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Ria. Episode 29 to 32

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Ria. Episode 33 to 35
Ria. Episode 25 to 28

♠ RIA ♠
DRAKE POV ????????
“Oh finally! You’ve decided to check on us!”
I was greeted by a plump old woman with gray hair, and very red cheeks. I spun towards Dora to hug her. Dora runs things around my family home
“Dora! you’re looking younger and beautiful every day” I exclaimed
“You better believe it” she countered. We both laughed as the hug ended
“How are you doing?”
“I’m fine Dora”
“Hmm pretty obvious. Mr Robert is waiting for you”
“Where is he?”
“The dinning room”
I motioned toward the dinning room. I heard laughter erupting from the section as I walked closer.
I stopped to stare at the faces at dinner..it wasn’t just my parents. We had visitors.
Who are they?
I looked at both women.. They look pretty much alike. Mother and daughter.
Oh! Why didn’t he just tell me I was going to meet Serena Sander and her daughter when he called me at the office.
About my dad,he was super excited on phone and I wondered why? And now I know! It about this matchmaking plan.
But why do i feel like there was more to this whole thing. Trying to help me start a family when I can’t hold down a relationship!
“Oh son!” My mom said. The old lady looked up at me while her daughter face was glued to the plate.
I hissed. I hate ladies like this..shy and Timid. Not my type!
“Drake meet Serena Sanders” mom introduced
“Nice to meet you ma’am” I settled in a chair and poured myself a glass of champagne.
“And here is her daughter I told you about Bay Sanders” my dad said
And I looked up at the lady and our gaze met.
I stared intensely at her..trying to recall where I’d seen her face.
“Bay?”I mumbled
Sound like I’ve heard that…have We met?
“Son isn’t she pretty?” My mom asked as she placed her hand on mine
“Have you met Bay before?”
My dad question stunned me out of thought
I studied Bay’s expression
And it struck me! Hell No!
It can’t Be!
She is the same lady I picked at Tessa Club some weeks back.
She is the same Bay is spent the night with weeks ago!
But my dad said she’s a good girl..why was she at the club?
“Drake -”
“Yes Dad” I replied
And I heard sighs from them
“That explains it” my dad added
Explain what?!
It doesn’t explain anything! I met her just once, we had fun right? Yeah I know but I didn’t even remember her up until now.
“Son..Bay explained things to us” my mom said with a smile
What did she tell them?
That we had sex and i paid her the very next day and asked her to leave!
My dad cleared his throat
“I think at this point we don’t have to waste time”
“What…what do you mean dad?”
My parents exchanged glances.
Serena pats her daughter’s back.
“I’m so glad to inform you that you would be a father soon” he blurted out
“What?!” My jaw dropped
His words echoed in my head
“Be a father soon”
“Son Bay is pregnant” my mom said
I gasped in shock
“What..impossible” I chuckled
Then I looked at the Sanders!
Bay is pregnant!
Hold up..if she is pregnant how does that make me the father of her baby?
We only had sex 7weeks ago and we used protection…so how did she get pregnant?
I found myself laughing out loud
These Ladies must be joking! Trying to pass me someone else’s child!
“My daughter is carrying your child” Serena said
“My Child?” I snorted
“Did your daughter not tell that she is a club girl…or a night worker..any man would have gotten her pregnant. Not me”
I said finally
“Pardon?” Serena mouth dropped slightly
“Ask her..we met at the club and spent the night at a hotel and i paid for her service..what does that tell you?”
“Son..listen -”
“No mom!” I stood up
“That child she’s carrying is not mine”
“It your baby” My mom said said
“It was true that you picked her up from a club but..the most important fact is that My daughter has never been with any man til she met you that night” Serena said
Annoyance clear in her voice
She was only trying to stay calm
“Really?! And you want me to believe -”
I stopped
Images of that night with Bay flooded my mind.
Bay never acted like she was a virgin..she wasn’t nervous and neither did she ask me to be careful…No we were both half drunk that night after finishing a bottle of champagne. It was hard to tell her status!
But them I recalled the bloodstain I saw on the sheet when i wanted to get my wristwatch! I thought she saw her period over night!
Damn it! Why didn’t I realize that bay would have requested to take a shower before leaving that morning if it was her period!
“Let’s go Bay” she instructed her daughter
They both stood up
“Serena we can talk -”
“There’s nothing to talk about Vivian” she picked her purse.
Our gaze met and I noticed the tears that dropped down Bay’s face.
Feeling of guilt washed through me
Now what I’ve I done?!
They left. My mom followed them and pleaded with Serena to stay.
How did I manage to get myself in a situation like this?
“What do you have to say Drake?”
My dad asked
I rubbed my forehead continuously
“If your son is insisting that this child isn’t his..then let’s run a paternity test” i heard Serena say to my mom
I’m still finding it hard to believe!
How come she’s pregnant when we’d used protection?
Oh No! No! Fuck!
The shower!
We had sex in the shower before sleeping that night!
I didn’t even realize that until now!
I clenched my fist!
What have I done?
Bay is pregnant! But am i ready to be father?!
My mom came back to the table. She shot me a glare
“It still not yours?” She asks
Anger evident in her looks
I tried to control my anger
I hate it when i make silly and stupid mistakes!
Now I’ll be a Father!
Dividing my attention into two..one for work and the other for my baby.
did i just say my Baby?
“You know we can run a test if you’re doubting” my dad said
“No need for a test..the date you slept with Bay corresponds with the result” my mom said
Then the child is mine!
