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Kiss. Chapter 18

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.????????KISS ????????

.????ON GOD ????

.????LICIA TIFE????



So after all the silly valentine’s day activities

Chneg went on a business trip to America and haize is hardly at home

She is always with kris and they are always all lobey dovey around me making me miss Cheng the more

A week later Cheng arrived back home and I welcomed him with my shoes

Which means as he was coming into the mansion I threw my shoes at his pretty face

‘Hey what did I do to deserve that ‘he said

‘You handsome devil….you left me for a week and you did not even bother to call sure you were so busy with those pretty foriegn girls tell me what her name and where did she touch you’I said as I started hitting him with my shoes

‘Rose am sorry’he said trying to block the beating from meeting his face

‘I hate you Cheng ‘I said as I dropped the shoe and turned my back to walk away

He grabbed me by the wrist and pulls me back as my hands was on his chest while his left hand was around my waist

‘Seriously you hate me ‘he said in such a sexy way

‘Yes I do ‘I shouted

‘Really’he said as he used his hand to tuck my hair behind my ear

‘Yes i hate…..’

‘So you really hate me ‘ he said as he caressed my face with his hand and he used his thumb to brush my lips slightly

Jeez he is gonna trap me again

Do not be so week rose

Do not be so weak

I tried my possible best to act like I wasn’t affected by his touch s but my stupid voice failed me ‘yes….i… I….ha…hat…hate…y….you’

He smiled at me and kissed me softly on the lips

That it

That the end

Now am Brain dead

What have you done to me Cheng

He broke the short kiss and I looked at him

‘How am gonna hate you if you keep doing stuffs like that ‘I said and he smiled

‘Now he is back’ a voice said

We turned to our side to see who it was and it was haize and kris

‘You have no idea how much she misses you Cheng ‘baize said

‘Hey you do not have to tell him that ‘I said and Cheng slowly let go of me and walked towards kris

His first best friend

The two guys like each other now and they seem to be good friends

‘Hello’ Jenny said as she walked into the house

She visits quite often this days and I feel like we friends now

‘Hey jen,what brings you here’I asked

‘Well girlfriend, I came to invite you for a sleepover party tonight ‘she said

‘Sleepover party, like tonight ‘I asked

‘Yeah,me, you,baize , my friends and that friend of your what her name again ‘she asked

‘Jisoo,’I said

‘Yea her’she said

Jenny does not like jisoo

No matter how hard she tries to fake it still shows

I wonder why she and haize don’t like her at all

‘Can we….’the two boys said but Jenny interrupted cutting them short

‘No you can’t kris and Cheng, it a girl sleep over party so you dudes should hang out and see Kyung is also here’Jenny said as kyung entered the house

‘EISH’ Cheng said

He and kyung still finds it difficult to be friends

‘Cheng be nice ‘I said

‘Okay’he said

‘Okay jenny… meet you at your house tonight at 7:00’I said

‘Great,will be expecting you …
See you later’she said as she walked

‘So haize we just have 3 hours to get ready for our sleep over’I said

‘What you Seriously leaving me ‘Cheng said

‘You left me for a week’i Said

‘I apologize with a kiss’he said

‘Well still not enough ‘I said

‘Are you also leaving me ,I did not leave you for a week ‘kris said

‘Well sorry sweetie,girls gotta have fun you dudes shld try to catch some fun yourself’haize said as she pecked him and we both ran up the stairs

We went to our sleepover later with jisoo after ignoring the boys complaint

We got to Jenny house and she introduced her really nice friends Hawon and Xiumin to us

We hate cup cakes and played other sleepover activity games

We also watched 3d movies with the 3d glasses

Now we wanted to have some real girl chats

????……….CHENG POV……….????
‘Am so bored ‘kris said as he sat down on the sofa next to me

Kyung was busy listening to music with his head phones on

And I was busy changing television channels and yawning

‘Let have some fun’kris said

‘What kind of fun’I asked

‘Ummmmmmmmm… about we spy on the girls ‘kris said

‘Am in’Kyung said immediately

‘I thought you were not listening to us”i said

‘I wasn’t but when I heard something about spying on the girls am definitely in….they must be talking about girly secrets and I want to know what Jenny thinks of me’he said

‘You like Jenny’kris said

‘I didn’t say I like her,I just want to know what she thinks about me ‘he said and kris and I laughed at him

He is such a great liar

‘Well don’t you think spying is bad ‘I said

‘Oh come on dude,don’t be such a fun sponge ‘kyung and kris said

‘Am not a fun sponge,okay fine let spy on them’ I said as I stood on my feet

We went to Jenny’s house and used a ladder to climb up to the balcony

We stood on Jenny’s balcony and spied on them through a small window leading to Jenny’s room

????……….ROSE POV………????

