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Ria. Episode 36 to 38

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Ria. Episode 39 to 41
Ria. Episode 33 to 35

♠ RIA ♠
RIA POV ????‍♀
I looked back at Ian who had a confused look on his face. He must be wondering why i changed.
I balled my fist for a second and relax.
I shouldn’t make a scene out here because I met his Ex today.
It shouldn’t bother me!
I drew in a deep breathe
“I understand that you and Valerisa used to be together”
I said
“It not the way it -”
“Look what we have here..”
A voice interrupted Ian
I glanced up and saw the man that caught my attention earlier
“I’ve been searching the whole room Ian”
He said before his gaze fell on me
His eyes did a slow crawl from my feet to my face.
From his expression I knew he liked what he saw.
A smile formed on his face.
“Drake -” he stretched his hands.
He didn’t wait from Ian to do the introduction
“Drake Robert CEO of Limos company”
My heart skipped beat at his word
“Limos Company” echoed in my head
Trying to figure out which Limos was his company?
Could it be the same Limos?
Ian cleared his throat
” Ria meet Drake Robert one Of the most successful business man in Idaho” He introduced
Idaho?! Limos in Idaho?
“And Drake this is Ria Robert” he completed
“Ria Robert? What a coincidence.. Robert meeting another Robert” He winked
His hand still hanging in the air.
“It a pleasure to meet a beauty like you” He said
And slowly I took his hand
“Nice to meet you” I said in low tone
I tried to put two and two together!
It can’t be!
This man can’t be who I’m thinking he is!
But I need to be sure?
Drake held my hand for a bit As he stared at me.
“Perhaps Mr Drake are you related to Frederick Robert?” I asked with a false smile
“Yes..He is my father”
I withdrew my hand gently
“Have you met him?” He asked
“No..i only.. heard about him”
My knees became weak and it was as if I was going to hit the ground anytime soon
No! No! It couldn’t possibly be!
But it is!…this man is Fredrick’s son!
Slowly I turned to Ian
“I’ll be right back”
My vision getting blurry at the tears that threatened to spill anytime soon
“Are you okay?” Ian asked
“Yes..I need to use the toilet”
A perfect excuse to think!
“Okay just go out the door -”
I walked away at a close run before Ian could finish his statement.
Not wanting to accept what my mind was telling me!
I ran for seconds..people stopped to stare but I didn’t Care!
What was going on in my mind was more than their stares!
Finally,I managed to find the female toilet and luckily for me no one was inside.
Hot tears burned down my cheeks as I looked at myself in the large mirror close to the sink.
I clenched my fist tightly almost causing my knuckles to crack.
Anger and Fury roared within me and I screamed when I couldn’t take it amymore.
I placed my palms on my mouth to stop myself from screaming again
“No” I muttered
That Murderer! That Bastard! Frederick Robert has a Son!
And i just met him!
I sobbed and beat at my chest cause of the pain that was going to rip my heart apart.
I recalled that day..that terrible day MML killed my parents!
And that monster sent them to kill my parents just because he wanted my dad’s inheritance!
I can’t take this anymore!
All those years i couldn’t do any thing because I was hopeless! I was blind!
But now its different!
I’ve been trying to find a way to get back at Frederick for what he did to my parents, for the pains he caused me!
Every mental images I’d formed with words of that night came to me.
And all I could think of was getting Revenge on Frederick.
I will make him pay for his crimes!
I will inflict pains on him and watch him plead for his life!
I will do all it takes to bring him down! And limos!
Even if it means me taking law into my own hands!
I heard a tap on the door and I quickly grabbed a tissue and dashed it over my cheeks.
Drawing in a deep breathe
I hope that I could bluff my way through the next minutes without Ian noticing the tears at the party.
I opened the door and tried to keep my face shadowed
“Ria” i heard Ian’s voice
He was standing at the door
“I was worried that you won’t be able to find -” his voice trailed off as he searched my face.
And all my hope of hiding the ravages of tears bashed
“I was able to -”
But Ian was already inside, the door closed behind him.
His hand on my Chin as he gently lifted face
“You’ve been crying”
“No..I’m fine.. I wasn’t”
Of course! I was a mess! And I wanted nothing more than to burrow into his arms and just lose myself until I regained self sufficiency.