“It not a bad idea to be a father” he said with croaked smile
Now don’t tell me I have to take Bay to the altar right away! Just because she carrying my baby!
“You don’t know how happy we were when Serena told us about the baby”
Mom said with another bright smile
“When did she tell you?”
“About two days ago.. Serena explained things to us”
“So why am I just finding out now?”
“We wanted to make it a surprise”
Surprise? I snorted
That I’m gonna be father!
I know they are both super excited about the baby thing cause it what they wanted!
Having a fella running the house.
“Even Bay only found out few days ago” my mom added
“You have to apologize to the Sanders” my dad grounded
“Yes son”
“I will talk to Bay tomorrow”
I mumbled
“Why not now?”
“I have a meeting with an investor”
“Okay..just make sure you apologize to them..then we can think of what to do next” dad said
I won’t be seeing that old Lady!
It me and Bay that needs to talk!
And about what will happen?
Nothing is going to Happen!
I will just try to accept the fact that I will be father soon.
AUTHOR’S POV ????????
Out of frustration, Fury and Anger,Serena threw her purse on the couch aggressively.
Frederick had portrayed his son to be a Young and responsible man but Drake turned out to be the opposite of everything they said about him.
He is Rude,mean and spoilt! A foolish young man who is also irresponsible and she has never seen a man like him!
Drake doesn’t deserve her child!
Serena thought!
Bay deserves a better man!
And If only Drake wasn’t Fredrick’s son Serena would have slapped him in the face when he denied his child!
Denying! when everything proves that the baby was his!
“Mom -” Bay called in a low tone but she didn’t respond
Then she tried to touch her mom but Serena stopped her with a hand up
” I want to be alone” she mumbled
“I’m sorry”
Bay whispered as she blink back tears that threatens to spill.
Serena relaxed and looked up at Bay
“Go to your room and rest”
Bay nodded slowly and made her way to her room.
Bay blamed herself. She regretted her decisions that very moment. Sleeping with Drake had brought her mom pains and now she was also caught in between her irrational steps.
Bay knew her mom felt humiliated when Drake said he picked her at a club.
Serena was heartbroken because she raised Bay well..to be a good woman. But now she was considered a Whore!
That’s the last thing a parents will every want to hear about her Child.
But Serena blamed herself for everything! For depriving Bay of some certain things all in the name of wanting to raise her well and be the Best among the women in Idaho. She felt like she had failed in her responsibility as a good mother. Was that because she wasn’t all that close to Bay?..close enough that they could talk about things a child ought to know.
“It was all my fault” she whispered
That mother to child bond wasn’t strong. No cordial relationship..cause she was too busy with work at the firm before Bay took over.
“I’m sorry Rex..I failed you”
She sobbed silently
Minutes passed and she calmed
Deciding that she won’t turn against Bay. If drake doesn’t want his child then it fine.
He wasn’t needed in Bay’s life anyways. He was just a sperm donor.
To hell with Drake if he doesn’t want to accept his responsibility as a Father
They would both raise that Child! In the Best way!
She promised.
BAY POV ????‍????
I sat at my desk lost in thought. I couldn’t concentrate on work because I was thinking of what happened at Drake’s family home.
Drake doesn’t want his child!
It was obvious that Drake wasn’t ready to take on his responsibility! His flesh and blood!
My hand wondered to my belly.
There is a life growing in here..my baby..my joy.
I won’t take it out even if Drake fails to accept it. if
But people will wonder how I got a baby…
It none of their business!
And to hell with Drake if he doesn’t want his baby!
I heard a soft knock on the door.
“Yes come in” Lucy popped her had in first. She’s my Secretary
“Miss Bay someone is here to see you”
“He said that his name is Mr Drake Robert”
“Drake?” I I repeated
Why is he here?
Am I ready to face him?
My heartbeat accelerated as i gave Lucy a short nod.
Seconds clicked by and the door opened. Drake walked in.
“Good Morning..Bay” he greeted
I shouldn’t act like a little girl who doesn’t know what she wants. I have to woman up and talk straight with him.
“Good Morning” I replied boldly after taking in a handful of breathe to fill my lungs.
He stared at me
“Don’t I deserve a seat?”
You definitely don’t deserve one!
“Please seat” I pointed to a couch
He sat with his legs crossed
“So..how are you?” He asked
Sounding like he care
“I’m fine.. thanks”
“And the baby?”
Now the baby?!
My baby is fine! And we’ll be fine without him on our side!
“Fine” I replied sharply
Drake cleared his throat
“We need to talk” he said
Talk about what? That I’m not carrying his child!
Hell No! I’m not ready to listen to his heartbreaking words!
He doesn’t want his child so be it!
I accept it!
“We have nothing to talk about”
Drake raised his brow
“I know you’re doubting my baby and that you don’t want it. And it fine by me. So we don’t have anything to talk about here. And forget about convincing me to take it out even if you know it yours..cause I won’t have an abortion” I said sternly
He stared at me In shock
My heart beating rapidly.
Drake Adams apple bobbled up and down as he calmed
“Are you done?” He asked
Oh well I’m not done talking! I have a lot to say!
“I want to -” he paused
And I found myself relaxing at his intense stare.
“I apologize for what happened last night ” he completed
Apologizing for humiliating my mom? For denying his child? And for calling me a whore!
“I was shocked to see you at our place. And my parents didn’t tell me about the baby before i met you again”
Thinking about it now..that’s true.. Drake didn’t deny knowing me. He only claimed that I can’t be carrying his child.
