July 29, 2021

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Angel Of Success. Episode 4 and 5

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Chapter 4
Lucy hook ????Joyce up with Roland. Roland who is not in the mood to sex any girl coz he is running after a multi millon naira project????. Joyce and Roland got into the hotel room????. Then Joyce said
Joyce: Excuse me sir, am not a runs girl oh. I only followed you here to please my friend okay and i don’t need your money????.
Roland: Calm down dear. Am not having anything with you as well. As a matter of fact am not happy coz am chasing a multi million naira project which am about to lose it. If i now start flirting with a girl now, cant you see am not serious about my life????????‍♂
Roland took the duvet and lay it on the floor and he took one of the pillow and slept on the flooor and Joyce slept on the bed. The following morning. Roland gave Joyce 80k???? and Joyce was so happy???? that Roland gave her such money despite that he didn’t touch her. Then Joyce realise that “All men are not the same” and from the buttom of her heart she prayed for Roland. Joyce go down on her knees to pray for Roland. Roland just suddenly receive a call???? to come to the company to sign the multi million naira project that they be award it to him. It looks like Magic to Roland. That prayer answered x5 self. Roland was so so happy to get the project
“All men are not the same????????‍♂” and not all ladies deserve to be treated like shit. Plss always value what you have


Chapter 5
This changed for Roland as well. Roland go to church⛪ for thanks giving then after the church services. His pastor told him that “The lady that pray for you while on her knees is an Angel of Success. Who shares success to who ever do good to her or who ever she love. For your kindness and Cheerful given you made her happy and she prayed for you from the buttom of her heart. Plss Mr. Roland keep doing good and God bless you. Roland contact Lucy that she will love to see Joyce again. Lucy hook???? them up again and Roland Already Buy a lexus jeep. He parked it outside the hotel and when they got to the hotel room. After Roland appreciate and say very big thank you to Joyce then she gave her the Lexus key as appreciation. Joyce burst into tears of joy and huged Roland. Roland is married ????he would have marry Joyce according to what his pastor told him. Since he can’t marry her, he decide to give her lexus???? as Appreciation to make her more happy. He also transfer 5 million ????to her account to start a business and stop going for runs. Austin still looking for Joyce and Joyce looking for Austine too coz she have vowed that it was Austin who have sex with her after her Ex Stephen. So, its Austin she will marry????


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