But I wouldn’t do that!
I can’t let him know anything!
“Ria talk to me..what’s going on? Is it something about the party?.. Or is there anything you want? I can do it”
His obvious sincerity made tears hover again,but I blinked them back impatiently. I was not a crier but my hormones are just in a real mess for me to behave like this.
“I don’t need anything”
Ian shook his head impatiently though his time was to gently when he said
“You wanna get out of this lame party?”
I think it best if I go home now. I don’t think I can be able to survive the rest of the dinner when I know the son of the one who killed my parents was in the same room with me.
No wonder he’d caught my attention!
“Yes” I said to Ian
“Let’s go” he held my hand and we stepped out to the hallway.
IAN POV ????
I had no idea what had gone wrong. Was it something I had done or said?
It must be Valerisa walking up to us and telling Ria that we used to date.
But what was that change after Drake introduced himself?
I don’t know!
I can’t figure out why she’d cried in toilet!
And the problem was,she wasn’t talking. For the first time since we left the party.
Her usually animated,expressive and approachable face was closed the moment she opened that door.
Her expression was distant!
Even when I’d tried to talk to her about her place she’d responded to my conversation over politely,cold and somewhat absent.
Something was definitely wrong!
AUTHOR POV ????????
The Limousine driver pulled into the private driveway in Ria’s home. Ria got out of the car,Ian did the same too. He followed her to the front door still wondering what had made Ria change so suddenly.
Ria expected him to say goodnight but again he didn’t. Ian just stayed studying her.
“I’m really glad that you attended the party as my date” He said as if it were a confession.
He leaned in close and paused. He worked his courage before speaking up again.
“Ria, I’ve thought about you since the day we met at the park”
She definitely didn’t want to talk about that day..Not today. But Ria knew how much she had started to think about him since he stepped into her life to help her. She didn’t want to accept it. Especially not now that the air around them seemed to have taken a shift to intimacy. So instead she said.
“I should probably go in and rest.. you do -”
Ian ignored the exit line and just went on looking into her eyes
“It’s almost like I’ve been carrying around a part of you since then”
And certainly she realized that she’d been carrying around a part of him ever since she found out she was attracted to him.
But again,not something she wanted to say. Amymore than she wanted to feel the warm rush his words were standing through her.
“Don’t do this to me Ian”
“Don’t do what to you?”
He smiled at her. His eyes made it hard for her to maintain her train of thought.
Did he have to look at her that way?
“Don’t compliment me..or be too nice or -”
“what do you want me to do?.. Insult you?” Ian asked
He leaned forward,just slightly.
Was he testing her resolve?
Was he wondering what she would do?
Was he going to kiss her again?
“Let’s just be Business partners..nothing more”
It took her a lot of courage to say that to him
“Is that what you want?”
Ria said before she’d decided which it was. But her own tone was almost a whisper because her resolve really was weak.
And at the moment her gaze attached itself to his lips. But just as she thought he was going to close the inch and press his lips on hers.
He took her words and drew back.
“Maybe..you’re right” he said
There was actually a part of Ria that tell her to say that
“No! I wasn’t right”
A part of her that craved that almost kiss but that shouldn’t be happening.
So Ria drew back too… standing a little taller.
“I’ll see you tomorrow” he said
“Sleep well”
Ian turned back to his car
Ria slipped inside when the car drove away.
Then she realized that she felt something for him!
She was even more attracted to him now.
But with what she just found out.. Drake Robert..and that decision to get Revenge!
there was no way she could give in.
She had too much at stake.
Tears burned down her cheeks when she recalled the look on Ian’s face when she had clarified things.. Business Partner..nothing more.
“Miss Ria” Elise called
Ria went to her quickly and wrapped her arms around her.
She sobbed
She lasted all of two minutes in tears. Her hands were shaking when Elise led her to the Couch.
“What’s wrong?” She asked
Ria took in a shaky breathe
The thought of her parents set the tears flowing again
“Just relax..Miss Ria” she nodded
“I..I..met Frederick’s Son at the party”
“What?!” Elise jaw dropped
Ria stood up and paced the room
“The same one that ordered the killings of my parents”
“Unbelievable!” She placed her hands on her mouth
“This guy came to Ian and introduced himself as Drake Robert”
“How sure..are you that he is your uncle’s son..he could be another Robert”
“He is the CEO of Limos Company in Idaho.. And i even asked if he was related to Frederick and he said yes. Frederick is his Father”
“Oh my God..” Elise gasped in shock
“I was shocked too..and I couldn’t stand him” she sobbed
“Is he friends with Mr Ian?”