‘So what should we talk about ‘I asked Jenny

‘Let talk about sex’she said

‘What sex’haize and I said

‘Yea,what the big deal we all very matured and am sure none 0f us in this room are virgins right’ she said and haize and i looked at each other and smiled nervously

‘Wait don’t tell me you are both virgins ‘Xiumin said and we nodded

‘Waw,what are you seventeen ‘Hawon said

‘No we twenty years old ‘I said

‘Okay for the non-virgins in the house let each talk about our first sexual experience ‘Jenny said

‘Okay, my first sex was with my boyfriend when I was eighteen years old….he was great, we really liked each other back then…although it was kinda painful at first but my body adjusted to it with Time….
We did it three times and then his family had to move to India…so you know long distance relationship never works out….we kinda lost contacts and that was the end of the relationship ‘Jenny said

‘Wawwwwww ……so you never did it with any guy afterwards ‘Xiumin asked

‘Nope….it been two years now’she said

‘Well mine was when I was sixteen years old ,with my boyfriend Robert, we have been dating ever since then and we still dating even till today and it feels like the love grows stronger as each day’s passes by…I mean we have been dating for 5 years now and am 21 years old ‘ Hawon said

‘Well mine was with Roland ,the guy I was madly in love with but later broke up cause he had a heart disease and strong emotions such as love is dangerous for him…he is currently in America…his parent took him there to keep him away from me because it feels like we can’t stop loving each other …we had sex a lot of time tho …I had to leave him cause I don’t want him to die …I feel like I still love him even though we have been apart for so long ‘ Hawon said

That a really sad story

It true love

I hope he comes back for her some day

‘Okay jisoo what about yours’Xiumin said

‘I don’t have any….not a bitch’she muttered

‘What the hell….’Xiumin and hawon said

‘Girls leave her to me ‘Jenny said as she looked at jisoo’you had sex with my super hot cousin,he was your ex boyfriend right before he dumped you, we also know about your little affair with Bob the hottest guy we met in Monica college, we also know about Mike ….is that enough or should I go further…you like the end piece of a loaf of bread every one touches you but no one actually wants you so tell me who is the real bitch’Jenny said and Xiumin pinched her to control her temper

Jisoo couldn’t say a word

Haize was very impressed with Jenny

But I did not like what she said to my best friend at all

But there is nothing I can say to defend her cause she was the one who woke up the sleeping lion

And what Jenny said about end piece of a loaf of bread

Jeez that kinda bad

‘Don’t let anything ruin this night girlfriend ‘Hawon said to Jenny as she sighs

‘Okay back to our conversation, have you actually considered having sex with kris and Cheng ‘

That question was directed to haize and I

We looked at each other again and smiled

‘What with Cheng…am sure he won’t agree’rose said

‘Yes ….kris won’t either’ Haize said

‘There is no single guy that will reject sex…infact they want it but maybe they are scared to ask or they feel it too early …..the only reason a guy will reject it is if he feels your reason for giving him is not genuine or of he feels you were forced to do it’Jenny said

‘So you think it a good idea to do it with Cheng ‘I asked Jenny

‘You both are adults …same with kris and Haize’Xiumin said

Haize and I looked at each other and shrugged

Should I try it

With the look on haize face she also wants to try it

I have never thought of this before

Maybe I should try it with him

????………..KRIS POV………????
Cheng and I looked at each other and scratched the back of our neck

‘Hey I think we have heard enough ‘Cheng said

‘What you guys scared…you nervous ‘kyung asked and we glared at him

He is making fun of the both of us

How mean

God knows what those girls are planning

I will have to stay away from haize for awhile

Cheng and I quickly climbed down the ladder ignoring kyung teases

‘God knows what those girls are up to’ I said

‘I think I will have to lock myself up in a room till rose forget about what Jenny just told them ‘Cheng said

‘That a good idea’ I said as we both walked away while Kyung was still busy teasing us

????…………JISOO POV………..????

I walked into the garden looking upset

I must ruin Jenny for all this

But before that I must stop Cheng from coming close to rose like this

I dont care about haize but I know If rose should do that Cheng will never be able to leave her no matter what

I know the kind of guy he is

And I know people like him are the crazy kind of lovers

If rose should come close to him like that then he is never leaving

I must kill this love

I have an idea

And rose parents are gonna help

I said as I dialed her parent number on my phone

This is gonna be fun

Now I will seperate them forever


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