August 1, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 21

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Chapter ????21❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Celine walked into the room without answering her and placed the cup on the table

” I brought you milk since you didn’t ask “….

” but who are you ?
” am a new Maid, I will set your bath
“what !!
” its obvious you haven’t bathed ..

Celine went into the bathroom and set the bath when she came out Gretel was still surprised looking at her

” won’t you take the milk ?
” oh I will
She finished the milk and handed the glass to Celine as she was about taking of her cloth Celine wanted to leave

“wait don’t go”.
” what

Gretel took the glass from her
“stay here ! .
‘ oh ok”.
Celine sat on the bed while Gretel walked into bathroom she shouted

” hey can you hear me!!!!
” yes you don’t need to shout”…
“when did you come here?
” so what’s your name ?
” Its Celine
” I will call you lina
” oh ok
” so how old are you lina
” am older than you are
” how old
” 20
” and I thought you where 18
” do I look that little
” yea kinda and you are very beautiful you are the most beautiful maid i have ever met
” yea yea
” so why did you bring me milk I never asked
“: I wanted to check if you were ok you looked sad
“am realy sad
“but why ?…
There was no response
Minutes later Gretel walked out of the bathroom tying her towel she sat beside Celine

” my friend is in the hospital I realy feel bad , i feel more bad ..just more bad than others…

” quick questions, friend or boyfriend.

” OK the guy I like….

They both laughed…

” have you visited him..
” omg I almost forgot KeilA would kill me…

Just as Gretel started dressing up Celine took the cup and tried going out

” where are you going now
” I will return the cup
GREtel dialed the land line and minutes later Emily shouted

” I need your presence beautiful Gretel “…
Celine started laughing
Gretel took the cup from Celines hand and gave it to Emily outside she then locked the door

“why are you laughing..
” nothing ( smilling)…
Gretel changed into a beautiful gown
” how do I look
“you look nice ….
Gretel placed a call to KeilA
” hey gret where are you I and Susan are already there …
” am coming out “…
” coming out?
” of …the car … Celine added.
” all right we are waiting.

She dropped the call

” good bye Lina
“all right ….

She rushed into the compound and drove off

Celine went back to the maids room where Emily helped her insert the lenses.

Gretel arrived at the hospital
She ran in with her friends till they got to simeons room..
Most students where there already they greeted each other after which Gretel walked towards simeon..

“simeon how do you feel “…
” I feel worse “…
“but why “..
“you won’t sit beside me”… (he laughed)
Gretel smilled as she sat beside him ..

“simeon get well soon “, keila said

” I got this for you “, Susan added as she droped the flower in the vase and the students walked out

” simeon how long have you been sick ?…Gretel asked

simeon hugged her for few minutes then he said to her ear

” am leaving !!
Gretels heart pounded , Gretel withdrew
“what !!!
” am going back to the state’s by tommorow thanks for coming into my life this few days ….
” but why
” my dad is taking me back i will miss you ..
GREtel hugged simeon again.

“Just this few hours with you , my life suddenly began to make sense and it was all because of you , but now …am going to loose all that….

Gretel smiled.

” I will miss you…. he gently moved closer and slowly kissed her lips keila walked in and Gretel withdrew ..

” sorry I didn’t mean to barge in…
” oh its nothing”….
” I am leaving so I came to call you?…
” ok, I mean… me too..
” simeon get well”, keila said

They both walked out

” so when did you two start dating ?..
” what no we arent.
” so when did you start kissing every boy ,.. half naked in his room…
” we will talk tommorow k.

They walked to their cars and drove off

Light opens hours later on Danny sitting with Miranda in the bar drinking

” so after all our moving about, y did you bring me to a hotel ?
” don’t listen to your mind it’s lying
Miranda laughs
” so how long have you been modelling ?
“lets say since I was 17
” wow am impressed …

Minutes later they finished their drinks
” come on I will drop you home”….
” without checking their rooms that’s bad come on”, miranda Said
” you are realy a stubborn one “….

They made reservations and went upstairs they walked into the room it was very beautiful

“wow I love it”, miranda Said
” its pretty, come on lets go he tried opening the door Miranda held him back…
” come on we just came in your money would go to waste..
” dats nothing come on”….

He tried heading for the door again This time around Miranda ran towards the door and stood there..

Danny chuckled … ” come on you play alot”..

Miranda held his jacket with both hands and kissed him but Danny withdrew from the kiss.

” oh am sorry
” we cant you are drunk
he tried walking out on her
Miranda drew him back
” i am not drunk are you really dumb I have been giving you signals all these while, the kiss, going to drink, even seeing the room you can’t tell me you didn’t know I wanted you….
Danny (smilled) ” but….

She placed a finger on his lip

” come on, no strings attached I promise
Danny smilled
And walked behind her, Miranda thought he was leaving till she felt Danny kiss her neck Miranda smilled as she felt Danny zipping down her gown from behind he pulled the gown to her waist then kissed her back Miranda turned Danny kissed her lips deliciously…

Then he feathered his lips all over her ..

Miranda gently unbuttoned his shirt as she walked him to the bed .

Danny dropped the shirt and pulled down her gown from her hip.

Miranda raised his black singlet up and kissed his lips down to his chest , she unzipped his jeans..

he brushed his fingers over behind her back and gently unhooked her bra….

He pressed his lips into hers as He lifted her up into his arms and leaned her softly against the wall as he feathered his lips down her neck.

Miranda moaned gently and wordlessly

The made love in all its worth…. ecstasy filled the air as they where both crazy in bed ..they had full fun with no strings attached….it was just a one night stand or so Danny thought.

Miranda enjoyed being with Danny…he had the perfect male frame …she wrapped her arms round his body with her legs wrapped below his his waist.

She moaned out meaninglessly as he came in and out of her in a sweet perfect Rythym ….


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