July 28, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 66

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???? Venessar High School ????

Episode 66

(Behold who I saw)

Autumn’s POV

I opened my eye only for me to find myself tied to a chair in an empty hall, I recollected what happened the last time

I’m glad I survived it even though my back still hurts.

Processor Lucas walked in with two of his bodyguards and sat at a chair before me.

“Autumn , Spring , winter and summer , how are you?”  He asked but I looked away instead.

“Fool” He said

“I want to kill you myself that was why I made them tie you here. What exactly is your problem? You are neither Sean nor Kimberly , why then are you trying to save them from my slavery.” He said and brought out a gun.

He directed it at me and I closed my eye gently , I heard a gun shot but I didn’t feel a thing in my body.

I opened my eye and I saw the cops walked in , I was stunned. The cops arrested professor Lucas and his bodyguards , freed me and request that I also follow them to the station.

I was made to narrate all that happened , after I did, I walked away from the station victorious leaving Professor Lucas and his guards in jail.

I was so glad and can’t just wait to deliver the victorious message to Sean and Kimberly.

I took a cab to Sean’s  house where I expected them to be , I dropped down from the car and ran inside hoping I see them inside.

Kimberly’s POV

Sean and I sat at the living room , we were both quiet , we were wondering what could be happening to Autumn.

After a while , the door flings open and we all looked back out of fear and nervousness only for us to see whom we had being anticipating to see.

We both stood at once and I ran towards Autumn and gave her a tight hug.

“Guys , we won” She said and groaned a bit in pain

“Sorry Autumn,come and have your sit ” Sean said and we both went to sit.

“I actually gut shot in my back but I’d being treated ” She said

“How are you doing now?” I asked feeling so sorry for my friend.

“Fine” She said and narrated how she was almost dead and later emerged victorious

I was so happy, Now professor Lucas had being handled once and for all.

“You guys can now leave your life freely ” Autumn said and winked at me.

I retorted her words with a smile but then I remembered Stephen.

Has he given up to?

“What about Stephen? Remember he was also trying to kidnap me ” I said

“That’s true. ” Autumn replied and I smiled.

“How do we go about Stephen now?” I asked and the door flings open gently.

I looked to the door and behold who I saw at the door.

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