“It seems Drake is Ian Business Partner”
Elise stood up and went to her
“At this point I suggest you tell Mr Ian the whole truth” she blurted
“What?! No!”
“It the best option..telling him will make things easier for you”
“No..” She whispered
“Ian is my present”
“But you can let him know your past too”
“No..I don’t want him to get caught in my past”
“You know – if you explain things to him..with Mr Ian’s connection he could file in a case of reinvestigation on your parents death. You’re a living witness which is enough to put Frederick behind bars”
“Ian already has too much to handle..and I don’t want him to know about it. I’ll sort things my self” she wiped her tears with the back of her hands
“Just wait and see” she replied sternly
Elise shook her head slowly when she saw Ria’s expression.
Revenge! A bloody one!
Which might get Ria in trouble in the end!
She realized that Ria was willing to take law into her hands!
And right at that moment Ria swore that she’d bring Frederick down when the time comes!
She will even if she end up dying after the fight!
She would avenge her parents death and make him pay for his crimes!
She concluded
But deep down Ria’s heart, There was a great fear.
Not the fear of getting revenge or what would happen to her in the course of getting revenge on Frederick..But
It was the fear of Ian finding out what she used to be Six years ago.
What would he do?
Reject her!
Ria shook her ahead slowly
The best way to avoid rejection is to hide her past!
The thought of not seeing Ian again made the tears flow again and this time she couldn’t control it.
She motioned towards her room.
Elise was lost in thought.
“..trying to forget but the wound too deep it won’t go away
It hard to deal with all this pain when you’re sober
Please wake me up when it over
Please tell me when it over”

♠ RIA ♠
RIA POV ????‍♀
I lay down on the couch staring at the ceilings above
“Now tell me what’s going on in that mind of yours?”
Mrs Elise said as she walked into the room from the kitchen.
“Nothing..or you don’t want to tell me about it?”
“I don’t know”
“Then lemme guess.. You’re thinking about Frederick. The perfect plan to destroy him”
Yeah! Perfect plan to destroy him!
“So..you still wanna leave Mr Ian out of this?”
“Yes..and I’m not changing my mind”
I sat up and was almost leaving to my room when I heard my ringtone. I walked back to the table. It was Ian!
“Hi Ria” he greeted
“Are you busy?” He asked and I looked back at Mrs Elise
“Not really”
“Yes or No”
“Good..Ben is on his way to bring you somewhere”
My forehead creased
“We need to talk Ria”
“I’ll be waiting”
“All right”
The line dropped
I frowned at Mrs Elise
“Did you tell Ian?”
I asked sternly
“About what?”
“My past”
“No..you made it clear that you don’t want him to know. So I don’t have any right to tell him about it”
Then I relaxed
“Okay..I’ll just go ahead and change my clothes”
“I promised to visit Loretta at her sister’s place whenever I’m less busy..so I will take the time now to see her” she said
“All right”
“Bye” she made her way to the door
AUTHOR POV ????????
The driver pulled up in front of an enormous steel gate. He pressed the car horn and the gate opened slowly at it will. Ria wondered where she was as she could hardly believe her eyes when the car drove into the compound. There was a medium sized house in it,with a beautiful garden which had a fountain at the center. Ben parked the car in the small garage.
“Mr Ian is waiting”
She gave him a short nod
She had tried getting Ben to tell her what was going on? And where they’re headed but Ben couldn’t say much.
He said that Ian asked him to drive her to where he was..nothing more.
Ria came out of the car and moved to the front door. She pressed the doorbell.
Ian opened up with a bright smile on his face
“Hi” she greeted
“Come in”
He stepped aside for her to walk into the house.
Ria concluded that Ian had invited her to his house…where he lives!
The house was neat and nicely furnished with modern interior designs to maintain a standard home.
It was a luxury!
A white marble floor,beautiful blue couches and table with a complete set of home appliances in a living room.
Ian waited for Ria to stop glancing around before he said
“How are you?”
