July 27, 2021

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Last Love. Episode 12 and 13

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(I’m sorry)
Chapter twelve
I was still crying when I noticed someone was in front of me. I stood up hurriedly to leave when I saw the persons face. He always has a straight face. Hope he doesn’t want to start trouble.
‘Am sorry I didn’t know this is also your place,’ I said after he got hold of my hand.
‘I didn’t come here to argue,’ he finally spoke.
I just stared at him. I don’t even believe him.
‘I’m sorry for hurting you, I didn’t mean to make you cry,’ he said softly.
I was still in shock when he wiped away the and tacked behind my ear the hair strands.
‘It’s okay, no problem,’
‘Am I forgiven?’
‘Yeah sure,’
‘We can be friends,’ he said and stretched out his hand.
I wasn’t even sure if it was a dream or something. The proud and arrogant Allen apologised for insulting me. I shook the hand and smiled.
‘So can I join you?’
‘I was planning to go and prepare dinner maybe after dinner,’
‘Okay, let me help you out after all friends help each other,’ he said and I was forced to laugh.
‘Did I say anything funny?’
‘You, cook?’
‘Will check that out,’
‘If that is a challenge then am in,’ he said with a smile.
He looks handsome when smiling.
‘Okay let’s go,’ I said and led the way.
Am just wondering if he can even boil mere water.
‘So what can you cook?’ I asked when we got to the kitchen.
‘Am not really a good cook, so I will be your assistant,’ he said.
I wanted to pour in a pot the paste when it spilled on his hands. He stared at me and spilled some in my clothes. I wanted to apologize but I had the paste on my clothe already. I did the same thing to make it fair.
‘You have spoiled my clothe,’ he said.
‘You started the game,’ ➡➡➡
It has been a week since we started being friends and the other part of him is a good one. Unfortunately he still hates other commoners. Am really thankful to God that he stopped despising me. I was in my room when he texted.
????I haven’t seen you since morning are you in this compound?’
????Yeah I am, something the matter?
????Nothing really just wanted to see you.
????Where are you?
????In my room.
????You don’t expect me to come their. Am waiting for you downstairs.
I stood at the entrance of the house and he came almost immediately.
‘Can we talk, in private,’
I nodded and followed behind to the backyard.
‘You are my only hope. Please promise me you will help,’ he said softly.
‘It depends on the kind of help, but if I can I will help.’

(Name the price)
Chapter thirteen
Mrs Lisa’s POV
My son is really improving.I will pay anything to the person making my son smile to continue with the good job.
Kendra’s POV
‘Are you friends with Flavian?’
‘Yeah something like that,’ I replied.
‘I want you to help me beg her to give you Julie’s contact, please,’
‘The girl who sang at your party?’
‘How did you know?’
‘Flavian told me about her,’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah. I was not at the party so the only way of knowing her is by being told,’
He nodded. Hope he isn’t suspecting I know her.
‘Will you do it for me?’
‘I’ll try am not sure if she will tell me. But your mum would have been the best person for this,’
‘She refused to tell her,’
‘Let me see what I can do,’
‘Thank you so much,’
I didn’t realize when he hugged me. I was afraid to hug him back. He disengaged from the hug, maybe he realized I was uncomfortable.
‘I talked to Flavian but she didn’t tell me?’ I said.
It has been three days since he sent me.
‘Why do you think this girl doesn’t want to show up?’
‘Well, she maybe a commoner and fears your reaction,’
‘Am I a monster?’
‘Just to commoners,’
‘And to you, am I that bad?’
‘You were, not anymore,’
‘Do you know her?’
‘No, I wasn’t even at the party,’
‘Do you have a sister?’
‘You talk like Julie,’ he released the bomb.
‘Maybe just a coincidence,’
‘Look for her then name the price you want and consider it done,’ with that he left.
Ever since that day he changed. He went back to his old self. We continued talking though I always prayed God to help him. I was setting the table for dinner when his mom told me to take it to his room.
‘He hasn’t left the room since morning,’ she said.
I walked up the stairs scared and nervous. I got in and he was a total mess. He was lying on the floor drank. I helped him up but unfortunately due to his weight we both fell.
‘You are beautiful,’ he said between hiccups.
What the hell is wrong with this guy. I pushed him away and stood up. I went to the kitchen and came back with ice and placed it on his forehead.

Last Love. Episode 14 and 15
Last Love. Episode 10 and 11

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