“And about the baby I denied it because i didn’t know it was your first..and also considering the fact of how we met at club. I just thought that the baby could be for the other men you were seeing. But I was wrong and slow in realizing that the baby could be mine”
He stopped
What made him change his mind?
He continued
“I saw the bloodstain on the bed when I was about the hotel”
I blocked the images of that night. I realized that the sex In shower without protection must have made me pregnant!
Actually Jessica helped me realized that!
He saw the stain? Well I never thought of any stain!
Then what about the note?.
“Why didn’t you call me?”
I heard myself say in low tone.
Damn it! I have the weakest will on earth! A second ago I was determined to get rid of Drake but now I was concerned about a note
“Note?” He muttered
Yeah..actually I dropped a note that morning!
I studied his expression. And it struck me that Drake didn’t see the note. So it better not to talk about it.
“never mind” I said
“I saw the note” Drake answered
He did?! and he didn’t call?!
“But..i left it at the hotel”
Drake said sincerely
I nodded slowly
So he saw it and left it.
Jessica was right! That night meant nothing to him! I should have accepted it right since when She was telling me. That one night didn’t mean forever!
And I’ve been a fool to think that Drake felt something for me!
I should be hating him!
Right now.. Seeing Drake made every fiber of my being stand up and take notice of him.
I really want to end this whole thing..of loving Drake!
I want to dedicate my life to raising my baby.
He sighed
“I apologize for that too. And i want to take on the responsibility of the child. It my baby so I don’t have any choice but to be the father” he completed with another sigh
What doesn’t that mean?!
Drake wants his child!
He want to be to be a father!
Happiness and hope washed through me.
“I will make out time from my busy schedules to always check up on you and the baby” he added
Does that mean I will be seeing Drake more often?
“Just call me if you need anything” he stood up and Dropped his complimentary card on my desk.
He was almost leaving when he said
“Apologize to your mom on my behalf” I manage to nod since my voice failed me.
“Take Care” he said
And walked out
I let out a shaky breathe when the door clicked closed.
My fingers drawing circles on My stomach.
A smile formed on my lips against my will..or maybe I just want to smile…and feel the happiness
Drake accepted his child!
“Drunk in love!”

The Bad Boy Accepted his Child!????
But will Drake accept Bay? ????
Well I don’t know about them yet!
I’m so focused on Ria and Ian!
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♠ RIA ♠
°°°°°°° 10 DAYS LATER °°°°°°°
RIA POV ????‍♀
“Don’t forget to get the hand towels too!” Mrs Elise reminded loudly from the kitchen
“OH yes!” Cassidy exclaimed and then rushed to the large table to grab the pack of towels.
Mrs Loretta sat on the couch arranging clothes into the Big Paper Bags.
10 Days passed since they supplied the materials and we were able to finish 30 Dresses!
I must admit that it wasn’t an easy task but we did it anyways!
Mrs Elise,Mrs Loretta,Cassidy,Phoebe and Phoenix and I!
During those periods, Mrs Loretta and Cassidy spent most of their time at my place..they even slept over at some point so that we could finish before the Amber Foundation Date.
The Five – Day Event starts tomorrow so we are taking the Dresses to The Foundation.
“All set” Mrs Loretta said with a sigh
The door bell rang
“That should be Mr Ian. I’ll get it” Cassidy said as she made her way to the door.
Yesterday on phone,Ian said that he would be the one to Drive me to Foundation.
“Good Morning Ma’am”
I heard someone say at the door. It was a familiar voice but not Ian’s. I turned and saw his driver Ben.
“Where is Mr Ian?” Cassidy asked him
“Mr Ian is quite busy at the office so he sent me to drive Miss Ria to the Foundation instead”
Wave of disappointment hit me.
Why didn’t he just call to inform me that he couldn’t make it before sending his driver.
I was already anticipating my company with Ian. I had been pinning for his company cause i haven’t seen him since the past two days.
Now offended that he couldn’t make it here when he had insisted that he would go with me.
Why am I so mad because he didn’t show up?
“Please take this to the car”
Loretta gave few of the bags to Ben. It was filled with clothes which we already packed and taped each kids name on it.
“Okay Ma’am” Ben replied
“Let me help with the rest” Cassidy went back to the couch to get the remaining bags to the car.
I shouldn’t be disappointed!
It occurred to me that of the two of us,I was behaving a whole lot more unbusinesslike than Ian.
He spend most of his time at work,calling me once or twice in a day to check up on me and coming over to say Hi just once or twice a week while I on otherhand was expecting more. Part of me wanted things to be different. Wanting more than just calling once a day and seeing him once in a while.
He’s keeping things Businesslike!
While I’m pinning for his company all day and offended that he didn’t show up today!
Which meant that I needed to practice what I preached!
Strictly Business!
Beginning immediately, by putting a stop to the latest disappointment that was running rampant in me. But getting rid of that disappointment was easier said than done. Because no matter how hard i tried,I couldn’t seem to stop wishing that he was here to drive Me to Amber Foundation.
“Drink this before leaving” Mrs Elise gave me a glass of apple juice.
“Thank You” I said and gave It back to her after I drank little from it
“You might need this too” Loretta handed me a bottle of water
“Everything is set” Cassidy announced with her hands folded at the door
“Let her go with you” Mrs Elise suggested
Our initial plan was that Ian and I will move the dresses to the Foundation while Mrs Elise and Cassidy will go and see Principal Brenda. I Already made the sample of uniform along the line of Amber Works. And I told her Mrs Elise will bring it today. Mrs Loretta will stay back at home and rest.