“Fine..and Nice apartment you’ve gat here”
He shook his head
“I don’t live here”
Ian tucked his hands in his pocket
Ria raised a brow
“What’s going on?”
“Ahmm..this is your new place”
“What?!” Her jaw dropped and eyes widened in shock and surprise
“Since your place is far from the shop and school so i put things together here. It easier to get to those places from here” he said
Ria was stunned
He waited for a response which never came from her until he said,
“I’ll be right back..you can check out the place”
He walked out of the house. Ian felt that a Moment without him there with her will bring Ria back to reality.
He went to Ben to get the car keys from him.
Ria took a step forward
It was hard to hide her surprised look
Ian put up this place for her?!
And slowly she made her way to other parts of the house. It was a three bedroom apartment.
The master bedroom was breathtaking! It had a king sized brass bed with an ornate scroll design in the headboard and footboard,as well as four tall posts that almost reached up to hold a fringed canopy. The mattress was covered in a hand stitched county quilt and stacked with four fluffy pillows covered in fur. It matched different patterns in the quilt. There was a drawer next to the bed and matching dressing table plus a fainting couch and two overstuffed chairs.
Ria motioned towards the bathroom and as she did, she couldn’t help marveling yet again at the room itself and the bathroom connected to it. The bathroom was a study in luxury,with a navy blue marble floor,countertop shower stall wainscoting halfway up the walls. It also had a sunken tub with a whirlpool. She could switch on at the touch of a button,and an octagonal stained glass window on the wall behind it.
Ria wondered about Ian. He was offering so much. And it means the world to her that he was willing to do so,not that she expected anything different from him? Considering everything she’d learned about him. But she was refusing to add to the burdens already in his life.
Cause Ria never expected someone else to deal with her problems.
But Ian was always there anyways.
“Ria” she heard his voice
And she quickly wipe the tear that strayed down her right cheek.
The door opened and Ian popped his head in
“Is everything okay?”
Ian studied her for a second.
He stepped in and went to her.
“What’s wrong?”
He tilted her face so she could look straight into his eyes but Ria avoided his gaze
“Nothing is wrong..Ian I’m -”
“Tell me do you want me to fix something in here for you? Just name it”
“No..no Ian everything is fine. And thanks for your concern”
Ian shook his head impatiently. His voice low and gentle
“It isn’t just concern Ria. I care for you”
Ria had to make an effort to keep her jaw for dropping.
Ian care for her!
It couldn’t be!
And what was that tone With the way he said it?
He tugged her into his arms to hold her tightly as he whispered into her hair.
“I care for you Ria. And seeing you like this..with those tears you trying to hide…Well its tearing me apart to see you hurting this way. And I wouldn’t mind if you tell me what’s going on In your mind. Whatever it is we can talk about it”
He waited for her to say just one word.
She clung to him!
And with Mrs Elise words ringing hard in her mind.. Ria fought that urge to cry and tell him everything.
She snuggled closer.
She couldn’t tell him!
Ian can’t know about it!
Things would change between them….drastically.. if he knows about it!
He would reject her! Ria was sure of it. He would leave if he knew who she was when she was with Lucas!
Any man would leave!
And she wasn’t ready to lose him,not now that she was beginning to accept her feelings for him. She couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing him again!
So it best to keep him out of it. He shouldn’t know about her past or plans of Revenge!
“Ian..I’m…just Happy” she managed to say
Ian let her go.
“Happy about this place?”
“Yes..and everything”
She replied with a half smile
“Then I’m happy with the choice I’ve made -” he paused
“You like it?” She nodded
That made Ian smile
“Why didn’t you tell about it?”
She pouted
“I wanted it to be a surprise”
“And I must say that I’m surprised”
Ian chuckled
“So…have you checked the other rooms?”
“One for the kids and the other for Mrs Elise. I just thought that she might want to move in with you..and that would save her from paying bills from what you pay her”
“Yeah you’re right but I doubt if Mrs Elise will agree to move in with us”
Ian held out his hands and she took it
He asked as they made their way back to the sitting room
“I’ve persuaded her to move in with us once but she refused”
“And she didn’t give you any specific reason?”
“It best known to her”
She sank onto the couch, Ian settled beside her.
