August 1, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 64

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???? Venessar High School????

Episode 64

(Watch your back)

Sean’s POV.

I was ready to defend Kimberly and Autumn should in case anything happened. I know Kim and I will surely tell this as a story to our children in the nearest future.

” Here they are” One of the men said and the other men rushed toward us. Finally , they caught us.

I sighed and stood alongside Kimberly and Autumn.

Autumn raised her hands like someone in surrender while Kim and I just stood and watched.

“You think you can hide?” One of the men asked victoriously and sat by a couch in the room.

He blew air into the gun he was holding and looked at the other two men in suit.

They were three , tall and muscular.

“What exactly do you want from us!” I asked them boldly.

“Not you Sean…we have issues with this poor commoner called Kimberly and this earth stranger called Autumn” The man replied

“Before you get to them , you have to reach me first ” I said more confidently after realizing that they know exactly who I am.

“No , we have being ordered not to hurt you Sean…” The man sitting said and directed his gun at Kimberly. He changed the direction of the gun and directed it Autumn.

“You this fatty autumn that has the courage to challenge our boss should go to the other word first ” He said but Autumn bent immediately and sent an upper kick to the man.

None of them were expecting it as it caught them unawares. I quickly bent and compelled Kimberly to bend also to avoid any reckless sporadic shot by this men

But Kimberly wouldn’t listen , instead , she ran as far as her leg could take her to where the man that fell is and punched the man in the nose.

Autumn had already handled the gun of the man that flew away.

The two men pointed the gun at her while she did the same.

“Quiet smart of….” Before they could complete their statement , I heard a shot

I closed my eye in fear and by the time I opened it , the first man is down on the floor groaning while I cannot seem to find the second man.

Autumn went to the man groaning on the floor and hit the man by the head, his groaning stopped immediately and everywhere went silent.

He probably lost consciousness or is dead…I can’t say.

“Let’s leave guys” Autumn said and we followed her. We ran through the hotel and when we were almost reaching the receptionist side , we had to walk slowly in pretence that nothing really happened

“We entered the car as soon we got outside of the hotel and Autumn drove so fast , till we get to my mom’s house.

She isn’t at home but we can at least lodge there for the main time.

” guys ,stay here , I need to handle this Professor Lucas myself…seems the cops are having something in connection to him and they would not do anything. I fear that as long as he is alive ,you may be finding it hard to really live freely” She said and ran to the car and drovd off again.

Sometimes , I just wonder how and where a fat girl like this learnt how to fight. She”s so skilled in fighting and behaves exactly like a man.

“Sean ,let’s take some rest inside ” Kimberly said feeling tired.

I kissed her forehead and hugged her , I held her wrist and we walked inside together.

We can’t really fight the battle with Autumn, we may just end up hurting ourselves , I can only hope that Autumn will be safe.


Autumn’s POV

“And here she is again. I thought my bodyguards have killed you fat thing ” Professor Lucas said in his bed.

I had breached all his securities , infiltrate perfectly into his room and now standing before him in his room.

“You can not kill me. I am like a mortal , you can not grind me. I am a pestle , I grind. Don’t dare me ” I said and he chuckled.

“And here she comes again with her old biblical words…I told you already that whatever I want is what happens , Sean is made for Sophie , you are meant to die while Kimberly is meant to live a life of jeopardy…all I need from Sean is to win the duet for me….that’s all ” Professor Lucas said and I giggled.

“Just when I thought you are wise , thou hast proven to be a fool. ” I said and he shot me an angry look

He picked his cell phone ready to call his guards; I presume.

I charged towards him heavily and gave him an upper cut , his cheek shook and his teeth cracks , blood could be seen hovering over his mouth as a result of my blow.

He groaned and fell from the bed.

“Free Sean and Kim, you pharaoh” I said.

“This is not Egypt young girl” He said and threw the blood in his mouth away.

“I will not let them go”

“Then, I will make your life a useless one” I said and he giggled.

“Watch your back before making a threat ” He said and before I could look behind to see what he was trying to say. An hot bullet penetrated through my back and I fell instantly

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