August 3, 2021

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Angel Of Success. Episode 3

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Angel Of Success. Episode 1 and 2


Chapter 3

Joyce go to her friend’s place Lucy ????who is a runs girl. Lucy was so angry ????when Joyce narate what Stephen did to her.

Lucy: is he mad, his he drunk. Why will he be beating a lady, is it coz he have money???? Pele eeee baba olowo. Mtcheew

Joyce: I still love him❤

Lucy: plss spare me that.

After a while. Joyce decide to go????‍♀ to Stephen’s house ????invited. She got there and jam Stephen romancing another girl. She was heart broken???? and go back to Lucy’s place. She cried for long then she falls asleep????. Lucy talked to her till she finally let it go. Lucy lure her into runs amd she decide to use that to cheer up since her love beyrayed her????. Austin is now very much comfortable coz things changed ????for him ever since he sex with Joyce who is the real angel of success. Austin starts looking for Joyce to make sure he marry her coz his pastor told him that lady (joyce) is an Angel who shares Success and any man who is lucky to marry her will be successful and be fucking rich.


Can you see how Stephen chase away his Angel of Success???????????‍♂ You won’t value what you have till you lose it.

Angel Of Success. Episode 4 and 5
Angel Of Success. Episode 1 and 2

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