“There are many issues we have to discuss” He said
“So let’s start with what happened at the party”
Ria rubbed her palms together
“I understand that you want things on Business Level and I’m not going to push you hard on that. And like I said -”
He stopped
There was a new glint of determination in his eyes that made Ria a little nervous
“I care for you.. and I meant it”
“Ian -”
He caught her hands in his
“Sh..listen – I know I have a reputation for being Mr Responsibility. And I’ll admit, my obligation have scared off a few women In the past. And about Valerisa -” he sighed
“I met her at the party last year. We did spend the night together..and some other times too but she wanted something more than just spending time together. And The thing was i was never willing to make any drastic Change with the women I’ve dated. I’ve wanted a family of my own..but I only intended to wait until I found the right person” he stopped still looking at her.
He was waiting for her!
He was certain if his feelings but telling her about it would scare her away.
And he wasn’t ready to push her too hard.
He doesn’t have to make the big decision now.
There was still enough time.
And there would still get to that stage in the business relationship.
His reason for explaining how he was to Valerisa,his past with women and the mention of wanting a family made her hand jerk.
Ian squeezed her hand more tightly as he continued.
“I’m sorry it’d seemed like Valerisa and I were a big thing or that it looked like I used you to make her stay way”
Ria gave a short nod
And he expected her to tell him about herself too..her past. But he waved it off after a long moment of silence between them.
“You can start packing the things at your place. I already arranged a truck that will move your belongings down here”
“How long will it take to pack up your stuffs?..so I can give the truck company a specific date”
“We don’t have much things to pack..just clothes,the machines and the stuffs in the kitchen”
“A day or two?”
“Then let’s kill two birds with one stone. The designers said that the place will be ready in two days time..so we can move the machines and some other things before bringing your loads down here..or what do you think?”
“It a good idea but will the truck driver agree to it?”
“I’ll talk to him about it. If he agree to stop at the shop first before driving down here”
“If they say no then We’ll have to pay extra”
“We’ll still have to pay extra if we move on different days”
“Isn’t that -”
“Too much?” He completed her intended statement
“I can handle it” he said
Ian stared at her in silence
“I’m starting school next week”
“Really?” She nodded
“That’s -” the beeping sound from his phone interrupted him
“Excuse me”
He let go of her hands and reached for the phone in his pocket.
“What’s up Ramsey?”
“I’m at the printing house Sir”
“Is the work ready?”
“Yes i have the invitation cards and business cards”
“Should I take it down to the office?”
“Bring it to Ria’s House”
“Okay Sir” Ramsey hang up
“The cards are ready” he stood up from the couch
The invitation Cards was meant for the Launching of “Ria Robert Couture” and a new business card. Ian planned to launch her business and give out the card to some of his business associates and staffs. Mrs Perla is the Party Planner and she offered to give the cards to customers patronizing her store.
The launch is in Two Weeks time!
“Let’s go Ria, Ramsey is on his way to your house”
“Okay” she stood up and followed him
“You haven’t given me any update on those dresses you’re making for that day”
He opened the car door for her to go in.
“And moreover have they supplied those materials I ordered?”
“No until tomorrow. We’ll start working as soon as they supply us”
He drove out.
Ria filled him in about the dresses.

♠ RIA ♠
It was time! The day to Launch “RIA ROBERT COUTURE” after weeks of setting up! The inside was what one could imagine High decorations and white walls. Every windows and the huge Glass entrance had Ria’s designer brand “RRC” engraved on it.
Clothing racks filled with clothes, glittery gowns and silk dresses in different style and beautiful color schemes. These dresses were designed and made by Ria with the help of her sewing team.. Elise,Loretta and Cassidy.
They spent weeks working on each dresses to put it up for this day.
Dresses over the sections. There were a lot of them. Two ladies standing at each rack to attend to people.
People walking in and out of the building – High and Mighty people of High class Intelligence.
It was a sight to bear!
“This is incredible!”
Elise said
“Yes..people really turned up Miss Ria”
Cassidy added
“Yeah..giving out the invitation Cards really helped” Loretta said
“Hey have you guys seen Phoebe and Phoenix around?” Ria asked
“They are with Mr Ian” Cassidy replied
“He is here?” Ria asked again
She hasn’t seen him since he left her new home last night.
