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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 18

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Chapter ????18❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Just then celine came out with her bag

” ave finished packing aunt..
“put it in the car”…
Celine left
” pls take care of my daughter”…
“that one is sure “….

Celine came back inside and hugged her mother she went into her father’s room

“papa how are you ?
“am fine
” papa aunty b has come am going with her.
” ok my dear safe journey pls don’t look for trouble there..
‘” I won’t papa”..
She hugged her father and she ran out

She followed Brigitta out and they drove off


Mrs Mira and they 2 coaches sat in the field as the students lined up in their uniform and the leads stood out

” the first game is mountain climbing this will be carried out by all members of each group lets see which group gets to the top first”… Mrs Mira said

The two groups ran out each following a different route Gretels group was very fast but simeons group was faster

” we can do this we just have to do it together come on persistence is the key “, gretel said

Gretel helped each member of her group by giving them a hand

Simeons group was also doing well.
” come on Amanda now’s not the time to get weak”, simeon said
“just leave me behind”..
” I wasn’t thought to do that come on “, simeon said as He came down and helped Amanda up soon all of simeons group members where up and the same with gretel

Mrs Mira came over to them

“this is awesome group a (simeons ) group was able to get to the top of the mountain within 30 minutes while group b did it within 33 minutes group a won 20 points “….

All the students in simeons group jumped up and hugged simeon

” come on guys we will do better next time “, gretel said

Gretel was realy annoyed as she hated losing simeon felt bad for Gretel but what could he do

” the next excercise is swimming ,each group would chose only one representative for this “…..

They moved over to the pool which was situated on the other side

” KeilA lets do this ,come on you are a great swimmer”, gretel said
” thank God I came with my favourite swim suit “, keila replied

KeilA walked out with her swimsuit in her hands

” simeon this is your favourite game swimming “,…….
” no stanely will do it
” cool man am game “…

” ok now where are the champions of each group…

Just then keila and Stanley walked out and their group members cheered on them
Stanley turned to KeilA
” you just failed you know right ?…
” Lets see , boyfriend…
” all right ,get set and go !!!!!!

Just then keila jumped in with Stanley into the water KeilA was realy realy very fast but so was stanely

” come on k you can do this”, gretel shouted
” come on man “, simeon Said

Soon keila got to the end point and raised her hands up Gretel dragged her out stanely was still in the water

” its obvious group b won 20 points just then Gretel jumped up hugging all her group members “…

SIMEON couldn’t help smilling as he watched her

” are you happy I lost ?”, Stanley asked simeon…
” no I mean yes I mean you don’t have to kill yourself you tried your best right”, simeon said

” the next excercise will be….
Just then her phone rang
She walked out on the students and came back

For some reasons we won’t be able to finish all the activities like we did in the last game trip

Let’s move to the last excercise this is reserved for only the group leaders while the students watch its called wild racing lets see who gets to the end point first remember to jump over every hole in front of you be watch full of yourself do not get hurt

” come on gret you gat this”, keila said
” I hope so too….

” you can do it simeon.
” yea thank you Mandy ..

” all right may all other students move backward …. leads get set and go

Gretel ran out with simeon
SIMEON ran very fast and slipped through every hole like water Gretel ran fast too but jumping over stuffs made her weak but KeilA kept on cheering on her as well as all her group members soon the where close to the end and simeon was almost there Gretel new it was already a lost race so as she jumped over the last hole she fell down in pretence as though she hurt her leg simeon who had almost finished the race ran back to Gretel where she sat on the floor

” are you ok ?..
Just then gretel stood up and ran as fast as she could and that was how she won the race

SIMEOn felt realy bad but he was happy that Gretel had won he watched her jump up and down she was so happy

Simeons group members ran towards him
” are you ok man
“yea I am fine
” come on lets go

Soon they all gathered

” group b has done realy well and this gold medal goes to their leader Gretel Hoffman pls step forward

GREtel stepped forward and recieved the medal
” thank you ma and thank you to all my group members I love you all
She ran back to her group members and members of group A later joined them

” keila I forgot you swim realy well….
” well you forgot alot of things .. “, keila said
they all laughed

Mrs Mira stepped out and students went into their rooms where they freshened up and changed simeon was not happy and his friends noticed it

” come on man it’s ok
” yea I mean everyone is ok
” am not angry that we lost
” then y are you angry then
” nothing am gonna bath

Gretel came out of the shower in her room leaving keila there since she bathed for hour’s and she won’t even talk to her..

” why do you use waist beads gret?”, Susan asked

” nothing it’s just there , for fun, and it trims my waist …helps me avoid belly fat…danny got it..

she smilled

” so are u fighting with k.
” i dont know why keila is not talkning to me !!!!! “, gretel shouted so keila would hear it in the shower.

” Gretel what you did was wrong you need to go and apologize to simeon it was so silly !”, keila shouted in reply.

” is that y you are mad at me ,you know simeon is an athlete I could never beat him

“winning is not everything gret..

” forget keila and gist me about your amazing curves
” no nothing I mean they are totally natural nothing to gist

Just then keila came out

” keila is out go and bath
we will continue when I come out”….
Susan ran inside

” am sorry k
” am not mad at you am just…. mad … come here “, She hugged her friend .


hours later the students celebrated their success both groups celebrated together but only one person was missing
” where is simeon Sam
” he Is in the room he doesn’t feel like celebrating
‘oh “, gretel said
” oh? Seriously “, keila added.
” I just pulled a prank I didn’t know he will feel bad ….
“then go and apologize gret”..
“why do you keep sending me to apologize”…
” ok fine….

She ran into simeons room without knocking simeon Turned he tied his towel around his waist and used the electric drier to dry his hair he dropped the drier when he saw Gretel he stood up and faced her

” hey am sorry for barging in
” its ok do u want something
” i came to appollogixe I am realy sorry for what I did today pls forgive me
“no problem am glad you won
” ok “,She turned her back to move out

” I just hope you won’t do it next time I know you don’t like me but I pls don’t play with my feelings it realy hurts and I can’t handle this pain “,… he said ..

Gretel turned to look at him …before she knew what she was doing she already walked towards simeon and kissed him deeply

SIMEON smilled against her lips as he deepened the kiss.

He ran his fingers to her back and slowly zipped down her gown …

He kissed her neck passionately as he parted the sides of the cloth …
Gretel looked in his face and shouted
” simeon you are bleeding!!!!


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