“Cassidy will you go to the Foundation?” Loretta asked
“Yes!yes!” She replied happily
“Okay then Elise and I will go to Owen” Loretta said
“Hmm Mrs Loretta you can stay back at home and rest”
“No..no I will go with Elise. And please don’t turn me to an old Lady” we laughed
“Okay see you later” I said to them before leaving with Cassidy to the car.
I settled in the backseat while Cassidy sat beside Ben at the front space.
My phone binged.
A message from Ian.
“I’m sorry for not meeting up as planned. Something came up at the office so i had to stay back and attention to it. I’ll make it up to you whenever I’m less Busy! Take care”
“Ben what’s Mr Ian doing at work?” Cassidy asked
“He should be in the meeting with the Board of Directors now”
“Okay..but how do you know?”
“Mr Ian told me that himself before i left the office” Ben responded
What should I send to him?
“Okay I understand” I typed but I deleted it
It sounds too simple and Ian might think I’m mad at him.
“We’re on our way to the Foundation now. Thanks for sending Ben!” I sent it
Cassidy and Ben are now engrossed in a conversation.
My phone vibrated. Message from Ian
Is he typing in the Meeting?
“You’re welcome. Send me a text when you arrive at the Foundation”
“Okay” I replied
And waited for another response from him which never came.
The SUV turned off the main road onto a private driveway. The driveway was lined on both sides by Red oak trees,the Branches reaching out to each other to form an arc overhead that blocked most of the sun scorching rays. Amber Foundation was a three storey mansion. When the building came into view,i could hardly believe my eyes. It was beautiful and well decorated for the event. I noticed the people in the Big Garden..they were all dressed in the same uniform setting up the Garden for the event.
Cassidy and i came out of the car.
I looked on and saw Mrs Perla. She smiled immediately when our gaze met.
Cassidy spun towards her to hug her as if she were greeting her mother or her favourite aunt. Cassidy is actually free with anyone..and I love that spirit.
Mrs Perla came to me with a plump older woman with extremely gray hair, very red cheeks and nose.
“Mrs Russell meet Ria Robert. Ria this is mrs Russell. She runs things around here whenever Madam Charity isn’t around”
I held out my hands to her
“It’s nice to meet you Ma’am”
“Likewise” she replied
“The dresses are in the car”
“Oh! Please bring it in. The kids are anxious about their dresses” Mrs Russell said with a bright smile.
Cassidy went back to the car.
She and Ben brought the bags to us.
“What about Ian? He told me that he would be here with you”
Mrs Perla said as we made our way to the Mansion.
“He is busy at work”
Then she helped with the door..allowing Ben and Cassidy to go in first then Mrs Russell before we both stepped in.
“Miss Ria!” The children screamed when we got to the waiting section.
“They’ve been really waiting to try their dresses” Mrs Perla said
“Hello Children” I greeted cheerfully
“Hi Miss Ria!” They chorused
I noticed Cassidy waving at the little girl she liked we came to measure them.
IAN POV ????
I sat at my desk handling the hundreds of Mundane tasks that running my industry required. My thought on Ria.
I just ended the meeting with the Board of Director.
And I was so eager to finish up and see Ria.
My phone binged.
I looked down. It was Harvey Wesley! My old Friend. We attended the same high school and college. He owns the Best construction company in Chicago.
“Hello” l said
“Hey! Long time Buddy!” He said
“Yeah dude.. It been a while” we both laughed
“So how are you Man?”
“I’m cool Harvey. And it really nice to hear to you”
“I sincerely apologize for not calling to check up on you Man” Harvey said
“Likewise dude”
“What’s up with you?”
He added and I chuckled
“Harvey…just work” I responded
“Yeah I know it work great CEO”
“You’re no different Harvey”
“Of course! I’m different! I run just one company while you’re running an industry. That’s big! Great work! and I must say that you barely have time to hang out or any free time..just work”
“Hey man.. come on!”
“But it the truth buddy”
“You seem too busy to me..too work oriented ever since you became a CEO. I know how you used to be Ian”
“Yeah..i know Harvey. But you must also know that I’m not really all work and no play”
“Yes Harvey”
“Hmm but I still can’t see where you have time for a wife and kids”
“Wife and kids? There you go against Harvey!” we laughed
“Did you call to remind me that I’m yet to get married”
“No!” He coaxed
And we laughed again
“Don’t mind me buddy”
Yeah! I don’t have to take his words seriously. That who Harvey is,he could be very funny..and also annoying with his words whenever he teases you. Harvey is a family man,father of two and married to one of the top most models in USA.
But he doesn’t have to remind me that I’m yet to start a family.
“Well I called to invite you to a party”
“what party?”
“Oh My God! Now he doesn’t remember”
“Please tell me Harvey”
“BMW association party”
“Now you know”
“Yes..yes..when is it?”
“In three weeks time. We had to set things that way because of Amber Foundation Party. 3weeks is enough to rest and prepare”
“So will you be there?”
“I don’t -”
“Make out time Ian.. Who knows you might find your heartthrob at the party” we rolled into laughter
“Harvey I don’t need to find an heartthrob at the party”
I have someone…who my heart beats for.. Ria.
“So are you coming with someone this time around?”
I was silent
Thinking of Ria..will she agree to go with me to the party if i ask her to be my date?
“Are you there?”
“Yes Harvey”
“Look man if you aren’t sure..just tell me I can hook you up with someone before that day”
“No thanks Harvey”
I won’t be hooking up with any other Lady!
