July 28, 2021

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Love me brother. Episode 6

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Love me brother. Episode 5

I checked my watch and realized it was getting late. my step dad is going to kill me. ..I better go.
As I got to my house i saw someone sprawled on the floor. At first i thought it was some random guy that normally roam the streets looking for someone to pilfer. Then he raised his head up and i recognised the face immediately. ..DYLAN again? ?..wow. .I didn’t expect my wish to be granted within a few hours. ..oh..goody. .He himself was surprised to see me.
DYLAN : you..
LILIAN : oh hello. .we meet again.
DYLAN : are you following me?
LILIAN : (laughs) in your dreams. ..I think you’re the one following me
DYLAN : why would I do that? !!..am not following you.
LILIAN : then if you’re not following me and I’m not following you and we’re not following each other then what do you call this situation?
DYLAN :coincidence
LILIAN : ha!!… Smart but. . (smiles cheesy) don’t you think fate wants us together?
DYLAN : you’re a psycho.
LILIAN : OMGEEE!!!!! …you’ve heard the song too? ..I thought I was the only one who listened to songs like that.
DYLAN : (confused)
LILIAN : come on. .what other lines do you know?
DYLAN : (in thoughts) this girl has definitely lost it
LILIAN : (snaps her finger at his face) HELLOO!!!!
DYLAN : (sighs deeply) what was that for? !!
LILIAN : you weren’t listening to me. ..so I had to do something to make you listen to me cause if I’m talking to someone and that someone isn’t listening to LILIAN. .LILIAN begin to get so mad and. .
DYLAN : (covers her mouth) okay okay! ! I get it!!
LILIAN : (smiles ) looks you need my help again. .
DYLAN : what are you tal…
LILIAN : shhhhhh…don’t sweat it D. The only problem is. .I can’t let you come inside. ..you can only sleep here. But don’t worry I’ll give it a few homey touches.
DYLAN : are you seriously telling me to sleep here?
LILIAN : yeah. .just think of it as an outdoor camping trip where you have to sleep in the open and gaze at the stars.
DYLAN : you really are crazy.
LILIAN : my blankets aren’t for free though.
DYLAN : how much do you want. .
LILIAN : 3 dates with you.
DYLAN : why would you choose that. ?
LILIAN : 1: you’re quite fetching.
and 2: the most important of all: you’re B.R.O.K.E.and that spells broke baby.
DYLAN : fine. .um . can i ask you something?
LILIAN : okay.
DYLAN : did you perhaps by chance. .saw my phone at the bridge. .i think i dropped it.
LILIAN : hmm ..what makes you think it’ll still be useful
DYLAN : what do you mean?
I got to the hospital where Alice was and was directed to her ward. I entered and saw her mom sleeping with her head on alice bed…..I quietly walked to the side of the bed and placed the lilies i brought..on the empty vase. ..I placed a “get well soon” card close to the flowers and made to walk out. .well am very shy with people I like but am as bold as a lion when it comes to business matters. .
I was almost half way through the door when i heard my name.
MRS WEST : Jackson is that you?
JACKSON : (nervous) yy. ..y .yes ma’am. good day ma’am
MRS WEST : how are you doing dear
JACKSON : can i be honest. ?
MRS WEST : of course dear come sit
JACKSON : Oh..Thank you ma’am (sits beside her)
MRS WEST : okay be honest with me.
JACKSON : am not okay. .I can’t be okay when Alice isn’t.
MRS WEST : (sighs sadly) i understand how you feel.
JACKSON : Is there any improvement in her condition?
MRS WEST : she’s still i n an induced coma….The doctor said she needed plenty of rest before we can take her home.
JACKSON : that’s good news then.
MRS WEST : not entirely Jackson
JACKSON : why do you say so ma’am
MRS WEST : Alice. .
JACKSON : well?
MRS WEST : She lost it
JACKSON : lost what?
MRS WEST : her memories.

Those words hit me like a big blow to my chest. memory loss? .. Alice? ….how did this happen?
MRS WEST : have you head from Dylan?
JACKSON : ( jolts out of thoughts) what?
MRS WEST : I asked if you’ve heard from Dylan.
JACKSON : Dylan? ..I thought he’d be here. .
MRS WEST : my dear. .we haven’t seen Dylan since yesterday
JACKSON : what?
MRS WEST : I thought he’d be with you.
JACKSON : I haven’t heard from him since three days ago.
MRS WEST : ( holds his hands) ..Jackson. .I’m really worried about him.
JACKSON : I’ll try to call him. .


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Love me brother. Episode 5

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