July 31, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 67

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???? Venessar High School????

Episode 67

(It’s you that I Love)

Kimberly’s POV

Stephen walked in majestically , I was nervous but a bit of fear was arising from me also.

After a while , my emotions summed up into anger and I felt like smashing him for always wanting the relationship between Sean and I to lead to Jeopardy.

I stood and approached him and he paused.
“What did you want?” I asked him and he kept mute.

I noticed autumn stood and walked to where I stood. “Kimberly , go and sit , he must have come for a reason”

I controlled my emotions and went to sit. Autumn went to sit also and he also came to sit without saying a word.

Everywhere was quiet for a while after which Stephen spoke up

“I know you are surprised to see me but you did not have to…firstly , I should apologize for the Photoshop picture I did to try to break the love between Sean and Kimberly ” Stephen said but everywhere was still quiet.

“I came to tell you that I love Kimberly and I might die if Kimberly ended up not being mine” Stephen said and I just shot him a look that tells him already that he’s foolish

“Well, Stephen…it’s good that you Love Kimberly. But if you do like you have claimed , you will let her decide what she really wants. Sean here is your brother , why not let this people be and see that someone also loves you somewhere ” Autumn said.

“Those that loves me do not deserve my love , I do not like them ” Stephen said.

“Stephen , did you know that I actually…never mind ” Autumn said

“Actually hate me , I know…I loath you fatty girl also…it’s Kimberly that I love ” Stephen said and Kimberly stood all of a sudden

“Stephen, I do not hate you, I love you ” Autumn said and went to sit beside Stephen

“Do you really like me?” Stephen asked.

“No, I love you ” Autumn replied smiling.

Stephen looked into my face , stood from Autumn’s side and came to sit beside me.

“It’s you that I love ” Stephen said to me and Sean stood and came to sit between Stephen and I

“Kimberly loves me , just go to Autumn already , she might be made for you ” Sean said , held my hand up and we both walked away leaving Autumn and Stephen behind.

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