybe but things changed the day I saw her kissing Mason. What age was that? 15! Yes it was on her 15th birthday!..and I had bumped into them in the dark!
She wasn’t dating him then..Lorna told me that herself but she still kissed him.
Was she drunk that day or she wasn’t in her right mind?
When she had made it clear that such will never happen between them because she was in love with me.
At some point she said that I made up my mind to fall in love with her. But I changed that decision when I saw her kissing Mason.
And I did tried to stop seeing Lorna as a friend but a girl that I could love..but I couldn’t!
So right then I realized that I wasn’t meant to see her pass that friendship level.
And I’m not ready to tell Lorna what made me change! We should just leave things the way they are!
“We can talk things out -”
“And what do we have to talk about?”
“Lorna I told you that love can’t work out between us”
“what about her?”
“The Lady I saw with you..”
“Let’s leave her out of this”
How on earth did she always find out things she wanna know? like Lorna eyes are everywhere!
“I didn’t have to pay anyone to tell me you were in China taking care of a blind Lady. Piper told me”
“What?!” My jaw dropped slightly
Piper told her about Ria! And how much did she know about Ria? What did Piper tell her?
Nothing is Safe with Piper!
“Yeah she told me. When I called to check on you. Ian you weren’t picking up my calls and I was worried. So i went to Piper’s office”
“What exactly did she tell you?”
“A lot…”
“A lot?”
I doubt it! Piper doesn’t know anything other than the fact that I paid Ria’s bills and went with her to China. About my plans to set up Ria’s Business..that between me and my mom.
“She said you paid for her surgical bills” Lorna said
And that doesn’t signify “a lot”
“And she is right Lorna”
“Do you love her?”
She asked unexpectedly and I stiffed back a laugh
“Why do you want to know?”
“So..i won’t keep my hopes high..Ian”
Keeping hopes high? When I told her years back that i can’t love her. So why is she still waiting?
“I want to love someone..who will love me in return” she said in low tone
“Lorna I’m not stopping you from loving whoever you want to love”
“Yes I know – that why I want to get over those feelings I have for you”
So if I tell Lorna I don’t love Ria..she won’t give up on me.
I love Ria I already figured that out..but telling Lorna about my love for Ria will break her..and make her feel bad.
What do i do?
“Ian I want the truth. I don’t want to keep fighting for what doesn’t belong to me. I realized it pointless. So i will understand”
Maybe I will just tell Lorna the truth so she can move on and let me be!
“Yes I’m love with her” she nodded slowly
“I knew it..i just wanted to be sure”
And how did she know I love Ria?
“I spoke with your mom earlier before I saw you. She told about about your feelings for Ria when insisted that she tell me about Ria”
So she’s been on the look out for a while now.. Trying to find out if I love Ria.
No wonder my mom asked if I had seen Lorna in the store
“I just want to hear it coming from you. My heart will accept it now that you told yourself”
“I’m sorry” I said to her
“Sorry for?…not loving me?” She chuckled
And i have no idea why I said that!
“Ian it fine..I accept your decision. Now I know..we aren’t meant to be together and thank God one of us was able to sense it before it caused us any harm”
I gave a short nod!
Now I’m seeing a different Lorna.
She stood up and Moved closer to me.
“I wish you well” she kissed my cheek before walking out.
I stood up seconds later made it out of the restaurant and back to the Store which was just few blocks away.
“Love me like you do!”
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