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K pop maid. Chapter 19

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????????K-POP MAID ???? ????

????BY LICIA TIFE ????

???? ON GOD ????
CHAPTER 1️⃣9️⃣

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My sincere for any kind of mistakes such as spelling errors
‘where were you’ fatty asked immediately I entered the room

‘i just stepped outside for awhile’ i answered as i sat down on the bed

‘ohhhh’ she said as she pulled the duvet over head and went back to sleep

‘oppa called me ugly’ i said to myself…

Just because a girl dresses simple and is not interested in too much makeup and fancy clothes, does that mean she is ugly

I sighed for awhile

Maybe it is high time I get a little make over

I said as i brought out my laptop and started ordering clothes online

I have just been paid 500 won salary.

And Nam-il Oppa gave me a thousand won saying he his happy with my service

Am so happy.

500 won going to my savings and the other 500 am using them to buy new clothes

I started ordering cheap but cool bad girl outfit online

Am sure that will fit my little bad rapstar career

And btw Tre teacher was already complaining about my little out of character outfit

He said it is way to simple, girly and cute for rap

I mean look at fatty.

She might weigh 300 pounds but she is still very stylish

Tomorrow am going to show that wierd Oppa what ugly means

I went to bed that night after ordering a lot of clothes and shoes online

They will be delivered here very early tomorrow by the way

I need to find out if this girl is jina

But how will i do that.

Common mina think

That might i spent the whole night thinking of how i will find out if that maid is truly the jina i know

‘jina, jina’ fatty yelled as i walked out of the bathroom

‘what’ I asked…

‘where did all this clothes come from’ she asked

‘well i ordered them online’ i answered

‘waw they are very cool outfit not my style exactly, but they are still very cool’

‘i know you do not like clothes like this that why i got you this’ i said as i gave her a white dress with pink fancy leather jacket

‘awnnnn, this is so cute’ fatty said as she collected the cloth from me

‘can i love you less’ she said as she hugs me

i smiled as i disengaged from the hug

‘but fatty, i might have bought all this outfit but I still do not know how to dress properly’ I said

‘have no fear, fatty is here’ she said trying to sound like a make super hero as we both laughed

Well few minutes later fatty and i stepped out of the room as the whole student in the corridor fixed their eyes on me

I was dressed in long sleeve ash top, high waist black jeans that brings out my full body shaped, like seriously i did not know i was that curvy and tall, i guess those oversized long dress and hand knitted sweaters were covering the real deal, wearing black boots ???? and black hat, while fatty was dressed in the pink jacket and white top i bought for her

We might have been the ugliest girl in school but now with the way people are staring at us we are the hottest

Oppa Jin-Hyuk and Mansoo walked out of their room and for some reason Mansoo focused on fatty while Jin-Hyuk focused on me

For some reason he was staring at me and even though he tries to hide it, he was clearly shocked

I wish i could just walk over to him and say hey Oppa, tell me who is ugly now

But my deep undying love forbids me from saying that

I simply looked boldly into his eyes.

I guess this little make over comes with a pack of courage

‘waw you guys look good’ mina said as she appeared outta no where

‘thanks’ i said

I must say she is Damn gorgeous

I am finally getting somewhere..

Am half as pretty as she is

After the whole makeover charade we were informed that our teacher is a little sick which means no activity today….

Well till the next day..

What the rush anyway

It a seven days trip and this is just day one

We all went back to our room and settled down

I still could not get over that ugly maid.

Ugly maid

That was in the past

She is something the opposite of ugly now

Something tells me she had that makeover because of what I said yesterday

But i only said that to help

I mean what I said but it was to help her

Ummm whatever

A makeover is the only thing she needed anyway

after some hours we got a message that mina threw a party for the students in one of her house in new Orleans

She has an house in new Orleans, then why did she lodge in a hotel

This girl has a motive

Later in the night, the bus picked us up and we went to mina house

Fatty and i were still dressed in our outfit as we both entered mina fancy house

The EFX were already there as jin – hyuk Oppa stares at me again

I am feeling happy because he is noticing me

‘waww, our special guest are here’ mina said as she grabbed fatty and i by the wrist

Am sure this girl is up to something

‘this two girls are extremely talented and they will be out party entertainers, ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Jina and fatty’ she said

I am sure she wanna embarrass us

But why

This is not fair.

Fatty has stage fright and i am not really good at singing..

I haven’t practiced for awhile so I do not know how am gonna sound

We both collected a microphone from her as she asked us the music we want and she played the Karaoke

Fatty and i just held the microphone and could not sing

Students started laughing at us

Why is this witch Doin this to that maid.

