July 25, 2021

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Adventure of a bad pastor’s son. Part 12

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She was the same height with me not too tall but had huge size bo.o.bs and bo.o.ty. Some of my pals used to call her heavy duty.
Her name is Tope. She had the type of behind that could make a nigga wanna cry.
How did we meet? I was sitting in class one day, reading as i usually do when i get to school early and she came to sit beside me.
she: dont you do anything other than reading?
me: I do, i just love reading thats it. Its like my hobby.
she: wow… you look really young oh! why part-time?
conversation continues.
mewith a face that looks like this: :/ ) i didn’t gain admission into full time nau, abi you think i like part-time? lol.
she: you can wait till next year! you’re still young nau
me: you don’t look so old oo…
she: hmmm… let my baby face be decieving you
me: i’m also not so young, i just have babyface as well
she: okay, whats your name
me: Victor, you?
she: Tope. So what’re you reading?
me: its what we did testerday in cell biology.
Conversation continues
She: hmmm…. serious student, you’ll teach me ooo… I don’t have flair for reading like that
me: when exam comes you’ll develop flair by force
(we both laughed at the joke)
she: by the way, can i have your number?
me: sure 0703378…
she: okay thanks(dialed my number immediately and my phone rang out)thats my number
me: okay(saved her number)
we had a long chat and she told me more about herself and i told her about me.
When i got home that day, i got a call from Tope wanting to know if i’ve gotten home and we talked for like 5mins. I told her i wanted to sleep and was very tired so i could’t talk for long.

The next day, my parents informed me that they’ll be travelling with my brother who was on long vacation, to the village for my grand father’s burial. They also told me that they informed one of our church members, sis.
Peace by name, to come stay with me in the house while they were away.
Sis. Peace was a chorister in the church.
She’s a single lady of 33yrs, looking for husband. She was pretty and had a sweet voice(she’s the lead singer inthe choir) did i mention that i’m the keyboardist in my church? so me and sis. Peace were kinda close.
My parents travelled and she came over. We both had to share the one bird in the room i slept since it wouldn’t be nice to use my parent’s room. We both had busy schedule, so no time to really gist unless on weekends.
I usually check her phone sometimes and i see some bad videos like indecency vids and some of her bad pics were she snap with only bra and p@anties. She had a sizeable bo.o.ty and nice, round, b0s0ms.
One day, i came back from school but she wasn’t around so i prepared indomie and ate and she called and said she’ll be back soon.
I went to sleep and woke up around like 2am to take a pee. I woke with a hard-on in my boxer as usual and i saw her as.ss facing my J0yst!ck which was almost in contact with it.

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