June 18, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 62

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????He and her v ????

Episode 62

(Grace the bride)

Camila’s POV

‘Saturday….wedding day’

The day that I had being waiting for had come. The moment every lady had always dreamt of has come.

I’m so nervous and I could just cry by a simple pinch. I have lost all hope of ever marrying Tucker but here I am with Tucker. I so much love him and I’m just glad I find the perfect man

The fifteen days of slavery supposedly turns to a life time of being together.

I was dressed in white , my bridesmaids were dressed in pink and I was just waiting for us to be called to walk inside.

Few minute later , we were called upon to march in and we did gloriously. My hired father held my hand while we match in together with my best woman: Grace, beside me.

We walked to the front and we sat after which Tucker and his best men arrived. Everyone  was glad, the atmosphere was lit.

A series of wedding unfolds and it was time for us to be invited outside together.

The pastor asked the traditional wedding questions to which out answer was YES

Now , the exact moment had being anticipating for clocks.

Time for Tucker to place the ring inside my finger as a seal of our marriage before everyone

Tucker looked into my face with so much love and I can not but blush.

I was expecting him to stretch his hand to put the ring in my fingers instead I saw another finger receiving the ring.

I raised my head only for me to see Grace stretching her hand and receiving the ring.

I couldn’t believe my eyes ,it was like a dream. I was suddenly ignored as if it’s a planned work between they and the priest.

I was suddenly turned to the best woman and Grace; the bride.

Tucker held the hand of Grace and walked out happily while I followed in shame

I couldn’t think straight , I was dying slowly on the inside. I want to faint…I still want to believe it’s a prank and not a reality

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