“Yeah..I saw him with Granny a while ago”
Cassidy responded
“Well..maybe he just came in” Loretta added
“You should get dressed now” Elise said to Ria
“Oh yes..it almost time for your speech” Cassidy said as she checked her wrist watch
Elise steered Ria around the back and zipped the dress open at the side. Ria stepped carefully into the centre. Ria carefully shifted the gown Into place around her body and Elise zipped it. Loretta dropped down a beaded stiletto crimson heels.
Ria was excited over the dress she’d made. She quickly put the five inches heels on. She found them surprisingly comfortable.
The dress was a shocking deep crimson and strapless with a form of fitting bodice and it flowed out in stunning billowy waves of fabric to the floor. Her hair was styled elegantly on the top of her head with tendrils wisping around her face. Her makeup was flawlessly applied.
“You look beautiful!” Cassidy clapped excitedly.
They all looked beautiful In their stunning dresses!
“Now let’s show Miss Ria to the world!” Loretta said
They all rolled into laughter
A soft knock sounded on the door
“Come in”
A lady stepped in
“It’s time” she said
“Oh! We’ll be out soon” Elise said to the lady
A Rostrum was set up at the center part of the room.
They stepped into the crowd as Ria eyes searched the room for Ian.
“Look he’s over there” Mrs Elise pointed to a direction
Then she found him.
He was taller than most of the men around him. Ian wore a custom tailored Tuxedo that fit him perfectly like a glove. And then,too the man could get to her. He really could. Standing there so tall and handsome,so sexy and so mischievously sweet on top of everything else.
Talking to his business associates, Ian then came to an abrupt Halt when he saw Ria headed towards him as she greeted people along the way with the brightest smile. He gasped trying to take in her beauty.
Ria’s breathe caught at the same time when their gaze met.
He excused himself from the group and went to her.
“Wow..you look amazing” he complimented
Ria cheeks flushed pink
“You look stunning too”
“Oh really?” He flashed her a bright smile.
She nodded
“Thanks for wearing the Diamonds” he pointed to the $20 million dollars Diamond he had bought for her.
Few days after the party, Ria gave the diamonds back to Ian but he refused it saying that he bought it for her. She said that it was too Expensive and that she couldn’t own such valuable accessories.
Then Ian told her she was more expensive than the diamonds!
He persisted and managed to persuade Ria to accept it as a gift from him.
There was no arguing with him so she accepted the Diamonds. Promising him that she would keep it safe and not lose it.
“I should be the one thanking you Ian”
“For?” He asked
He leaned closer and whispered to her
“Then I’m happy with the choice I’ve made”
“Hello Everyone”
The famous MC said into the microphone as he stood in the Rostrum.
Everyone turned to face him
“Shall we?” Ian asked Ria
She nodded and slid her arm into Ian’s
They motioned towards the Rostrum
“We’re all here to Launch this new Business ” RRC” in the state and celebrate with It owner”
Everyone clapped
Ria exchanged pleasantries with Mrs Perla when she got to her side. Elise,Cassidy,Loretta and the kids were standing close.
“Now let’s welcome the Lady of the day! The latest Business Woman in our state and also the newest clothe designer in the Fashion World -” Everyone began to clap
“It No other person than…Ria Robert!”
The clapping increased
Ria walked to the Rostrum with Everyone taking in the beauty of Ria and her dress.
She could see everyone…and everywhere from where she stood.
She didn’t prepare any speech in a note..but she depended on her Heart to deliver the words.
The clapping ended abruptly and she began
“In Life,you need to have steps to turning your dreams to reality. But taking holding of those dreams isn’t an easy task to accomplish. It not about having a dream but it about having the courage to act on it” she paused
“I used to be a blind lady with a dream to becoming a clothe designer. I was blind but – i had a dream. At that point that dream seemed like a burden of to me cause I was hopeless. Nevertheless, that dream I saw as a burden became a vision. And that vision was bigger than me. And along the line I wrote down my dreams and also placed it in my heart so I won’t forget it”
She stopped to study the expression on their faces
Everywhere was surprisingly silent!
She had their attention!
Then she continued
“Being disabled is not an excuse to be a failure”
She blinked back tears as she shared the words of her mother.
Ria promised that she wouldn’t shed a tear today.
