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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 19

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Chapter ????19❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


” simeon you are bleeding
” realy where ?..
He wiped his nose and he found blood
” its nothing it’s just the stress, let’s continue
Gretel chuckled
” are you sure!!!
“yes am sure !!

Gretel wiped the blood into her Palm and he kissed her lips again just then SIMEOn felt a heavy pain in his Tommy he held his Tommy and fell to the bed

” simeon are you okay?..

She tried running out but he dragged her back and held her tight

‘simeon let me go I need call Mrs mira”….
” but I want to be with you who knows i might not see you when you come back “…

Simeon still held her tight just then all she said in her heart was KeilA where are you

And almost instantly KeilA ran into the room

” Gretel ave been waiting for you , your mum .ca…. whats happened .

” pls call Mrs mira simeon is sick “…..
KeilA gave Gretel a signal to zip up and as Gretel zipped up she ran out of the room
soon Mrs mira arrived with the two coaches and they carried simeon into the car and drove away to the hospital

Simeon was admitted and Mrs mira instructed Gretel and keila as well as other students to return back to the camp

It was morning all the students where busy placing their bags in the car
Gretel walked towards KeilA

” what about simeon
” i heard Mrs mira had called his father this morning he has been moved to your father’s hospital
“i hope he gets better
“he will
Just then Mrs mira stepped out

” we are going to leave now i know all of you are worried about SIMEON but the good news is he is in safe hands as we called his father yesterday night and he had moved simeon for better treatment early this morning so it’s time for us to return home so everyone can easily go and visit simeon when they want

All the students rushed into the car and they took off
Gretel sat with keila

” great don’t worry once we get home we would go and visit simeon
” ok
” but what’s wrong with him
” I don’t know
” I pray he gets better
” if simeon is sick then I guess that’s why he stopped basket ball
“:not only that he stopped everything
” yea maybe the stress got to him yesterday
“: he will be fine

Light opens in the Hoffman’s hospital as Mr Stafford spoke to the doctor

” how is he, how is my son?..
” your son stressed himself overly much and that is what led the breakdown as i believe you already know simeon has a critical health condition which he has refused to treat so thanks to this breakdown now we can commence treatment on him
” I would like to move simeon to the states by morning
” how possible will that be? well it all depends on simeons fitness by tommorow
” till tommorow then
” no problem

Mr Stafford returned back to the room and sat by simeon just then simeon opened his eyes

” oh its Mr Stafford
” I don’t understand simeon why do you want to kill yourself am building all these empire’s for you my son
” i want to kill myself so maybe you won’t feel responsible for me anymore that way you can concentrate on building your empire I know I was always a burden for you that’s y you never realy cared
” what do you mean care i provide all you want I send money into your account every day
” if you cared you would have found out your son was sick all the while I was with you in the states
” but
” i want to sleep
He turned to the other side
Mr Stafford stood up and walked out of the room….

Hoffman’s house ????⛲????

Mrs hoffman walked her husband to the front door Mr Hoffman was already dressed for work

” have a nice day
” I will

As Mr Hoffman was about entering his car a car drove in he waited so he could confirm who it was Meanwhile Mrs hoffman had walked back inside

Just then Brigitta and celine stepped out of the car Brigitta walked towards Mr hoffman
” good morning Sir”, brigitta said
” good morning sir “, celine said
” morning to you too”.. Mr Hoffman entered the car and left

Celine was so amazed at the beautiful compound she saw the large bueatiful swimming pool then she saw a very handsome guy sitting near the pool
Celine kept walking with her aunt till they got to the main door Mrs Brigitta walked into the house and Celine followed

” oh Brigitta its been a long time come sit “, mrs hoffman said
“good morning madam”, brigitta said
” good morning madam “,Celine said
“good morning.. I have been meaning to reach you I need like 4 more maids Gretel is realy picky and she hasn’t realy liked any of the maids … she kips firing my maids

” am sure she will like this one
” what’s your name dear
” my name is Celine
” madam Celine is not just a maid I picked she is very related to me
” oh realy, well no problem you have been loyal to me for many years I will see to it that Celine is very comfortable….

“thank you
” you are welcome
” I will be leaving now, Celine be good..
” of course aunty

Brigitta left

Mrs hoffman had already become fond of celine just by seeing her something in Celine attracted her

” so tell me about you dear
” am 20 years old ma and my name is Celine I live with my parents and my little brother my father is a carpenter and my mother…. well she doesn’t realy have any serious work I am very hard working and trustworthy

” you are 20 how come you look 18
” I can’t answer that ma
” never mind what level are you in school
” well just high school cert..
” you are welcome to the hoffmans family dear the watch word here is….
” discipline
” oh you are smart, you are right you have to be disciplined in all you do .