“Okay I will send you the invitation then”
“And we could grab a drink before that day too”
“I will give you a call Harvey”
“Bye” I hang
Harvey is the current Deputy of the Association. The BMW is an association for Businessmen and women in Chicago. The party is more or less for the all rich people in the state and beyond.
It a time when you get to meet new people and probably make new Business partners. It a Day Event.. Mostly held on a Saturday evening..more like a Dinner Party with Media houses storming the whole Place.
I have to be there to represent my industry.
But I don’t want Harvey hooking me up with any lady like last year.
He introduced this Lady to me at the party. Her name was Valerisa and she is a Jeweler like my mom.
We flowed freely that night and somehow we ended up at a hotel. For me it was nothing but a fling and a moment of enjoyment.
But two weeks after i met Valerisa,she started pestering me to introduce her to my family. Like she wanted something more than just spending good time together. She wanted commitment and I wasn’t ready for such which I already too her about it since the party.
So in the end Valerisa got mad at me when she sensed that we couldn’t work.
I’m not a saint! I’ve been with women in past..not to many but few.
But i never felt anything this strong with them like how i feel for Ria.
And I honestly don’t know why it like that.
Why I can’t get her out of my mind.
I looked forward to seeing her and sometimes I can’t seems to concentrate on work if I haven’t given her a call.
So many thing I wanna do with Ria.. but she only sees me as a business Partner.
Maybe it the Best thing to do.
Acting as a Business partner as gotten me closer to Ria than I expected.
She is exceptional among all the women I’ve met.
My heart beat rapidly whenever I’m with her and I get this flutter in my belly anytime i watch her smile and laugh. I love that inexplicable thing about her that made me come alive..more than I’ve ever been with any woman.
I love Ria.
But does she feel the same way I do?
I doubt it!
That fear I saw months back was still evident in her eyes.
No love in her eyes – only Fear – fear of being touched by a Male.
And i hated it! I sense it each time I lean close to Ria..too close and sometimes when I try to touch her.
What could it be? What could have made her that way?
I’m aware that Ria is only trying to act calm and cool around me. She’s not settled yet. Like she isn’t convinced that i mean no harm to her.
I just want to make her happy.
I wanna be the reason behind her smile.
But that fear..about her past..
What does it entails?
Could it be that someone took advantage of her?
I shouldn’t try to find out if Ria doesn’t want me to know about it.
But Whatever it is..it must be really Bad.
I just wished that Ria could open up to me so we can conquer those fears together.
But I can’t do anything since she doesn’t want me to know or maybe I don’t deserve to know.
So I will just let it slide and not bother about her past. I’ll focus on Ria. If she’s having issue trusting me then I will work on myself. I only have to prove to her that I’m worth a chance.
Her past doesn’t matter to me!
I will make sure Ria trust men again!
And I’m sure as time goes on she will be free with me and open up to me about it!
A knock sounded on my door.
“Come in”
Ramsey popped his head in
“Sir the designers just called”
“What did they say?”
“They are moving in the furniture today”
“Do you need anything Sir?”
“Yes Ramsey please get the contact of the best Advertising agency in the state”
“Okay Sir” he closed the door
Ria’s place is almost set!
And as a matter of fact I’m pretty impressed with the designers works!
“I waited for you my whole life
You don’t know what you mean to me!”
This feeling is so strong!????
I’m always excited to write about them!????????
I like Ian! A man of patience! And he’s not ready to pressure Ria about anything!
Men of these days!can’t be like Ian!
They give you something and expect your body In return! ????
Ladies be wise!
Go into a symbiotic Relationship! A prolong mutual relationship regardless of benefits!
Is that possible?!
Please help Ian to make Ria trust men again..Our Love Doctor!????
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♠ RIA ♠
RIA POV ????‍♀
“Is that child okay?”
I asked Jenna. The lady assigned to help the kids try their dresses on.
I pointed to a 6 years old girl who sat alone with her legs curled beneath her. She had been like that since we came in.
“Her name Melissa. she’s always like that..Alone”
Melissa is not happy like the rest of the kids.
“Please can i know her history”
I asked Jenna. I know every child in Amber Foundation has a history.
“She lost her parents in a fire accident when she was 4. None of her family member was ready to take her in when she regained consciousness after one month. So Her uncle left her at the hospital”
“How did she end up here?”
“A nurse came here and explained her case to Mrs Charity. So they brought her in here. I feel pity for her cause she doesn’t remember anything about her parents. And she still get traumatized anytime she sees fire..that why we don’t bring her close to it. Like the kitchen”
“So she prefer to stay alone?”
“Yes..Melissa is finding it hard to accept this place”
I looked at the beautiful girl.
She reminded me of my younger self when I was still trying to accept the fact that I was blind.
That I couldn’t see like everyone else. I was alone!
I had just one friend while I was growing up.. Before Lucas took me away.
His name was Ethan. Actually,I won’t consider him as just a friend. Ethan was like a big brother to me. He was 4years older than i was. I used to help him mend his dress back then while he helped me to school whenever he was less busy at work.
“even madam Charity had tried to help her relate with the other kids. But it seems Melissa wants to be all by herself” Jenna said
“Teacher Jenna Can I try my dress now?”
We both looked down at the little girl who held her dress to her chest.
“Yes..Sophie” Jenna replied
I moved away from them and went to where Melissa sat quietly.
I knew Melissa needed someone to talk to..not just anyone.
