July 28, 2021

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Let me Love you. Episode 3

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LET YOU LOVE ME ????????????



i woke up and saw Jason, mum and Mira sitting beside me, then i remembered everything that happened how could Kim date Val she’s the only one that knows about my feelings for valentine since grade 5 i wish this could be a bad dream.

Jason:how are you feeling now Valerie you passed out in school good thing valentine brought you home.

Mum:rie are you sick?

Mira:what happened exactly you were doing fine in the morning how come you fainted?.

I couldn’t answer all their questions i just stared crying afresh Jason patted my hair and began singing for me i stopped crying and smiled at him he is the best bro ever.

Mum:I’ll go get drugs from the pharmacy for you rie, Mira prepare tea for your sister.

Ughh mum rie is strong enough to make tea you know i suck at making tea, mum shot her a deadly glare and she ran to the kitchen ????.

(after mum and Mira left).

Jason :so tell me rie what happened exactly Jason told us you looked shocked before fainting. Did you see a ghost?.

Valerie :lol no bro i was feeling dizzy then i fainted i lied.

Jason :okay then. Am going back to work take care of yourself bby sis.


Kim’s pov????

This is just the beginning of your suffering Valerie you think I’ll let you have valentine for yourself when am in love with him too. I’ll make sure he gets me pregnant so my plan will be successful i really need to be part of his family. Who wouldn’t want to be Jason’s dad Damon is the richest man in New Orleans i must act fast before the love portion my mum collected from goddess Kayla expires. Valerie I’ll make life unbearable for you you’d have no choice than to leave Williamson high school. Jason is mine and mine alone ????.



Jason’s pov ????

I was restless throughout after dropping Valerie at home i couldn’t take my mind off her i decided to go see how she’s doing I took the keys of my Lamborghini and went out i just hope nothing bad happens to my Valerie.



What do you think about Kim ????

Let me love you. Episode 4
Let me love you. Episode 2

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