June 15, 2021

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Kiss. Chapter 16

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Kiss. Chapter 17
Kiss. Chapter 15


.????ON GOD ????

.????LICIA TIFE ????


‘What did you say’he asked obviously looking shocked

‘I want to be your girlfriend, your real girlfriend this time ‘ I repeated

‘Is this some kind of joke ‘he said

‘No am damn serious Cheng ‘I said as I moved closer to him , held his hand and placed it on my face ‘will you take me as your real girlfriend ‘I said as he caressed my face with his hand I placed earlier on it

‘Have always been yours rose ‘he said and I smiled and hugged him wrapping my arm around his waist as I placed my head on his chest

I could hear his heart beat

I feel so safe in his arms

I just want life to be like this forever

I always want to be with Cheng

He wanted to kiss me but i ran away obviously shy

Now am acting like a little teenage girl in love

For goodness sake am twenty years old

You do not have to be so childish rose

I walked to the garden and lied down on the grass staring at the moon

Cheng walked towards me and stares at me sleeping on the floor

‘Come on join me ‘I said as I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him on the grass making lay on it

I smiled at him and he smiled back

Jeez why does he has to be so darn handsome

His smile alone makes me wanna give myself to him

The way he acts so mature and quiet

I just love that

I love everything about him

‘Finally Cheng stole rose heart’i said and he smiled

‘You were the first person to steal mine ‘he replied and smiled at me

I felt his hand around my waist as his second hand came to my face

He tucks my short hair behind my ear and his hand went behind my neck as he pulled me close

I slowly closed my eyes and it was only a matter of seconds before I found my lips on his

He kissed me slowly and passionately

How can this old man be so good at kissing

It was just like I couldn’t get enough of him as I kissed him back

His hand was still on my waist caressing it and his lips was still very busy with mine

We broke the kiss for air and I smiled at him

As usual he smiled back as he kissed me on my forehead

I placed my head on his chest and he wrapped his hand around me pulling me so close to him

Now I realise I am meant to be with what makes me happy

Not away from him

????…………JENNY POV……… ????


I sat down in the school courtyard crying my heart out
It so frustrating

I have always wanted to be the best in everything I do

But now it seems am loosing

‘why you crying’a voice asked and I raised my head to see who it was

‘Hey Kyung right ‘I said

It that handsome Kyung guy

He is very good looking

But ofcas no one beat Cheng in beauty

…why you crying ‘he asked

‘Why do you care just go away’I said

‘Ummmmm,let me guess, you hate the fact that rose won the competition today’ he said

I looked at him and cleaned the tears on my face ‘you see I do not naturally hate rose…let just say am jealous of her,she is a great artist and she is pretty and also have the most handsome boyfriend…I feel like she is a very lucky human….I know I am the best and rose is the only one that is able to compete with me . And now I feel terrible because I just failed ‘I said

‘Dont you think you will feel better if you try to be friends with her instead of hating her?’he asked

‘Why should I be friends with rose ‘I asked

‘Cause you will be a better person if you get rid of the jealousy….let everyone know you for who you are….accept the fact that you can’t always be the best at everything you do…..no matter how good you are,there will definitely be someone better than you….keep that in mind Jenny’he said and I smiled


Ever since I congratulated rose

I feel like a better person

Maybe high time I stop trying too hard to be at the top

Maybe it high time I be a better person

And now I have a good friend like Kyung

????………HAIZE POV………. ????
The physics project is due tomorrow

I am avoiding kris so how am I gonna do this project

I cannot fail

‘Hey haize ‘ rob greeted as he walked towards me

He is cute

But still nothing beats kris in this school

But still he is one of the Male cassonava in this school

So if you a girl and you don’t want to get into trouble stay away from him

‘What do you want rob’s asked

‘Cant I at least talk to a pretty Asian chick’he said as he bit his lower lip

‘How shameless ‘I said as I turned my back to walk away

‘Hold on a second honey’ he said as he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me close to him

All the student focused on me

But none of them dare say a word

Apart from rob being a casanova

He is also a big bully

You mess with him you done for

somebody grabbed his hand that was on mine and pulled it off

“If you wanna talk to someone just talk to me ‘kris said

Okay now this is someone he is afraid of

Every guy in school is afraid of him

He has lots of power In this school

‘Kris I just……’

‘You what’kris said cutting rob short as he tightened his grip on his wrist

‘Nothing am sorry’he managed to say as he groaned in pain

Kris let go of his hand and he held his wrists in pain

‘Listen up everyone …most especially the boys ‘he said

‘Take a good look at the girl over here,I know most of you know her …well for those that doesn’t her name is haize and let me tell you all that she is mine…she is my girlfriend’he said and I was shocked

Now am sure all the girls hate me


‘If any guy in this school is found bullying her or trying to harass her he won’t be spared…and that a warning ‘he said

Did he just tell everyone am his gf

Oh jeez

But why is kris doing this

‘Wait we don’t believe that ,she Can’t be your girlfriend ‘one of the girls said and others supported her

Kris looks at me and back at them

‘Kris what are you……’I couldn’t finish before I felt his lips on mine in front of the whole student

I closed my eyes getting the full feeling of the kiss

It wasn’t a long kiss

It was more like a 3sec kiss

He slowly broke the kiss and looks at the shocked girls

‘Is that more than enough prove’he said and immediately the girls fainted

Some sat down on the floor crying like they just loosed a family member

While some glared at me

Am sure they have the urge to kill me

Oh no kris just made more enemies for me

He held my wrist and pulled me to the rooftop together ignoring other girls angry gaze

I mean have been in this school for two weeks and I have no friend all thanks to kris

‘Why did you do that…why did you tell everyone am your girlfriend ‘I asked him looking upset

‘Because that what I want haize….please all I ask for is a chance to prove myself ‘he said

????…………..KRIS POV…………????
‘No forget it ..am going downstairs to tell everyone the truth now ‘she said

Now I am upset

No girls have ever said no to me ever since I became who I am

I get any girl I want anytime I want

And now she is making me stress over her

The girl I like is torturing me

I grabbed her hand angrily and made her face me

‘Tell me what do you want in a man that I do not have, I am very handsome, I worth alot without my parents money…I am willing to give you anything you want absolutely anything..why can’t you just be mine ‘I asked

She slowly took my hand off her arm

‘Okay let me admit to the fact that I do like you ….yes you are the perfect guy,you handsome rich and every girl wants you but the problem is you don’t know the true meaning of love and relationship yet….you don’t at all…you still think am one of those girls you can easily get with your looks and charm but am not kris….you have to know what love means ,and what being in relationship truly means …unless you know what that means kris,am sorry but I can’t be yours until you know the true value of relationship ‘she said and I slowly loosened my grip on her before she walked away

She is very right

I do not know what all this means

Now I want you more than before haize

The more you move away the more I find my heart longing for you

I will definitely prove myself to you

I will definitely make you mine


Kiss. Chapter 17
Kiss. Chapter 15

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