June 16, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 25

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 26 and 27
Celine and hoffman. Chapter 24

Chapter ????25❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


” we have a tradition right
” yes we do ….

Just then the students shouted do it “do it” do it”

They handed Gretel a marker and she painted the chair From behind

Gretel boldly wrote
Beware of the commoner
dirt lurks around senior high
All the students started laughing just then Angela stood up and faced Gretel
Angela shouted
” stop , please stop !!!!
“;omg she wants to beat me “, gretel said covering her mouth with style.

They students shouted finish it” finish it ” finish it ”

Just then Gretel tried painting her school shirt but Angela held her hand

” my mum really suffered to buy me this cloth “,….
“;she doesn’t know I can withdraw her admission, hey don’t you know my father owns this school ?”….

Just then Angela withdrew her hand and Gretel painted her school uniform while they other students laughed
She writes.
She even had to paint the girls face then she dropped the marker and Amanda sterilized Gretels hand
She walked away just then the male students pushed both Angela and her chair to the extreme end of the class where she sat alone crying

GREtel walked downstairs to the directors office
” come on in gret !!!

” good day madam
” you are the best dancer in my class but since you won’t compete who do you recommend to be nominated

” KeilA, KeilA Williams and Susan George I trust this two girls
” Susan has never shown interest
“;she will trust me
” ok but in case you change your mind inform me
” ok madam

Gretel walked out of the office into the class room she sat beside Susan

” hey
” where is KeilA
” practicing
“; ok
do me a favour suzy
” tell me
” compete in the nationals
” no I don’t feel like competing

“; you are the only one I know who can get to the second half of the competition
“but i cant win gret
” you don’t have to you will drop when you get to the second half then I will come in
” does KeilA know you are competing
” no she doesn’t she won’t understand that’s y its 50- 50 if the competition is in our favour I won’t compete but if it gets hard I will join
” ok but please do join I rather walk out than loose
” don’t worry you won’t loose

Susan looked at the notice board where a student just pested something

” it’s you and keila “, the nominees “, gretel said

Susan nodded

Just then keila walked into the class room she checked the notice board and walked to Gretel

” my name is there gret
” congrats
“; am so happy

Just then keila noticed Angela as she tried wiping her school uniform which was well painted

” hey who is that?…
“its the new commoner
” I thought Gretel made sure no commoner comes to this class?…
” well i guess she is really smart ?”,.. Gretel said.

” but who did that to her?..
“gretel did…

” come here”, keila dragged Gretel to the locker room

” what is wrong with you gret
” come on its our tradition..
” tradition you created, who do you even think you are.. just because you have it all doesnt mean you should treat others like trash even God treats people equally not to talk of you gret.. i really thought you have overgrown this but I guess I was wrong again!!!!.

” ok fine am sorry…
” sorry, will sorry give her a new chair, will sorry buy her uniform, sorry gret, but sorry is not enough ….

keila walked out of the room and instantly Gretel remberred exactly when celine Said the same words she sat on the floor
Why wasn’t I properly trained ” she said to herself”


Anna danced in a ballet room she did a dance then she spinned around and stoped spinning as she maintained an en pointe position on tip with one leg she couldn’t believe she was doing it for like 30 seconds then she fell down just then she heard someone clapping for her it was her tutor

” I can’t believe it, I did it
” that diet worked your body mass and weight is so low you are now as light as air congratulations your dream came true
” it did “,..she hugged her tutor then walked out and she placed a call instantly to simeon
” hello!!!!
” someone sounds happy
“I did it
“you did what?..
” i did it, I did kimonis dance simeon
” wow am realy happy for you dear
” now we can start over I know you left me because I never had time for you I was always too busy trying to learn this dance but now i have learnt it lets start over simeon I still like you

” am happy for you Anna but they both of us are really done I have learnt to live without you Anna being friends is just ok

” but I have not learnt to live without you
” anna lets talk later

He dropped the call
Anna picked up her bag and walked out Light fades

Light opens hours later on Gretel as she walked sluggishly into the class room with a bag in her hand she was surprised when she noticed that they were having lectures and only Angela maintained a huge space while other students sat away from her Gretel walked into the class and the teacher turned to her
” you are late and you are still clumsy
Gretel looked at her and didn’t say a word rather she picked a chair and headed towards Angela she sat down and turned to her teacher

” am sorry madam you may continue
The teacher continued and the students whispered
” what is Gretel doing
” whatever she wants”, keila said
” I can’t believe she sat with the commoner “, Mandy said

Gretel looked Angela in the face and said
” hey
Angela didn’t talk she was still trying to wipe her face
” I got you something “, gretel said
Angela took the bag from her it was a new uniform Angela was surprised
” I am really sorry gelai pls forgive me ?..
” thank you
” if you like you can sit with me and my friends over there next time ?…
“thank you “,…
” Here I Will help you.

Gretel took the towel from her and cleaned her face

Angela smiled.Gretel chuckled .they both smiled as Gretel carefully cleaned her body.

Just then the whole class even the teacher speechlessly looked at Gretel and Gretel brought out her most expensive handkerchief and Wiped Angela’s chair …

” am realy sorry”,…
“:its ok hey I heard you failed chemistry if you want I can teach you”,… Angela said
” realy well thank you”…..

Celine and hoffman. Chapter 26 and 27
Celine and hoffman. Chapter 24

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