But someone who is like her..one who has felt the loss of a parent and a loved one. Practically anyone with the saddest past will relate with Melissa.
“Hi” I greeted in a low tone
Melissa looked at me
“I’m -”
She stood up and walked away.
Melissa went to the far end of the room and curled herself up under a large table. That weird!
Why was she doing that?
Sitting up in an uncomfortable way.
I’m not going to give up. She she has to tell me what’s wrong!
I made my way to the table,crouched down and sat under it. It was big enough to accommodate me. So I sat with my legs crossed.
She stared at me in disbelief
“Hi I’m Ria Robert” I introduced
She didn’t respond
“And it nice to meet you Melissa”
“Go away..I don’t want to talk to you”
She said in a low tone
I stared back at her.
“I’ll just tell you a story of a girl…” I swallowed hard
“A blind girl. Do you know what it means to be blind?”
I paused and waited for Melissa.
Seconds clicked by, and she shook her head slowly.
“When you can’t see. And everything is dark. Lola was a blind girl and she wished that she could see like the other kids. She wanted friends but no one wants to be friends with a blind girl. Everyone saw her as a burden to her parents because she was disabled. And she had to depend on her parents to help her do things. Lola had a very hard time accepting her blind state..but in the end she accepted who she was and learned to do things normal people could do. She made up her mind that she won’t be a burden to her parents or anyone. She promised herself that she would become someone anyone could reckon with and also be great in life. She started learning how to sew and mend torn dresses”
I stopped and studied Melissa expression.
She was interested in my story!
“Lola could have gotten a surgery done but her parents couldn’t afford the bills. Do you want to know what happened to Lola?”
Melissa a short nod.
“An unexpected incident took Lola parents Away. They died when she was about 16. And then she was alone..all by herself – in the hands of a wicked man who wanted Lola for himself. But at the point of giving up on herself,her dreams and Everything..An Angel was sent to Rescue Lola from that wicked man. She moved away from her hometown with her Angel and they settled down in another city where she started working as a seamstress.. remember she learnt how to sew” I stopped again and was about to continue when Melissa asked
“Can Lola see now?.. I mean did..she get to see like other people?”
“Yes Melissa. Another Angel was sent to help Lola. He paid for her surgery Bills and also helped established her sewing business. Now Lola is doing fine”
Then I noticed the tears that strayed down Melissa’s cheeks
“This was your story right?”
She said in a low tone
And I found myself nodding. I couldn’t deny cause it was my story in a reformed way. I didn’t know how she figured that the story was about me..probably because I’m a seamstress like imaginary Lola. But, I must say that Melissa is a smart girl.
I moved closer to her and wiped her tears with my fingertips
“That was sad..” She muttered and i nodded again
“I heard him -” she bit her lower lip
“He said I was bad luck” she whispered
“Who told you that?”
“Uncle Finn. I heard him telling his wife when I regained consciousness at hospital. I couldn’t Make out what he said until I realized that I don’t remember anything about my parents. I only know the fact that they both died in a fire. uncle Finn didn’t take me in because he said I was a bad luck” Melissa placed her palms on her face
“I was the reason for my parents death. He told his wife that I caused that fire at our home.. Taking me in might bring them problems”
And that was it!
Melissa doesn’t want to relate with anyone because she thinks she’s a bad luck.
Uncle Finn should be blamed here. How on earth could he refer to a little child as a bad luck?
Things would have been different if Melissa didn’t hear her uncle refer to her as Bad Luck.
“Why didn’t you tell Madam Charity about it?”
“I didn’t.. Because she won’t understand. No matter how nice she is..she will never understand how I feel about being referred to as Bad Luck”
“You’re not a bad luck Melissa”
“You think so?”
“No one is a bad luck”
“It all my fault.. I killed my parents” Melissa blamed herself
“No..no Melissa. Look once in my life I blamed myself for my parents death too”
And part of me still blames myself.
That if only I wasn’t blind then my dad wouldn’t have thought of accepting his inheritance.
But what can I do?
The deed as already been done!
“But – I had to accept the fact that they were gone” I cupped her face
“Listen Melissa.. The ones we love are gone but they still remain in heart and memories. Look i never saw the faces of my parents but I have good memories of their words”
We are in the same boat. Melissa doesn’t remember her parents too!
“You have to do the same too. You don’t remember them though but you have this feelings that they were good to you” she nodded
“So then accept the fact that they are gone and stop seeing yourself as a bad luck” I wiped her tears again
“Look -” I pointed to the kids that were playing happily around Cassidy and Jenna
“Don’t you want to be happy like them?”she looked at them for a second
” I want to be happy”
“You know..they all have their stories too. No parents, no family – but they are still happy. Do you wanna know why?”
“It because they were able to accept what life has given to them. They call it – accepting fact. Cause Life is what we live,Love is what we have. And no one can make you happy until you’re ready to experience happiness. So just forget about Uncle Finn words and be the Melissa everyone wants to see. They all want you to be happy. Always happy”
Melissa stared back at the kids. And she shook her head slowly.
Then I pulled her in for a hug.
“Thank You Miss Ria”
She whispered
I comforted her with soothing words.
And i let her go after she cried and calmed
“Want to try your dress now?”
“Yes” she replied
This time there was a smile on her face.
I crawled out of the table and reached out to Melissa
She hesitated
“To be happy” I said to her
“Yes To be happy” she replied and she crawled out of the table.
We walked back to the rest.
“Cassidy where is Melissa’s dress?” I asked
Jenna and Mrs Russell focused on us.. Their gazes on our locked hands.
