June 14, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 68

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???? Venessar High School????

Episode 68

(Just a small thing)

Stephen’s POV

I lowered my head and began to cry , Is Kimberly really not for me? After everything that I had done for her to make her be with me.

Am I the loser here? I cried so hard then the memories of what Santiago advised flashed across my memory.

Should I just kidnap Kimberly and forcefully marry her , she might hate me but one thing I’m sure of is that she will later like me when she has no choice.

I think I will do that…I do not like this Autumn and I do not even understand what she meant by she loving me.

“Stephen” I heard her call my name and I looked into her face. Her face is really beautiful and I wondered If I’m just realizing that or she has always being beautiful for real.

“Don’t feel like a loser here , just accept fate and let everything die down” She said and I chuckled.

“Have you ever being in love before¬† ? ” I do not wait for her to answer the question when I added ” You seem not to know what Love is? What Kimberly is doing for me is not fair…I lover her more than Sean does and she knows that “

I Said and more tears streamed down my face.

“I feel so much pain that you do because I’m in love with someone that never loves me” Autumn said

“Who in the world will love you , though? You behave like a man. You have four names and you are fat” I said and watched her looked away.

Even though ,she’s fat , she still looks beautiful, though.

“Hey! Whom did you love that never loved you back?” I asked and she looked into my face.

“You” She said and our faces got stuck to each other.

Our faces start to move closer gently without no one pushing it. Our faces finally gets close to each other with few inches apart.

“I love you” She said softly

“I…do not love you , I love Kimberly and I promise to do all it takes to get her ” I said and stood up and walked away.

“Wait!” I heard her say as I almost got to the door.

She walked close to me

“Don’t let me hurt you , Stephen. Leave Sean and Kimberly ” She said and I smirked.

“Your plan may have worked well for professor Lucas but for me ,it’s a No, No, Kimberly is mine , you just sit and watch how I will make it happen” I said and walked out.

I went to where I had parked my car and drove to our mansion.

I went straight to Santiago’s room.

‘Hey,I’m ready to get her kidnapped now ” I said to Santiago and he was surprised at my sudden outburst.

“Sean is our brother , why not just let Sean and Kim be ” He said.

“Impossible ” I yelled.

“See brother , if you can not help me , just tell me ” I said angrily.

“It’s alright. You are my brother too. So which state do you want us to kidnap Kimberly to?”

“Which state do you think is far or perhaps a far country where Sean will never set her face on us again”

“Humn! I’m thinking of something. Instead of Kidnapping Kim to a far place , why not let us Kidnap Sean instead. Kimberly and you can have all the fun here while Sean will live alone in a deserted country. “

“True…but , he still has to sing at the duet ” I said

“Oh! That’s true. Should we wait until after the duet before we kidnap?”

“No, I can’t wait. Those guys are smart ,especially that fatty girl with four names that is with them” I said

“Let’s kidnap Sean , on the duet day , we will bring him back , immediately after the duet , we kidnap him back” Santiago said and I just laughed.

“Thanks brother…you are the best. Hey! How about that fatty autumn , what are we going to do about her?”

“She’s just a small thing that I’ve handled already , you did not have to worry. I give you my words. Everything will go as planned without failing ” He assured me.

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