” yes ma, thank you madam.
” you know my son right …
” no .
” good that’s better cos we had a history of obsessed girls who disguised as maids just to meet him ….some tried seducing him while others resulted to drugging him…it was a bad experience ..I hope you are a decent girl…
” yes madam .
” good.

Mrs hoffman placed a call on the land line
Minutes later a lady walked in she was dressed like a cook Mrs hoffman made another call and another guy walked in it was the same guy Celine saw outside

” so Celine this is our cook philomena
” welcome Celine “..
‘good after noon madam “..

” and that is Ethan our pool boy he takes care of the pool “…

“nice to have you “..
“thank you “…

” philomena ,where do you think celine should be ..why don’t you take her to the 5th building so she can stay with the other maids who clean the houses in the estate ?…

” actually madam I was thinking she would stay in the main building I prefer her replacing Mildred and staying with Emily, Mary and Abigail …

” that’s a nice idea Mildred never gets along well with anyone Gretel, Danny and even my husband …

” yes Danny had called her dirty once so returning to the fifth building is good for her before he fires her.

” all right show Celine to the room “…
” ok madam “…

Celine picked up her bag and walked out with philomena into the corridor then to the room when they walked in Celine was so amazed at how big the room was

Two girls sat on one bed on seeing philomena one of them ran forward she was short ugly and dark skinned that was mildred

“:is she replacing me ?..
” so I can back to the 5th building now ooh am so happy”, she said
” yes you may leave….
“: ok, welcome new girl ..
” thank you

As Mildred ran to carry her stuff the other girl walked towards Celine

” hy i am emily
” am Celine

Just then Mildred carried her bag and ran out dancing

” pls settle down”, phelomena said

Philomena left

Emily took Celines bag and dropped on Mildreds bed then they sat together

” this is now your bed, that’s your bathroom, and cupboard
” wow isn’t this place bigger than my entire house

Emily laughed

” that’s my bed facing yours the other is abigails while the last belongs to Mary

” wow that’s great
” we are the only maids who work inside the mansion like we are the real maids you know comb my hair, get me juice, paint my nails, wash my cloths, clean my room kind of maids other maids clean the whole buildings inside this estate every day and on friday there is General clean up

” ok so that’s how it is
“yea , it was set like this after many Danny’s experience with maids….when they were Many in-house maids .. most of them were not maids they were girls who just wanted to get closer to Danny , most of them were obssessed fans …most of them tried seducing him…others tried drugging him…he didn’t have piece at home so he bought his penthouse…..after that Mrs Hoffman decided that there will only be 4 in-house maids….only trust worthy girls….
” so why was mildred so happy I mean the work in the 5th building is way much”….

” oh my dear you haven’t met Gretel she is realy a little devil not to talk of her brother “….

“am scared “.
“come on I will show you around “..

Just then two girls walked in

” I heard there is a new girl “, Abigail asked
“:yea Mildred left”, Emily repiled
” why wasn’t it me”, Abigail said
” I thought you Said you wanted Danny to fall in love with you how come you want to leave now “, Emily replied

” that’s true am still here, hy am Abigail “….
” am celine
” you look too beautiful to be a Maid Celine couldn’t you become a model “,Mary said

” you are sily Mary, you are welcome Celine “….

The two girls walked to their beds

” I am so glad the little devil is not yet back ..
” not only you, come on Celine lets go …

They walked out

They walked further
” that’s Mr and Mrs Hoffman’s room
” wow it looks big

They kept walking
” this is Gretels room
” the little devil ( they both laugh )…
“:oh ok…
” that’s gretels spare room no one stays in there but it’s cleaned everyday and decorated every 6 months
“wow !!!
” that’s gretels dressing room
“:wow I need her life
“: me too , come on
They climbed the stairs

Are you ready to get ur mind blown away
” omg yes.
Emily dragged her up the stairs and looked around then she pushed open a glass door..

” this is Danny’s room
” Jesus Christ of Nazareth , is this a room or heaven…..
” it’s a room. Come on.

They climbed Down the stairs
they both walked out and stood by the pool when philomena walked towards them
” Celine Mrs hoffman asked me to give you these contact lenses “but why?…
” she hates glasses
” but
” don’t worry it’s medically approved just apply caution when necessary

She walked out
Emily took the case from Celine
“: don’t worry I will help you put it lets go inside
” all right
Just as Celine and Emily where about walking into the house Gretels driver drove in Gretel came down some of the maids around carried her bag and walked behind her Celine was still watching Gretel, Gretel looked so sad to Celine

” come lets go inside she is in a bad mood…


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