July 31, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 63

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???? He and her v ????

Episode 63

(Stuck with Grace)

Camilla’s POV

I woke up and it was a dream. My days! What sort of a horrible dream is this?

Grace and Tucker…how is that possible? How in the world will that happen? Grace is just my friend…and I’m sure that nothing is going on between Tucker and her.

I never thought of this so what is it about the dream?

Today is Friday and by tomorrow , I will be wedded. I hope that all will be alright.

I need to see Tucker as soon as the day breaks.

Tucker’s POV


I was listening to music inside my room when I noticed the door opened by itself without somebody knocking. I was angry to whom could have barged into my house unannounced.

I was expecting the person to come to view so I can lambaste the person but surprisingly , it was Grace

“Grace!” I called her name wondering what she was doing in my place at that ungodly hour

“Are you surprised to see me? ” she asked and I just looked away.

She came closer to me and stood before me , she held my chin and made me face her.

“Am I now a sH-*t to you?” She asked and I bite my lips in anger.

I was so pissed at her for coming into my house but I was just putting my emotions under control.

“Grace , what did you want?”

“We made a deal before I helped in making the relationship between Camila and you work out “

‘I know , so what did you want?”

“Don’t tell me you have forgotten the deal…one…niGh-t stand with you” She said and pulled herself closer to me.

She held my collar and used her hand to trace my chest down to my belly.

She began to lossen my button while I was getting lost in her woman*nhood.

“Grace , this is wrong , stop it ” I said and she just continued loosing my button till she was done.

She removed my cloth and I just let her while my gbola keeps betraying me. The bulG*e is visible in my trouser. I wish I can run away from her but her seductive power has held my soul captive.

All I want now is her…somebody help me.

“I do not know what wrong is Mr. Tucker. We made a deal and as a perfect gentle man that you are , you would fulfil your own part of the deal ” She said and I sighed almost crying.

Having a one night sT-an with her will make me betray Camila. I love Camila so much and I never intend to cheat on her but i’m stuck right
here with this girl.

“It’s just once ” She said and began to unhook my belt , she loosen it and pushed me to the chair , I fell to the chair while she stripped herself before me.

“Did you like what you are seeing?” She asked and I just stood in the laying position on the bed thinking of Camila

I wish I can stand but I feel like F***** right now , I can’t help it. I need to put my gbola inside a girl’s P***

“She squatted before me and removed my gbola from my b0xer, she was about to put it in her mouth when…

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