June 20, 2021

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Kiss. Chapter 20

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.????ON GOD????

.????LICIA TIFE????



????………HAIZE POV……????
I woke up and looked at kris

I checked the time and it was just 11:00

I sighed and tried to free myself from kris right cuddle but I couldn’t

‘Where you going to ‘he asked with his eyes still closed

‘Ummmmm…ba…bat…hathroom,I need to use the bathroom ‘i said and then after few seconds he slowly loosened his tight embrace

I stood on my feet and put on my slippers

I could feel pain down there and I couldn’t walk properly

I picked up my underwear and checked the bedsheets

Blood stains

How embarassing

I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror

Every part of my body feels weird

I touched my nipple and I could feel a slight pain

It seems my body is still very sensitive

I opened my bag and brought out a contraceptive pill

I wanted to swallow the pill when I stopped half way

Do I need a contraceptive

No haize you need it

But what do I need it for

I disposed the entire pill in the toilet and left the container on the sink

I walked back to the room and lay down on the edge of the bed with my back facing him ,creating a space between us

I felt his hand on my waist as he used it to pull me closer and cuddle me again

I wanted this right

He gave it to me

Why do I feel so strange now

????………..ROSE POV………????
‘Cheng will you calm down and let me murder you ‘I said holding a pillow

‘Rose am sorry okay’he said while running away from me

I chased him around the house but I still couldn’t catch him

I got exhausted and sat down on the couch

‘Look who got tired first’he said with a smile

I stood on my feet and Walked to the liquor room to get myself a bottle of liquor

‘No,no,no,no,that too strong for you, you can’t drink that ‘Cheng said collecting the bottle from me

‘What but I want it ‘she said

‘No ,sweet tender girls like you should only have fruit juice not wine ‘he said

‘Well why do you have them then…that means you drink wine and am not allowed to ‘I shouted

‘Calm down rose ,I dont take wine ….that was given to me by the company…I wanna dispose them or maybe sell them cause they are really expensive wines ‘he said and sighed

‘Okay you win ‘I sat down on the sofa and folded my arms

He sat down next to me and kissed me on the forehead as he pulled me close

This guy really is prince charming

So we spent the night talking and laughing and it was only a matter of time before we slept off in each other’s arm

????…………KRIS POV……….????

I woke up the next morning and the first thing I saw was a beautiful angel

Her face was so beautiful

Her skin was so smooth

She looks so innocent while sleeping

I couldn’t stop myself yesterday

I know I can definitely control myself when it comes to other girls but not when it comes to haize

Cheng is a kind of lover who studies his partner very well before doing things but I am the kind that gives their lover whatever they want

And beside I love haize more than I love myself and I dont want to see her get hurt

I never even thought of being intimate with her until that sleepover conversation

She slowly opened her eyes and I greeted with a smile

‘Good morning ‘

She stares at me for awhile and closed her eyes again

I smiled back knowing fully well that she is kinda shy to look at me

I kissed her on her lips and she smiled and said with her eyes closed

‘That stealing you know ‘

‘Stealing, really ‘I said

‘Yea’she said as she slowly opened her eyes’you did not ask for the kiss,you stole it ‘

‘Am sorry forgive me your highness ‘I said and she smiled and sat down on the bed using the sheets to cover her body

‘Whatever ‘she said as she tucks her long silky hair behind her ear

I stood on my feet and went into the bathroom to have my bath

I was about leaving the bathroom after my bath and then I saw something on the sink

I moved closer to it and picked the container up

‘A contraceptive’I said

Did haize really use contraceptive

I walked out of the bathroom and she was not in the room

I put on my clothes and dried my hair and then she walked into the room

‘Where were you’I asked

‘I had to do the laundry ‘she said

‘What Laundry ‘I asked with a quizzical look

‘Well the bedspread ‘she said pointing at the bed unable to talk properly

I think she was kind of embarrassed about something

‘What wrong with that ‘I asked

There was a new breadspread on the bed

‘They had some blo… blood stains I had to wash them in the machine ‘she said

‘We have at least 50 maids here, why do you have to do the laundry ‘I asked

‘They are not yet around, and beside it will be awkward if I tell them to wash that ‘she said

She was looking so embarrassed I decided to drop the topic

‘What is this’I asked showing the container

???? ……..HAIZE POV……..????

I forgot the container in the bathroom

‘Contraceptive ‘I said

‘Contraceptive, what the heck do you need that for’he asked

‘Well we did it without protection yesterday, and we dont want any kind of unwanted baby you know’ I said

I know I did not use the contraceptive

I dont want to tell him that I did not use it

Although judging from the look on his face it seems he does not like the fact that I used it

‘Unwanted baby,what do you mean by that am I dead or something ‘he said and I looked at him

This handsome guy is more serious about this relationship than I thought

I need to calm him down

And I cannot tell him that I did not use the pill either

I moved close to him and wrapped my hand around his neck

‘The deed has been done and I used the contraceptive so please do not let us stress this matter Okay ‘I said and he stared at me for awhile and sighed

‘Okay fine ‘he said

Am sure he decided to drop this topic in order not to pick a fight with me

Whenever am angry at kris he never stops until he tries to calm me down

God knows how much I love kris

????……..ROSE POV……..????
Cheng and I went back to my house holding hands

We were shocked to see the door opened

‘Did someone burgle this place’ I asked Cheng

We entered the house and I was shocked to see my parent


‘Rose ‘she said as she walked towards me and hugged me

‘Hello Cheng’she said as she placed her hand on his cheek and gave him a motherly hug

I walked towards my dad and was about to hug me and he raised his hand signalling stop

I was shocked

What could be wrong

‘Can Cheng please excuse us …we want to talk to our daughter ‘he said and Cheng obeyed immediately as he walked out of the house

‘Dad what was that for ,what was so important you couldn’t say in front of Cheng ‘I asked

‘I was informed that Cheng is a bad influence on you….’my dad said

‘Cheng, my cheng….if someone is to be appreciated for making me the woman I am today then that person is Cheng…I do not know how he is a bad influence ‘I said

‘I also tried to convince your dad,we were told that he smokes ,drink and smuggles drugs and he was also turning you into some kind of drug addict…those allegations is to stupid to be true…I trust Cheng alot’my mom said

‘You do not even know this man,so tell me why do you have to trust him so much..
I want the best for my daughter and then if someone tells me she is doing such illegal things I won’t be able to take it….you coming with us to America’He said

‘What ,dad am 20 years old …I am an adult ,you dont get to decide for me’I said

‘Don’t make me mad rose …it either you come with me to America leaving Cheng behind or you can just forget that am I your father ‘he said

‘Honey…but why ‘my mom said

‘Enough woman ‘

‘Okay fine …I will go to America,but on one condition….I will be given three days to prove that my Cheng is innocent and if I can’t i will come with you to America ‘i said

He looked at me for awhile and said

‘Okay fine ‘

Three days is more than enough to prove my Cheng innocence

Cheng a drug addict

What a joke

If I was told he is a rose addict ,that I will actually believe cause it 100% true


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