June 9, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 22

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Chapter ????22❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Hours later .
Maids room ????
Celine and the other maids sat chatting till Abigail sang out

“I thought you Said I can’t live without you “…..
Emily and Mary chorused
” look how jolly am living “,….

” what kind of song is that ?”, celine asked

” its the jolly dance “…..

Abigail played the music in her phone and the two maids joined her as they danced like limping frogs Celine couldn’t stop laughing

” come on Celine “, Abigail shouted
” no Its a stupid dance “,..

Mary dragged Celine up and she joined them as they danced and sang together they thought Celine all the steps and Celine still found the dance crazy

Hours later
Danny was buttoning his shirt Miranda lay on the bed she covered her body with the sheet

” Danny you took a sweet advantage of me while I was drunk”….
“what !!!!!?..
” stop it am just kidding”….
” wow you realy won’t grow old this girl”…..
” I love the way you hold a woman Danny , so manly , so perfect….we should do this again…
” a night stand only happens once , well I need to leave now am going home
” so tell me about your girlfriend ?…
“seriously ?…
“ok I know I Said no strings attached but I just wanna know as a friend”….
Danny : am single and am leaving
” not even a Kiss”,miranda asked

Danny kissed her fore head and walked out

Hoffman’s house ????⛲????

The family was complete so they had dinner and the maids stood by them and offered each person what they needed

“dad you came back late y?..
” sorry I had some things to tidy up “….
“you are really stressed up recently “….
“what can I do ?…
” least i forget the presidents family sent an invitation for his daughters birthday “…
“we are realy strengthening our relationship with mr president and I will make sure to seal this relationship with marriage between Danny and mirabel”……
“hold it dad my brother will marry for love and not for contractual relationship or wealth “,….
” that reminds me where is Danny ( she stretched her cup and Celine poured juice into it )
“penthhouse I guess ….
” must I realy give birth to my self when I was growing “,….
“am glad you know “,……
” ensure Danny attends that party and buy a good present for mirabel”…..
” ok honey”,…
“stop talking people its bad manners “,….

Maids room????

They family had slept Celine sat with her leg folded up.

Danny in a few minutes I am going to meet you life , the goddess anwswred my payers, am going to meet my crush…it’s really sweet…I also miss that proud peacock , I also want to see him too after I see you..I like u both so much the only men i ever thought off.

What if I am asked to choose one of you .maybe i will chose the proud peacock….seems he cares about me a little…or will I chose you…..

Come back quickly …I really want to see you.Celine thought

” is Danny always this late ? Celine asked .
” yea he is”,…
“you want to see Danny so badly its so obvious “,…
” (smiles shyly ) is it?
“yes you where looking at the door all the while at the dinner”,….
“that’s normal the first time you wanna meet your celebrity crush “,….
“so Celine tell me y is your tummy so flat “,….
“nothing …
“its the waist chain
“no its not “…
“:so why do you use them ,chains..
” its not an ordinary chain, its the symbol of my mums trust…so if I lift my cloth and she doesn’t find her Chain it means i committed a sin…….unless of course i got married …then I will keep this chain for my kid…undefiled .

Just then they heard sounds

” Danny is back !!!!”, emily shouted
” yea he is “, Abigail finished …

They slightly opened the door and peeped at Danny as he walked down and stood with Gretel talking by her door

” he kind of looks familiar but am not quite sure”,celine said.

” wake up you never met him ..

” but wait is that how he walks ,cute!!.
” he’s a model what do you expect, catwalk has mastered him.
“his step is so sexy “,emily said
“he is so dreamy “,Mary said

” he is more handsome in person “, celine said.

” you have not seen him up close Celine if you see him up close you will just wanna die”, abigail said.

” I swear Danny Hoffman looks like a Greek God”, emily said.

” he reminds me of this Korean guy Lee min ..
” its the stature , but I think Danny Is more handsome than Him facially , height , hair , eye , skin , wow…..
” how can a human being be so beautiful “, celine asked innocently
They all smiled at her.

” he is going to look this way lock the door”, emily shouted .
They quickly locked the door

Celine fell on her bed …

” Celine you just saw Danny”…
“he still reminds me of someone “,….
“maybe it’s him you saw once “…
“describe the person “,….
” the thing is I saw the person when I wasn’t with my glasses so my sight was blurr I didn’t see the face correctly but their height is just exact “, celine said.
” I don’t think so come on cut it out “….
” you are right what am I thinking can Danny Hoffman even talk to someone like me”, celine said.
” now you get it, good night celine …..
“good night
“good night

CEline sat back on her bed and raised her knee upward as folded her hands around the leg
They are right what Am I thinking anywAy I really want to see that proud peacock again” she Said to herself
Just then the land line rang the maids awoke
” its Danny “, emily said.
” lemme guess one glass of juice with chicken “, mary said.
” lets pick first , come on Celine pick you never picked before “, abigail said..
Celine picked up
” uuhhm hello sir
” one glass of juice..
” oh ok .
” was I right ?
“yes “…
” better meet philomena “, abigail said
” me ?..
” yea ,you…

Danny still held the phone
am kinda going crazy i even hear that commoners voice everywhere i go …now I thought she spoke on phone.
The only thing I think of is her…the only sound I hear is her laughter..I am so deeply in need of celine but I can’t even find her ….
I don’t know anything about her, how do I search…where will I start the search..
Danny played the jolly music as he kept his phone on the bed

Meanwhile Celine knocked on Danny’s door with the tray in her hands


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