Should i help her

But why do i care about her

She is just a common maid

But she helped me once

And beside i feel uncomfortable seeing her mocked

I really do not know why

I was about to do something when she finally gathered her courage and voiced out

Her voice was awesome

Very good

But the voice queen still remains fatty

JINA – can’t stop
????It’s our party we can do what we want????
????It’s our party we can say what we want????
????It’s our party we can love who we want????
????We can kiss who we want????
????We can see who we want????

????It’s our party we can do what we want????
????It’s our party we can say what we want????
????It’s our party we can love who we want????
????We can kiss who we want????
????We can see who we want????

????Red cups and sweaty bodies???? ????everywhere????
????Hands in the air like we don’t care????
????’Cause we came to have so much fun now????
????Got somebody here might get some now????

????If you’re not ready to go home????
????Can I get a hell no????
????’Cause we gonna go all night????
????’Till we see the sunlight alright????

????So la da da di we like to party????
????Dancing with Molly????
????Doing whatever we want,????
????This is our house????
????This is our rules????
????And we can’t stop (whoa)????
????And we won’t stop (whoa)????
????Can’t you…????

It was only a matter of time before the whole student started dancing and singing along with them

But the boys and i sat down on our sofa looking impressed

I will do anything to see that look of disappointment on her face over and over again

‘waw great guys’ mina said as she gave us a force smile

‘hawon pls entertain fatty, i wanna talk to jina’ she said as she managed to separate both of us

Jina has a birth mark on her chest

In order for me to see that she has to be intoxicated

‘here have This’ i said giving her a glass of strong alcohol

‘what this for’ she asked

‘look jina i like you and i really wish we could be friends, am sorry for everything i did and i really want to apologize to Oppa but can we Atleast be friends’ i said

She looks at me for awhile before saying

‘then have this’ i said as i poured myself a glass of alcohol

‘let cheers to friendship’ judging from her look i can say she doesn’t like alcohol

But i still have to force her to drink it

Jina gulped down the wine and coughs

‘no jina, not like that’ i said

‘ohhhh’ she said as she drops the empty glass on table

‘i will be right back i said as i walked away waiting for her to be intoxicated

After 39 mins, i couldn’t find jina anymore

Where could she be

I was dizzy and staggering as i walked around in mina mansion

What wrong with me

I sat down on the floor and then stood on my feet and walked out of the building..

Oppa i said as I saw Oppa in the house garden sitting on the bench

He is does not like parties so am sure he is uncomfortable staying in that noisy party

I walked towards him and smiled

‘hello’ i said unable to stand on my feet properly

‘you what are you doing here’ he said looking upset

‘ohhhh Oppa, you do not need to be mad all the time’ i said staggering

‘you need to smile like this’ i said smiling to give him an example

‘you so handsome but if you smile you will look more handsome’ she said

this girl is acting wierd

I am sure she is drunk

‘why drink alcohol if you can’t handle it’ i asked

‘mina have me’ she said

I should have known

This is mina doing

‘Oppa you know you are the most good looking man in the world, so handsome, but please try to smile sometimes do not be so grumpy.. You see have always adored you since I was just 16,you are the best, i really really really really like you alot but you are so mean, why you so mean’ she asked

Wait she likes me

Am becoming more interested in what she has to say

‘i feel like shouting this out to the whole wide word that my oppa is the cutest and i like him a lot’

I could not help but smile

Her madness was quite amusing

‘see yes, you smiled, Oppa smiled, OPPPA SMILED, Oppa smiled for the first time’ she jumped up and screamed looking happy until she fell on me by mistake

Her hand was on my chest and our face was so close to each other

‘you should smile more often’ she said

‘it suites you’

I was wrong about this girl

She is not ugly

Something about her is actually pretty

Jina and i faces were so close to each other that she moved her face closer to mine

I would have moved away from her

But for some reason i Wana see were this will end

She moved closer to me until her lips finally met mine


Kpop idol getting kissed on the lips by common girl he hates a lot

I should have pushed her away

That the right thing to do

But i cupped her face in my hand and reciprocated the kiss

Despite the fact that am a grumpy person was still very experienced with stuff like this

I kissed her back in a soft passionate and gentle way

My hand slowly went to her thin waist and held it

In this situation she was the kisser

I only returned it for some reason i do not know

We lowered each softly as she wraps her hand around my neck and kissed me more

I finally broke the little kiss when this maid girl stares at ne for awhile


That was the sound she made when she pukes (vomited ????) all over my body and fainted

Vomited because of the alcohol

Fainted because i actually kissed her

Somebody please kill me

Somebody kill me cas i can’t stand all this mess

………….. TO BE CONTINUED……….
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