July 31, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse vs Patient. Part 9

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient

Part 9

I was later posted to the gynae emergency,
where serious gynecological cases are seen
and adequately treated….
And as usual, I had to teach the medical
students some stuff….
Those Sekxy students were just flaunting
what they got, but I’m sure some of them
would be wearing foam bras and butt pads….
But I noticed that the tall lady with massive
hips was into me that day, she asked many
questions and I didn’t fail to deliver the
After the session, I had to wait a bit for my
new registrar so that we could do some
procedures together….
Then I had a call….
“Hello its me, sekinat” (the lady with the hips)
“Hi what’s up”
“I’m fine sir, please sir I want you to come
and give me some tutorials about this O&G
wahala, its too much on me, I seem not to
understand anything….”
“Okay, that is not a problem, maybe when I
close from work, where can we meet”
“You can come to my place”
“Okay, I’ll come today”
We had the “bye byes” and I knew it was time
to destroy some wells
So I rushed down to the student hostel, as
she directed via BBM message. She
welcomed me with a smile….
Her place was nice, a room self-contained,
quite neat too….
But she had a friend..
“Doc please meet my closest friend, shade,
we are so close we share everything.”
Shade was even more endowed than her
friend. I mean oh my gosh, she was tall, nice
physique, with giant watermelons and a
hamburger at the back, with a diamond
shape hip to match…..
“Okay sekinat, lets start”
We had our tutorials and since I was a jovial
guy, we also gisted, joked and laughed till it
was time for me to leave…..
And when I got home, I saw a friend request
on BBM…. And yep, it was shade
I added her up, we chatted a bit, then she
couldn’t hold it any longer….
“Doc I want to tell you the truth, you are too
handsome and fûckable, with your pink lips,
and brown eyes, please I need you, I want
you, how do we do it, please lets hook up”
I did nothing but smile to myself….
We booked an appointment at my place, the
next day was the day…..

After working hours, she called, telling me
she was coming, and she came….
I entertained her with juice, as she said she
doesn’t drink alcohol…..
She wore a revealing top, and I saw how
fresh those grapes were, very fresh and big,
and she didn’t hesitate to flaunt it….
She looked at me, and I looked at her, and
we started kissing….
As we kissed I unhooked her bra, which
released the grapes, and I didn’t hesitate to
play with them, in fact I started playing with
both nîpples until they became hard and
And she was m0an!ng to the rhythm
I pulled up her top, and was massaging the
left booooooob while I was licking and sU-
Cking the other, and she was giving me caller
“Oh yeah, aaah, oooh, uuuh, mmmh, yeah,
gimme more”
And I gave her more….
She unzipped my crotch and saw how big,
large and huge the black mamba was….
“Oh my, that’s some heavy duty u have
I chuckled, as I wanted to wear protection….
“Not yet hun” as she took it from me….
She first licked the crown of my prick, before
massaging and giving me the full BJ, and she
did it like a Adult movie star. She sU-Cked
the whole Jimmy seriously and was
massaging it, as if she wanted me to release,
but I controlled my self….
After licking it well, she rolled the rubber on
it, and pulled her jeans down. I saw how
massively huge that yansh was, so huge and
fresh, no stretch marks….
I was still sitting down on the couch when
she positioned my dîck, facing me, and
started riding me like a horse. I was a stallion
She kept on riding and straddling me, and I
was feeling it. As I was sU-Cking each
boooob, I was also feeling and massaging the
arse as she was hammering me….
“Oh yeah, touch me, feel me, yeah, that’s it,
yeah, ooh, yeah, hnnnnmmnnm”
Then she stood up, turned around, and rode
me again. This babe was too good, she
wanted S£x, and she knew how to get it….
Now I was actually seeing how the arse was
jiggling and bouncing as she was hammering
me, making me feel high!!!
But she was increasing the tempo….
“Yeah, I’m coming, in Approaching,
Her vag was pulsating seriously as she
released all her stored juices… And she la!d
on the table

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