July 31, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 8

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient

Part 8

She was m0an!ng and giving ring tones as I
hit her and fired her seriously…..
“Hmmm, yeah, yeah, ooohh yyewah, aaahhh”
And I kept on hitting her, until she screamed..
“Ooooohhh yyyeeeeaaaahhhh”
And I could feel the pulsating vaj and the
copius secretions gushing forth…..
She la!d down but still backed the arrsse
“Are you okay” I asked…
“Yeah hun, you know it had been long”
“Okay, I understand”
She turned to look at me, and she kissed
“Sweetie, I really appreciate what you’ve done
for me, I will never forget this….”
She stood up to take a bath, and I naughtily
followed her. As I saw her Unclad body with
water all over, I couldn’t take it anymore, and
she saw it in my eyes….
She smiled and faced the wall, and I first
played with the big arrrsssee….
“Hmmm, naughty doc”
Then I slid it in again, and fired her one more
time. Pounding her again as she gave more
ring tones….
Then I carried her left leg and fired her
“Baby, oh dear you’re too good, aaahhh,
I kept on firing as I saw both brèasts and
yansh bouncing up and down, and her dazed
Then she came again….
But I didn’t stop, because that pucci was the
sweetest of them all…
I kept on hitting the jackpot….
And I released all the cargo in my system into
her pushy, as I didn’t remember to wear
“Whaaaat!!! you didn’t use a condom??”
“I forgot ma” as I was scratching my head…..
And seriously, I didn’t know what got me so
carried away in a stûpid manner…..
But she just used water to clean myself, left
me in the bathroom to think about my sorry
life, and the whole house was quiet….
I went looking for her, until I found her in one
of the rooms, wearing a wrapper….
I sat down beside her…..
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what happened, I
was just excited, and overwhelmed with
ecstasy, it was as if….”
“Bros give me your hand” she interrupted….
I reluctantly stretched out my hand….
And she used a needle to jab me, held it firm
and put a blood sample to run a HIV test on

“what is the meaning of that, are you crazy,
what kind of senseless thing did you do??”
I didn’t want to know whether she would
report me to the CMAC, I didn’t even care
that I was talking to my boss, I was just
pricked by one crazy bîtçh that was so selfish
to check my HIV status…..
“just shut up will you” she snapped
“i can never shut up, because I am not a
bastard like you”
“do you realize you are talking to your
“please remind me again that I just slammed
the same registrar…”
“wait!!!!!!” she shouted…..
my heart skipped a beat. What happened,
why the sudden shocking shout!!!!
“Oh thank God, its negative…”
it was like I should just give her a resounding
dirty slap on that silly mouth of hers…..
I stood up to leave…..
“baby please don’t go, I’m sorry I acted
childishly, I was just scared”
I later thought, this thing could happen to
anybody, moreover I just slammed her, what
could be worse….
“okay no problem”
“please spend the night with me, I don’t want
to be alone, please……….”
And she came close and used her big
booobsss to bribe me……
I couldn’t resist, as we had three extra rounds
all through the night, and this time, she gave
me a raincoat to wear…..

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