July 31, 2021

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Last Love. Episode 10 and 11

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(Find Julie for me)
Chapter ten
Kendra’s POV
I woke up early and went to the mansion. I need to prepare breakfast. He came to the table when I was setting it. I guess he is in a good mood as for me am not in the mood for his trouble.
‘Good morning,’ I greeted even though I know he won’t answer.
It’s good manners to greet people.
her.’Morning,’ it came like a shock to me.
I think someone should help me confirm.
‘I didn’t see you yesterday, where were you?’
‘I went to visit my mom,’
‘You missed the singing it was wow,’
I just stared at him.
‘Wait, why am I even telling you?’
He shaked his head and started taking breakfast.
Mrs Lisa’s POV
I went downstairs and met my son taking breakfast. He is always punctual in eating.
‘How was your night?’ I asked.
‘Fine mom and you?’
‘Was fine,’
‘Did you get the girl?’
‘No son, I didn’t. But what do you want with her?’
‘I love her mom and I will marry her,’ he said smiling.
‘Are you kidding me. You don’t even know her. Ivy is best for you,’
‘Do you love me mom?’
‘Yes, I love you so much,’
‘Then find her for me. You know what she is my first and last love,’ he said and left.
I don’t even know where to get that girl from. I have to get her to see my son happy. I called Flavian and she promised to come over.

‘Did you get in touch with her?’
‘Not yet mum,’
‘And where did you get her from?’
‘To be honest I met her yesterday morning. And she had that mask. She said she doesn’t want anyone to see her for security purposes,’
‘My son needs her to be happy. You know how much I love him, I will do anything to please him. You go and look for her then I will pay you any amount,’
Flavian’s POV
I watched her as she went upstairs.
‘God I know lying is a sin but please forgive me,’ I prayed to myself.
I went to Kendra’s room to talk to her. Something has to be done before its too late.
‘Please don’t reveal my identity yet,’ she begged after I told her everything.
‘Don’t worry I will think of a way out,’ I assured her.
I drove to my house to think.

Chapter eleven
Kendra’s POV
My mind is full right now. I don’t even what to think anymore. I left my room and went behind the quarters. It was quite and calm. I laid on the ground facing the sky. Minutes later I heard footsteps. I was scared at first since I didn’t expect someone their.
‘What are you doing here or is it part of your assigned duties,’ he asked angrily.
This guy can be a flirt at times. He was happy in the morning and now he wants to start insulting me.
‘Am done with my work sir,’ I said calmly.
‘So what. Did anyone send you here? This is my place so just leave,’ he said almost yelling.
‘You know what, you are such a nuisance. All of us in this world are frustrated in one way or another but we don’t go around pouring our frustration on innocent people,’ I said and stood up.
Am just tired of his drama.
‘You can eat the whole place and grow fat. Being a commoner doesn’t make me less human. Atleast learn how to treat people right. It doesn’t cost a dime. Enjoy your day,’ with that I left the place.
Allen’s POV
I sat there but wasn’t comfortable as her words kept ringing in my mind. Its just that that was how I was brought up. I have never associated with commoners to mum they are gold diggers.
‘Did I hurt her?’ I asked no one.
I don’t understand why hurting her is affecting me.
‘Do I go and apologize for treating her badly?’
‘But no I can’t humiliate myself.’
I think and running mad. This is why I hate commoners they make you go crazy.
I couldn’t stay there any longer so I went back to my room. I sat on the balcony to have a clear view of the compound when I saw her. This time she was crying. I wonder why, or maybe she is also frustrated. My heart pushed me to go but my mind refused.
Kendra’s POV
I went to a different place to let the tears flow. I don’t even know what I did to him to hate me. Can’t he just keep his hate to himself and not to show it to my face. I don’t even know what I did to this wicked world for me to suffer like this. I wonder why the wicked always succeed than the good people.

Last Love. Episode 12 and 13
Last Love. Episode 8 and 9

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