Because it was Happy Day!
And even if she was going to cry then it would be tears of joy!
“Those are the words of my mother. And I held on It. Promising that I won’t be failure”
She continued after a momentary pause
“You know,God can do anything.. Far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!. And I’m grateful to God and to the people in my life. To my greatest Companion -” she looked straight at Elise who was now wiping tears at the corners of her eyes.
“She was my eyes when I couldn’t see,my guardian and my support in hard and good times. And I don’t know if there would be Ria Robert today if you hadn’t stepped into my life to help me. I’d love you Mrs Elise”
Everyone clapped
“We love you Mommy!” Phoebe and Phoenix screamed at the top of their voice from the crowd. She waved at them and muttered
“I love you too”
Then she continued after the clapping ended
“And to the one.. Who I’ll forever be indebted and grateful to -”
This time she focused on Ian
“I haven’t said this to you before but I’m confessing now that you’re nice,kind,compassionate and the most wonderful man I’ve ever encountered. You brought the greatest joy into my life which was helping me and bringing my dreams to reality. RRC is in existence because of you. And I’m grateful for Everything Ian Bryant”
Everyone clapped again
Ian couldn’t control his emotions for Ria. He was joyful at Ria’s words to him.
He could hardly believe that Ria considered him as “most wonderful” Man
“A big thank you to my Sewing team.. Mrs Loretta and Cassidy..we worked together to make these dresses you’re seeing today. And i also Appreciate Mrs Perla Bryant”
Perla flashed her a smile from the crowd.
She was happy to be a part of Ria’s success story.
She continued
“If you are discouraged and feel as though your dream is dying. Don’t give up! Don’t give up to soon on your dreams! Keep going. Keep dreaming that dream God has put into your heart. It’s always too soon to quit and remember Winners never Quit -”
“Quitters never win!”
The crowd chorused
“Thanks for coming!” They clapped as she disappeared below the crowd level
Ian gave Ria a bouquet which Ramsey brought to him. He kissed her cheeks
“Thank You”
“And that was awesome Miss Ria!” Cassidy exclaimed
“And Elise didn’t stop wiping her face” Loretta said
Ria moved to Elise
“Now look what you’ve done to these babies” she pinched her cheeks gently
“She’s so emotional” Perla said
“Come on Mrs Elise today is a happy day” Cassidy said
“Yes i know..and they are tears of joy..I’m just happy”
Then Ria hugged her
“Thank you” she whispered into her ear
It was only Elise that could really relate to those words about her dreams.
Elise knew her story and how hard Ria had worked to fulfill these dreams and also what she went through in the last six years.
“You deserve the best” Elise said to her after she calmed
It was the best feeling!
That joy of fulfilling your dreams!
Ria blinked back tears again as she wished her parents were alive to see everything.
Then she would have been the happiest person In the world today.
“Sir the media houses are waiting” Ramsey whispered to Ian
“Mommy can we share the candies and towels now?” Phoenix asked Ria
“Yes my love”
“Thanks mom!”
“And a kiss too” Phoenix said again
Ria crouched down to their sizes and they placed kisses on her cheeks before racing off to Ria’s office to grab the items they want to give out to people. They bought the candies with their savings.
They both insisted that they would give out Candies to people when Ria told them not to worry about it.
But she agreed In the end.
“Ria it time for the interview” Ian said to her
She looked at Mrs Perla
“Can you handle it?” Perla asked
Ria was silent
The representatives sent from the national TV waited patiently outside the building.
“I can tell them to Leave -”
“No” she cuts him off
It was already planned that she would be interviewed today. So telling them to leave without any good reason isn’t a good idea.
“I will do it”
It just an interview anyways
But she was still a bit nervous.
She drew in a deep breathe
The interview on National Tv and words to other media Houses would help boast RRC. Ria thought
But little did she know that her appearance on National Tv would bring Destruction to another fellow
“I’d rather stand tall
Than live on my kneels
Cause I’m a conqueror and I won’t accept defeat…”
Ria deserves the best of what the world can offer to her!
She made it!
I’m so happy for her!
Well thanks to Jentezen Franklin! I read this book “Take hold of your dreams”
Some of the words said by Ria was inspired by this book!
Happy Sunday!
I will see you tomorrow
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