July 27, 2021

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Love me brother. Episode 5

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life comes with so many surprises and alicias death is one of them. i couldn’t bear the sight of her burnt corpse. .I mean it was burnt beyond recognition. They found the corpse in the river three days after the accident .I don’t know what to feel right now. .she was like a sister i never had and my best friend. . today’s her wake keeping and i still can’t believe she’s gone. ..I walked out wearing mismatched slippers. ..who cares? ..I continued walking in a daze till I got to the same bridge the accident occurred. .I raised my head and saw a guy standing on the railing about to fall. off…oh my God!! ..is he crazy? ! ..I hurriedly ran to where he was but he had already jumped off. .I pulled my slippers and dived into the water with him. I’m a good swimmer by the way .
I brought him out of the River and turned him over and administered CPR on him before he began to cough out Water. .that was when I saw his face clearly. .isn’t this Dylan West? . why is he trying to commit suicide. .This is weird.
LILIAN: hey are you okay
DYLAN : why did you save me?
LILIAN: what? ! ..you’re suppose to say thank you .
DYLAN : I never asked you for it. .
LILIAN: listen. ..I don’t know how grave your problem is. but taking your life isn’t the answer.
DYLAN : who are you to. ….. (cries softly)
suddenly he stopped talking and began to cry. .okay this is so weird.
LILIAN : what’s wrong?
DYLAN : it’s none of your business
LILIAN : but..
DYLAN: thank you for your help ..I guess am unlucky.

After saying that he turned and left. .
hhmmm.. I wish i could meet him again. .Iooked down. And saw his phone. ..heheh …mission accomplished.

I can’t go back home now. ..I just can’t .maybe i should call Jackson. . I placed my hands on my pocket and felt nothing. .shoot i left my phone at the bridge. ..guess am officially stranded. so annoying! ! that half witted girl had to save me and bring this up on me right when I was about to have peace.
**** flashback*****
GIRL : i don’t know how grave your problem is. .but taking your life isn’t the answer
*****end flashback****
(sighs ) in a way.. she’s right I was just being a coward. but then again it’s annoying. .I don’t even have cash on me. ..what am I gonna do now? ..curse that girl! !
ELLEN: Alice is in the hospital? .. This is going to be a major setback to the company. .that girl has always been nothing but trouble. .JACKSON: ( angered ) is that all you can say right now? .you couldn’t even show an iota of sympathy. !!!
ELLEN : but..it’s the tr…..
JACKSON : get out! !! Ellen. .now! !
ELLEN : ( hisses loudly and walks off)
I ruffled my hair several times then slumped on my chair and sighed loudly. .Alice. .why now ..why would you have to get hurt now? …I feel so heart broken. I opened my drawer and stared sadly at the blue box inside it.

I held Alice Hand softly as the doctor came in.
NELSON : well?
DOCTOR: she’s fallen into coma sir
NELSON : When is she waking up?
DOCTOR : well ..that’s the problem. .
NELSON : what do you mean
DOCTOR: there’s a high chance that she might never wake up…her brain cells are very weak and she barely escaped brain death.
NELSON : so you’re saying she might die?
NELSON: doctor..you have to try harder .. she can’t die.
DOCTOR: am sorry there’s nothing i can do. . we just have to pray she wakes up. .
As soon as the doctor left I looked back at Alice who had a life support machine close to her bed ..I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as I watched her breathing heavily struggling for her life. ..


calm down Alice won’t die. .or will she? …who knows?

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