June 16, 2021

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Last Love. Episode 6 and 7

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(Bad news)

Chapter six

Kendra’s POV

My work is to cook and serve Allen. I prepared breakfast and went to set the table. He was already already on the table.

‘Good morning sir,’ I greeted  but he just stared at me like a ghost.

I continued with my work, I had forgotten I has to keep to my lane. I mistakenly spilled the tea on the table.

‘You can’t stop causing trouble or is it your hobby?’ He finally spoke.

‘It was mistake,’ I said.

‘And you are fond of them,’ he said.

I didn’t know if it was a question or a statement so I preferred to remain silent.

‘Enjoy your meal,’ I said after tidying the place.

Mrs Lisa’s POV

After preparation I went to take breakfast. Ever since that new maid came I have been eating sweet food. I gave her the job to be cooking since she is a good cook. I got a call from Flavian when I was having breakfast. I left the table to my room, I don’t want Allen to know, its a surprise.

????Hello mum,

????Yes, how did it go?

????Everything is according to plan, but we have a little problem,

????What problem?

????Ivy has rejected to sing, in fact she said she won’t attend.

????What! What was her reason?

????She doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

????So who will entertain?

????I have no idea mum but I will look for someone.

????Please get someone better.

????I have a friend I will try and talk to her. But if she rejects, Allen will have to apologise to her.

????He can’t, its a surprise to him.

????Ok mum, will try my best.

My mood has just been spoiled with bad news. The party has to occur but I don’t have an entertainer.

Ivy’s POV

He has to beg me before I go to that fucking party. He will have to pay for humiliating me. I took a glass of wine to celebrate. I know he will beg or his mum to come and beg than I give my conditions.

‘Congratulations, Ivy,’ I smiled to myself.



(You will use a mask)

Chapter seven

Kendra’s POV

I was in my room in the servants quarters when Flavian came in.

‘I need your help,’ she said after disengaging from the hug.

‘What is it?’ I asked concerned.

‘Promise you will do it for me,’

‘You know I don’t like making promises. But I promise. Let it out,’ I said.

‘I want you to sing in a party on Friday night. It will be held in this compound,’ she said.

‘What! You know I can’t do that. What if they recognise me? I will be risking my life and that of my mom,’ I said shocked.

‘I know but I desperately  need your help, please,’ she pleaded.

‘Am wanted, you know that. The party will be attended by famous people. Am sure my dad will also be there. I can’t take that kind of risk,’ I said.

‘You will use a mask. No one will recognise you. Don’t use your name for introduction. Then leave right after singing. I will prepare you that night and help hid your face. Please just say yes,’ she pleaded.

I laughed at her. She had this funny look on her face. We have been friends for a long time and she knows me a lot.

‘Okay, I will. But don’t tell anyone it is me, no matter what happens,’

‘I promise, thank you so much,’ she hugged me.

‘Welcome, am returning the favour after everything you did for me and mum,’

‘I will talk to Mrs Lisa and tell her I got the singer but she will hid her identity,’


She left after we talked about other personal stuffs. I laid on the bed thinking. Am not sure if I made the correct decision by accepting. I just hope I don’t meet my enemies. If I meet them then it will be my last day on earth.

‘God please help me,’ I prayed in my heart.

Flavian’s POV

Am very happy. I want Kendra to succeed and fight those idiots who want her dead. I went to Mrs Lisa and she accepted hiding her identity. I know she will be paid a lot of money. It will help her family. We have been friends since we were children and am the only one who knows Mom and daughter are alive. I planned how she got the job to help her get money. She helped me when I was young and I owe her my life. She and her mum saved me but she doesn’t remember me.

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