July 27, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 10

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient

Part 10

Now it was my turn…..
Her arrse was facing the ceiling…..
I looked for the glory hole, and I started
fingering her. At first she wanted to stop me,
but I was the man, and as I was playing with
the cl!t, she couldn’t hold me down again, as
her head was sparking….
“Ooooh this doctor wants to kill me, ohhhh,
please don’t stop, oooh”
After giving her the gold finger, I slid in the
diskette and started shamming her from
I held those hips as I was giving her, and I
gave it to her hard and rough. But she was
feeling the boy, as she begged me not to
I bleeped her seriously, I bleeped her hard, I
bleeped her to bits and pieces….
She turned around to reveal her giant, non-
saggy b0s0ms, which were bubbling like
I raised her legs up to the sky, and I hit her
hard, as a hammer hitting a nail into a
concrete floor….
I hit her hard, and she said it again….
“I’m Approaching again”
Bit I didn’t worry, cos I was also Approaching
And we êjãcùlät?d together…..
She got up, smiled at me, kissed me and
went to the bathroom to clean herself….
Then she wore only her jeans (she didn’t
wear p@anties) and sat on my laps…
“Baby I love you”
“Baby I love you”
I looked at her and told her the bloody truth,
while still handling her jugs….

“I can’t, and won’t love anybody, and I have
never loved in my life”
“It’s a lie joor, maybe one lady broke your
heart or something, don’t worry, I’ll give you
sweet S£x, you’ll love me by force”
“No lady has ever broken my heart, since I
didn’t give them anything to break in the first
“Hmmmm” she sighed “are you telling me
you don’t have a girlfriend”
“Nope….” with a serious look..
“Hmmm, player number 10, okocha
maradona, hahahahah”
“Na u sabi” and I started sU-Cking her bôobs
(remember she wore only her jeans)
She started m0an!ng again when my phone
“Hello doctor lagusta, your attention is
needed at the gynae emergency, please come
quickly, its an emergency”
The Johnston that was hard as a rock,
became softer than planta margarine….
“What is it hun” she asked while kissing me
“Sorry babe, I gotta go, duty calls”
“Screw me one more time please”
“Sorry babe, I have sworn the oath, the
patient is my first priority, even above S£x”
I paid her T- fare and she left unhappy

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