June 9, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Episode 10

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My mum was first to come back and when she saw me in a very dull mood, she asked what the matter was and i told her. She just laughed and said “so that’s why you want to kill yourself? because you didnt pass well.

If you kill yourself, who will now go to school? abi no next year? you’ll try again next year nau, maybe you’ll do better and in the mean time, you can apply for a polytechnic with 182″
Those words were so encouraging and we both started joking and laughing together. I was a bit relieved.
I knew that was not how my dad would feel and i was ready to face whatever would proceed and I knew with my mum by my side, my dad won’t touch me.
My dad came back and when i went out to welcome him, the first thing he said was “I heard that JAMB result is out, have you gone to check yours?”. I noded my head affirmatively like an agama lizard and went into the room and came out with the result and handed it to him.
Dad: Ehee!!! what kind of result is this? You did not read at all for the exam?’
Dad: (continues shouting) look at this(pointing the result at me)Look, you had 39 in chemistry and 42 in physics. When I tell you, sit down and read, you’ll not hear, instead you’ll be roaming around on the street visiting one friend or the other. mtcheww! Take this thing out of my sight jare(flings the result on the floor beside me. I picked it and was about leaving when he called me back) Tomorrow I’ll go and get form for you at Yabatech, at least we should try something. Is that okay with you?
Me: Yes!
The next day, i stayed indoors throughout using my JAMB past questions to prepare for the post-utme. I didn’t even have any idea how the exam would be.

fast forward

The exam came, i wrote it but had 60marks over hundred which wasn’t up to the cut-off mark of 68 for the course i picked. I had another round of weeping and crying but my dad didn’t even scold me this time around but encouraged me telling me I’ld do better next year, since it was my first time.
I was at home gisting with my mum one day when i got a call from my dad
Dad: hello
Me: hello daddy, good afternoon
Dad: how are you?
Me: I’m fine daddy
Dad: Okay… I called to ask you something. How would you feel if i got part-time form for you?
Me: Ermmm… its okay! i’ll be happy
Dad: Okay, I’ve gotten the form for you. I’m coming home now so you can fill it.
Me: Okay… daddy thank you very much.
I dropped the call and informed my mum who wasnt happy about the development.

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