August 1, 2021

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Angel Of Success. Episode 1 and 2

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Angel Of Success. Episode 3


Chapter 1

Stephen is a young big boy ????who has a girlfriend Joyce ????????. He is a serial cheat and has no respect for ladies. His wealth???? make him misbahave sometimes and he beats Joyce all the time. Despite all that Joyce still love him ❤. Stephen and Joyce go out on a date???? this very day. On thier way going home Stephen recieve a text message???? from a side chick????. Then Stephen start thinking lie to tell Joyce.

Stephen: bby, i wont be able to drop you home dear. I just recieved a mesaage from a client that thier is a contract for me that i need to sign

Joyce: Am very sure you are telling lie. You ve started cheating again Stephen why are you doing this????

Stephen: Will you shut up. I said i won’t be able to drop you at home. I will drop you when we get to the nearest bus stop there????

Joyce: plss don’t get me angry. That your side chick is behind this, you are doing this all because of her abi

Stephen park by the road side, he slapped Joyce and come down from the car, he opened the door and forcefully pull Joyce out of the car. He starts beating Joyce for proving sturborn and smart to find out its her rival behind that action. Austin who is contractor has well buh not happy due to things being hard for him parked his car when he sights Stephen beating a lady. Stephen abandon Joyce in pains by the road side and Austin rush her to the hospital ????and pay the bills. Joyce was discharged in hospital after spending 2 days there. Austin took her home to relax before she can gain her stregnth back and she can go back to her place after. Austin now have Joyce in his house. After they talk for a while, gist, etc. Austin already having crush on Joyce for her beauty, shape, and reapect ❤amd Joyce already crushing for Austin for being such a Nice, humble funny guy with good heart ❤.Few minutes later. Austin got a call from Lanre his friend to come to a bar to discuss about a contract they are running after. Austin left Joyce who is a total stranger in his house and said to her ‘Honey plss feel at home” Austin about to leave then Joyce hugged him.




Chapter 2

Austin got to the bar????. He discuss the business issue with lanre and he drove ????back to his house????. He got home and he was so shocked???? to see Joyce on pant and bra???? only coz she is indoor. She likes wearing only pant amd bra when she inside, she have feel at home already coz she no dey shy. Austin’s car key ????droped to see her shape and sexy body. Joyce picked up his key for him. And she points to the dinning table that she cooked his dinner for him. Austin as a single guy was so amazed Joyce did that despite that they ve not known each other for long. After the meal???? Austin couldn’t sleep he is just thinking what to tell Joyce about his feelings for her❤. Joyce left the guest room to the living room as well trying Stephen’s number coz she still love Stephen. Austin decide to go to the living room to play PS4 ????game since he is unable to sleep. He saw Joyce in the living room.

Austin: You ve not sleep yet????????‍♂

Joyce: Am not feeling sleepy jare.????

Austin starts making moves to Joyce then Joyce as well looking at Austin seductively. Suddenly Austin touched her and her body reacts to the mood. She allowed Austin kiss her and they both had Sex. After two weeks. Joyce keeps calling Stephen buh not going through. Austin dated Joyce for two weeks before Joyce left his house to go look for Stephen. Austin was heart broken???? to hear that Joyce still love Stephen the wife beater.

Angel Of Success. Episode 3

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