“She’s ready to try her dress”
I said
“And i want to perform too”
Melissa cuts in
And everywhere became silent. Like even the kids stopped playing when they heard her voice.
She glanced up at me with a look of disappointment.
Melissa was a bit embarrassed.
Then she fixed her gaze on the floor
“Oh yes! You can perform Melissa!” Mrs Russell exclaimed
“I’ll help you with the rhymes” Jenna added
Melissa’s face brightened
“I know the rhymes” Melissa said in her low tone
“You do?”
“And..everything we have to do” she completed in a clear tone
She must have seen and watched the other children practice. But she couldn’t join them because of that perspective of being a bad luck.
Melissa must have been scared that something would happened if she was part of them.
“Okay..then you can join them” Mrs Russell said
Cassidy passed Melissa’s dress which was the last pack in the bag. I helped her into the dress and she looked beautiful in it!
“Wow!” She exclaimed as she examined herself
“You like it?” Cassidy asked
“I love it!” She replied
Then Mrs Russell began to clapped and others joined in.
“Thank You Miss Ria” mrs Russell said as Jenna silenced the Kids while Cassidy helped Melissa put off the dress.
“So children what do you say to Granny Perla for paying for you dresses?”
“Thank You Granny!” They chorused
“And what about Miss Ria and Miss Cassidy?”
“We say Thank You!” They screamed
“And do you like to see them again?”
“Yes we will like to see you soon!”
They are really amazing and beautiful creatures. And I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of them.
“Now you all say”
“Bye..Miss Ria..Miss Cassidy” they waved at us
Three nannies came in and ushered them of the room.
I crouched down to Melissa’s size.
“Thank You Miss Ria” She Hugged me
“You’re welcome”
And i let her go
“When will you visit us again?”
“I will see you at the Grand finale of the event”
I will try to make it to the Event! I want to watch Melisa perform.
“Okay” she waved
“Bye” I waved
Jenna led her out of the room
“You will be a good mother” Mrs Perla complimented
“She’s good with children” Cassidy said
And how did Mrs Perla know?
It can’t be that my quick interaction with Melissa made her decide quickly – that I will be a good mother
“I think we’re ready to leave” Cassidy announced after packing the bags they won’t be needing at the foundation since each kid took their clothes in.
“I’ll take this to the car”
She exited the room.
“Thanks for today” I shook hands with Mrs Russell
“So I’ll leave you both alone to talk” she walked out
“I wasn’t surprised with what you did with Melissa. Since you have adopted kids too. Ian told me about them”
“Yes ma’am” I rubbed my palms together
She was referring to Phoebe and Phoenix. I knew she said that because she knew something other than my interaction with Melissa.
“I’ll walk you to the car”
“Thanks ma’am”
We walked out of the room
“I should be the one thanking you Ria for making those pretty dresses. So thank You”
“You’re welcome Ma’am”
I entered the car
“Bye Granny!” Cassidy waved at her
“Take care Cassidy” she waved back
“What doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger!”
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♠ RIA ♠
AUTHOR POV ????????
Ria frowned at the bedside watch when she heard the doorbell. It was 9:30pm getting ready to sleep after the long day work at the Foundation. She lazily hopped out of bed.
She made her way towards the door and peered through the small gap on it.
It was Ian!
He stood outside her door,a half smile on his lips when she opened the door.
A searching look in his eyes.
“I hope I’m not coming at a bad time? – like it late”
“No of course not”
She stepped aside for him to come in. Suddenly feeling a bit weak in the knees when his body brushed hers. A ridiculous overreaction of seeing him.
But there it was happiness hitting her straight in the heart at his presence.
“I just finished my work at the office” He said
Ria moistened her lips as she shut the door.
“You..you should have head home to rest -”
“And check in tomorrow” Ian completed her intended statement.
She heard him draw a deep breathe as if he were working up courage for what he was about to say.
“I can’t do that”
Her fingers tightened around her nightgown
“Listen Ria – I stood you up today by not driving you to the Foundation. And I won’t be able to forgive myself if I head home without seeing you today”
She swallowed hard trying to get her whirling emotion under control so she could think clearly. Ria couldn’t imagine why she was reacting so dramatically to his words.
Maybe she was just tired than she had realized.
“Okay” she said
The answer was immediate and a bit husky
“Where is Mrs Elise?”
He asked looking around the small apartment
“She went to her place. I told her have a good rest before we start working on the uniforms”
Ian moved and dropped on the couch. Suddenly feeling tired and hungry.
“The kids?”
“They are asleep” he nodded
“How was the visit to-” a growl from his stomach interrupted him
Ria glanced around trying to make out the sound.
“..to the foundation”
He completed
“It was fine” she said
His stomach growled again
“Are you hungry?” She asked him
“Huh?…no-” Ian made a purse when he heard the growling sound again.
This time it was loud.
Then he recalled that he hasn’t eaten anything good all day..except for the Bacon and Eggs Mr Griffin dished him around 7:00am when he was about leaving for work.
He sounded resigned when he said
Ria couldn’t help but smile a little at his tone
He was starving and there’s nothing in the fridge except Custard,Yogurt, noodles and one lonely egg.
They’ve been too busy to get down to the grocery store.
But maybe the Noddles will do.
“Would you like to have Noddles?”
“I think I can do better with that”
A laugh was in his voice when he said to her.
Ria nodded and jumped to her feet.
