July 28, 2021

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K pop maid. Chapter 18

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????????K-POP MAID ???? ????

????BY LICIA TIFE ????

???? ON GOD ????
EPISODE 1️⃣8️⃣

We all got our ticket the next day and board a plane to new Orleans

It was my first time in a plane and i have to admit, i was pretty scared.

Strange right

Then I found out am not the only one who has never travelled with a plane


The EFX did not board the same plane with us

They are big time celebrity, they must have their own private plane?.

And beside if they decided to board the same plane with common folks like us, they will literally be thorn apart

We arrived at new Orleans after a long plane journey

This place is awesome

I saw the EFX and they were busy signing autographs and taking pictures with their foreign fans

Evey one were extremely happy to see them

Bigthanks to the security , the EFX would have been torn apart if not for them

Mina was not so different..

Fans gathered her and took selfies with her.

But it is obvious the EFX had more fans than her

The EFX got into a black Mercedes and drove off while mina also got into her private fancy car

Not too long after a big fancy bus arrived ready to take us to whatever destination

‘where are we going to?’ fatty asked me

‘like srsly are you asking me that’ i asked her

Fatty rolls her eyes and huffs after i gave her a befitting reply

After about 30mins ride, we got to a big fancy hotel room

We all got down from the bus and walked into our overly luxurious hotel

‘well tomorrow the real game begins, but as for today, have fun everyone’ our teacher said as he told us to pick a partner and gave each of us a card which serves as a key to our room

We could not find the EFX anywhere and this boys are the main reason why everyone was so anxious to go on this trip

We all picked our key and went to our room


‘oh please hawon, i am pretty sure she is the one’ i said.

Hawon might be my P. A but she is my best friend

And I like her a lot

We know everything about each other

We never keep anything from each other

‘but how you so sure she is the one’ Hawon asked

‘i really do hope she is not the one, cas if she is, i will have to repeat what i did all those years ago’ i said

‘can’t you just let go, she is your’

‘do not complete what you about to say’ i said interrupting her

‘she is nothing to me, she stole everything from me, she stole everything and i hate her’ i said

‘mina, don’t you think your jealousy is getting the better of you’ Hawon asked

‘i do not want to talk about this anymore Hawon, it enough’ i said as Hawon shrugs and started going through her phone

I started recollecting memories of how a young girl pushed another girl a little younger than her .

I quickly shaked off the thought and sat down on my bed

If she is jina

Then it is not over between us yet

Later in the evening about 8:30 pm

I was kind of angry

Sure we were served with food earlier today

But i seriously do not like the taste of international food..

Fatty was fast asleep and snoring..

Who sleeps so early

I would have woken her up to come with me…

But i do not want to disturb her sleep..

I stood on my feet and walked out of the hotel room..

This is new Orleans where will I see a noodle shop

And beside i might get lost cause this is my first time in a place like this

I walked out of the hotel room and 3 men walked pass me

They looked really wierd anyway

They look more like drunkard

I thought this is a 5 star hotel so what are people like this doing here

Am sure there must be a logical explanation for this..????

They walked past me before walking back again

‘hey baby doll’ one of them said

I ignored him and walked faster but they followed me

‘hey calm down we talking to you’ a man said as he grabbed me by the arm

‘geez man let go of me’ i said as i struggled to remove his hand from my arm ???? ‘

‘ calm down, we just wanna know how much you willing to accept for the night ‘he said

‘ Do i look like a whore’ i asked

The guys were harassing me and the strange part is there was no one to help, no cleaner or anybody, i decided to scream and wake the hotel up when someone arrived

My Oppa.

He is here

Oh i feel like a damsel in distress..

‘do you really want her’ he asked one of the guy.

‘hey mind your business’ he said

‘am not here to interfere but do you really want her’ he asked again

I seriously do not get this Oppa

What does he mean by that

‘what do you mean’ one of the guys asked

‘well if i was a shameless person like you sorry my bad, if i was a gentleman like you, i won’t seriously want to rape that’ he said pointing at me


What does he mean by that

“what, why ‘one of the fools asked

‘well let me start with face look at her cheek, so red and funny she looks like a clown ????’ he said

Okay dat rude

‘and her nose jeez what is that, do not let me get started on her lips and eyes so huge’ Oppa said

Okay what did I do to deserve this insult

With the way the guys were looking at me, i am sure they are agree with what he is saying

‘and her body ‘ he looks at me and shaked his head ‘Zero’ he added

‘everything about her is Zero, i mean she is not attractive at all why do you need a girl like this when hot super model mina is here ‘ he asked

Someone hold me cas am about to murder Oppa

For the first time in my life

I actually feel like killin him

‘ you know what you right, look at her so ugly, let go guys we don’t need to sweat over her, we will just go for mina later ‘they said as they walked away

‘ okay why did you do that ‘i asked

‘ do what ‘he asked coldly

‘ do you srsly have to say such mean words to me, Thier are other ways to save a girl, not by saying mean words to her ‘i said

‘ other ways like what, you think i will resort to physical violence for you, what a joke ‘he said

Oh i get it

Oppa is crazy

But stil why does he have to be so cute

‘ but why did you come out of your room to help me ‘i asked

‘ first of all i didn’t help you, i only made them realise something important and by the way i was coming back from seeing the hotel manager when i saw those guys about to make the biggest mistake of their life ‘he said having no regrets for what he is saying

This guy is impossible

I was still thinking of what to say to him when he moves closer to me, i moved Back but then he moved closer

‘ What going on’ i asked

He moved closer and i only took three feet backwards before my back hit the door of a hotel room

What is this crazy man up to

He moved a bit close to me before he placed his hand on my shoulder

What is this hottie up to this time

I was still busy adoring his face when he pushed me aside and entered the room i was resting my back on

A normal person would have said you standing in front of my room pls move aside

But he is not normal

So i can’t blame him


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