August 4, 2021

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Together Forever. Episode 4

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????Together Forever????

????????Episode 4????????

Oh God!!Richard was surprised????..did he just say that loud????????

He quickly thought of what to say..he knew lia was an emotional freak..if she gets to know that he truly called her a bitch????,she would start crying and that means she’s gonna stay in his office for long as it takes years to beg her????????

Richard coughed out..adjusted the tie on his neck as he was already feeling heat even under A.C

“Actually..I recollected something when you hugged me????????”Richard said hoping his answer would shut lia up

Well he was wrong..lia was a pryer????

“And what was that”lia frowned

Holy shit…Richard thought…well not aloud this time????????

He quickly had to look for something to tell her

“Actually there’s this new cleaner we just accepted…she’s just too much of a prying and nosy bitch..imagine her pouring hot tea on my clothes this morning ..I had to go home again to change…so that was what I remembered..that was why I said that”Richard said heaving a sigh of relief

“Oh my G*d…who’s that silly maid that had the right to stain your clothes….”lia said angrily..standing up to the door

“To where??”Richard asked,hoping she’s going home

“To the head maid”lia replied turning back

“Why”richard asked,standing up in uneasiness

“To fire that bitch of course…she doesn’t deserve a place like this”lia said

“Huh????????”Richard exclaimed..he was so done for

He just lied against linda…now lia is going to fire her…a poor innocent lady

Gosh he was so foolish to have used linda as an excuse

“No..lia..its not up to that…you don’t need to fire her…”Richard tried to reason some sense into her head

“You are beginning to get can you be so soft for an ordinary maid Richard…she’s a maid”lia said,holding the door knob ..almost going out

“Ok..I ll fire her myself”Richard said,trying to bail himself out from his lies

“No baby…you are too soft to do that”lia said and went out

“Oh no..I’m gonna spoil her career..she did nothing wrong..I need to follow lia before Linda is fired

????the head maid office????

Lia barged into madam clara office,the head maid

“Hey..where’s that new cleaner that just started working here?”

Unfortunately for linda..she was arranging the head maid office

“That’s her ma..what’s wrong”asked,startled madam clara

Lia walked up to linda and gave her a dirty slap

The sound of the hot slap quickened Richard footsteps

“You got the guts to pour tea on my boyfriend’s cloth?”lia said

“Excuse me????????”linda replied,still trying to get over from the slap shock

“????????????‍♀”Richard’s expression


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