She motioned towards the kitchen but stopped and turned back at him
“You can join me in the kitchen”
He followed her
She gestured to him to seat on a chair in her small open kitchen.
“I should make some tea.. I have some in the -”
“I’d love some tea” he interrupted gently
“Okay” she prepared tea for him before cooking the Noddles.
They discussed about the Foundation. But Ria didn’t tell him about the Story she shared with Melissa Just the work they did at the foundation.
Eventually, he got around to eating. Sitting at her table wearing only his jeans and unbuttoned T-shirt revealing his white singlet under neath.
Ian scooped Noddle with fork and ate them while admiring Ria as she enjoyed her yogurt and crackers. Her hair was around her fresh -scrubbed face and she wore a black silk robe. She looked so beautiful it was hard to concentrate on the food.
“I wasn’t sure if you would be glad to see me tonight?” He confessed
Ria glanced meaningfully at their state of near undress.
They haven’t been this close to undress even in China. She had made sure that she wore good clothes around him..and getting fully dress before seeing him in the morning. No night robe wearing with him.
“Well I hope I manage to reassure you on that count”
Thinking back over the past minutes he smiled
Her little giggle made him grin before he filled his mouth with another bite of noodles. He was relieved the food was good. He would have depended on directions found on his phone or the food pack to prepare noodles cause he wasn’t good at cooking.
“Do you still have your business cards?” He asked
“Like 50?”
She nodded
“mom requested for it. She said Madam Charity loved those dresses you made and will like to give out your cards at the event”
He shook his head
“I have enough Cards” she said after only a momentary pause.
He nodded
Ian shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he recalled that he’d planned to ask Ria to go with him to the Party as his date.
Ria studied his face,and it was hard to tell what he was thinking.
“Thanks for the food”
He pointed to his now empty plate.
Ria stood up and took the plate to the sink. She washed it.
Then She turned to see Ian staring at her.
Ria knew that he was working up his courage to say what was on his mind.
Ria went on studying him with those blue eyes that were so intense.
Ian cleared his throat.
He stood up and went to her.
“There’s.. Hmm..” He paused
Ria eyes drew him to her,as if they were casting a spell over him.
Ian drew in a deep breathe
It now or never!
“I belong to this association for business men and women…BMW and the party is in three weeks time. Will you go with me? As my date”
Ria jaw dropped
“Oh..I..I don’t know if that’s such a good idea”
She said in reaction to the word “date”
Even as a little voice in the back of her mind said
‘I think it’s a good idea’
Ian persisted
But going with him to the party full of rich and classy people isn’t a very good idea to Ria cause she had started to feel inferior.
Ria shook her head,but before she could say anything,
He said
“Come on Ria..I want to be there with you…I want you to be there with me..No games”
“I shouldn’t” she whispered, a denial that made it clear that she was going to anyways.
“Yes,you should”
“But..I don’t belong to the Association”
“You don’t have to belong to the Association to attend the party. People come around to meet new Business Partners”
And then he did one thing that put her completely over the edge.
He touched her.
He reached a big capable hand to the side of her neck and rubbed it with tender brush of his fingertips.
“Ria… say you’ll come”
He went on studying her with those eyes that were so intense. Ria knew no color of pallet could do them justice. And as much as she didn’t want them to, his eyes still Drew her to him.
Ria thought she might have the weakest will of anyone in the world because that was all it took for her to say..
It made him smile, a slow pleased smile without a trace of self satisfaction.
But purely a smile that said that she’d make him a Happy and joyful man.
“Thank You” he whispered
Ria shook her head
“I should get going” he said And then,as If it were perfectly natural.
He leaned in closely and bent over to kiss her. On the Cheeks! ????
“Prepare the cards. I’ll send Ramsey to get them tomorrow”
He smiled down at her again
“Good night”
He said sliding his hand away from her neck and leaving that spot naked for the loss.
Ria didn’t say anything. It took her a moment to realize what just happened. A moment in which she just stood there,Stunned!
Ian kissed her! And she’d allowed it!
Ian stepped backward and made his way out of the kitchen.
She stunned out of thought and followed him.
She can’t just keep standing like that!
“Ian -” she called at him
Ian stopped at the door and turned to her.
“Have a good rest” she said in a low tone.
He nodded and opened the door.
The door clicked closed and then all Ria wanted was to go out there and throw herself into Ian’s arms.
She walked back to her room after locking the door.
And she wondered if it was possible that she was more attracted to him now than she thought. Because that was almost how it seemed.
Of course, it didn’t help matters that Ian was simply the nicest and sexiest man she’d ever encountered or that something about him Drew her to him.
And not that it made any difference because she wasn’t going to act on it.
But the way things were shaping up – it was going to be it.
Ria doubted!
She thought of it!
And she didn’t want to think things like wanting him to Kiss her..full on the lips and get lost in the taste of him.
It wasn’t going to happen. She swore to herself that it wasn’t. Because she realized that Ian was too good for her.
And she doesn’t deserve someone like him.
Ian deserve a better woman!
Definitely not someone like her!
She concluded as she rolled over her bed!
She wiped a tear that already strayed down her cheek at the thought.
But soon she drifted into sleep.
“I don’t want to be alone
Cause i hate my thoughts my own
And I hate to be in this hole but as soon as leave I feel cold..
Why do I feel so much pain now
Please don’t go tell me you’ll stay”
Hello Everyone!
Hmm Hullalala..Ian kissed Ria! I think their love story is about to kick start!
What do you think?!
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Ria. Episode 33 to 35
Ria. Episode 25 to 28

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