July 31, 2021

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Last Love. Episode 8 and 9

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(The party)

Episode eight

Kendra’s POV

The day is finally here. Am so nervous right now. I got permission from Mrs Lisa to take care of my mom. Am now at Flavian’s house, she is preparing me. She didn’t hire anyone since its a secret. The dress was really cute. It was a blue dress with an umbrella design from the waist and a pink band at the waist. It was above my knee though not too short. I marched with pink high-heeled shoes.She did a light makeup on me and I applied a lip gloss. Satisfied with my looks we drove to the venue. I didn’t forget mask. I remained in the which she parked at the far end. I was called minutes later to go and present. I prayed before going since it has been long I was on a platform like this. Everyone was dressed to kill and everything smelled money.

‘Do it for me,’ Flavian whispered to me.

I nodded and got to the stage. I was scared. I looked around and saw Allen. He looked like someone who doesn’t even care.

I started at a low key because I was nervous. After the first stanza I was fine and no longer afraid. I looked at Flavian and she gave me the signal. Am supposed to impress Allen. I got down the stage and danced towards him. Everyone was dancing and he was clapping. I pulled him to the stage and thank God he obliged. I finished on a high note and I saw a big smile on his face. I turned around to leave the stage and my eyes met with Ivy. She looked like an angry wolf ready to attack. This was what I wanted to avoid. Tears had started to gather on my eyes as I recalled all she did to me. I hurriedly left and headed to the car. I just wanted to leave this place before its too late.

I ran out and met Allen on the door.

‘Hey,’ he stopped me.

‘Hi,’ I said scared.

Ivy was following me behind.

‘Congratulations you did a good job. Am Allen,’

‘Thanks, am Julie,’ I said and faked a smile.

His mother called him when he was about to say another word and I sighed. I ran to the car and drove off to a safe place and placed a call to Flavian.

????Where are you?

????I left I think Ivy recognised me.

????Are you okay.

????Yeah and I told Allen am Julie. Just play along.

????Okay, take care of yourself and call me when something comes up.

I hanged up and drove to her house. I new half of the people there. I even saw my dad. I just hope no one recognizes me. I can’t bear losing my mom. I will die as well.



(The party)

Episode nine

Ivy’s POV

If ghosts are real then I think I saw one. The only person with such an angelic voice than mine is dead. Or is she tormenting me.

I drove to my hideout to meet my men.

‘Where is Zirah?’ I asked angrily.

‘She has been dead for three years now,’ one of them answered.

‘Are you sure she died?’

‘Yes we are sure,’

I wasn’t satisfied with the answer even though I believe them. I went back home really stressed.

Mrs Lisa’s POV

You can’t imagine how happy I am to see my son smile. I went to introduce him to my business partners. For the first time he respected and did what I asked without a fight.

He excused himself and left.

I went to where he was when he started looking worried.

‘Are you looking for someone?’

‘Yeah, Julie. I left her here and she is gone,’

‘Who is Julie?’

‘The girl who sang,’

‘Don’t worry ask Flavian. She brought her,’

Flavian’s POV

I was seated in the kitchen eating a fruit when Allen came in.

‘Where is Julie?’

‘She left,’ I couldn’t lie.

‘Take me to her place,’ he said with a straight face.

‘I can’t because the party isn’t over yet and secondly this is the first time am meeting her,’

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘The friend who I called to sing is out of the country so she sent Julie to do on her behalf. I met her this morning and we were still getting along. I don’t even have her contact,’ I lied.

I couldn’t betray my friend. He had a expressionless

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