June 15, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 26 and 27

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Chapter ????26&27
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.
(Star queen)
Midnight ,maids room
they maids where in their room and it was realy late but they head slight noises from Danny’s room
” i have noticed that danny hoffman sleeps late, why does Danny Hoffman sleep late?
” Danny has insomnia you know
” the old maids said it started after some accident in the past
“yea we are not sure but we heard he couldn’t sleep because of nightmares
” so to avoid the night mares poor Danny couldn’t sleep again till like 4am thinking he could escape the nightmare
” what kind of accident
” ehhmm I don’t know but Mildred knows the whole story we can ask her tommorow
” but it all happened in the past right
” yea so I guess its either he Still gets the nightmares or staying awake has mastered him
“:that’s realy pitiful I realy want to hear the full story
Prestigious 8,am.
Light opens on Gretel and keila as they walked into the class room and to their greatest surprise the whole class sat together with angela and she had a new sit KeilA and gretel walked torwards her and sat there soon Susan arrived and sat with them then Amanda as well as Tasha and Tanya Angela couldn’t believe her eyes
” wow gelai nice chair
” I brought it since you bought her uniform I did they rest”, Susan said
“so cool”, keila said
” so how great is your Dads washing if you don’t mind I would like to bring some cloths
” yea me too
” its realy cool here is our card
They took the card from her
” you hair is so full what’s the secret
” well nothing realy much
” so what can you do gelai
” I dance ballet I also sing and I can act
” cool can’t wait to see your skills
” welcome to prestigious high school honey “, Amanda said
” thank you”,…
Just then few students passed and waved at them
” hey gret, hey gelai!!!!
” Mira I like your shoes”, gretel said
” hy “, Angela said.
Angela couldn’t believe it but Gretel sitting beside her already made her popular
Soon a teacher walked in with some sheets
” the result for the last chemistry test is out
She shared the paper
” Gretel am not impressed again
She walked out
” Gretel why do you keep failing
” I hate chem, see ya laters she stood and grabbed her bag Angela ran behind her
” hey classes are not over yet
” I realy don’t mind teaching you chemistry you know am realy good at it
” that’s great but I want to practice right now
” can I go with you
” you want to skip maths
” yes
” ok come on
They both of them walked down Angela was quite preety too but she was chocolate in colour and she had grown her natural hair very well
Soon they got to the car the driver opened the door and greeted both Gretel and Angela then they took off
Soon arrived at Gretels dancing room Gretel quickly changed
” wow this is beautiful
“:thank you
“:nice but wait what are these Rocks for don’t tell me you are practicing karianas dance
” I am
” but it’s very difficult secondly who is your Prince
” none yet am realy confused maybe I should call simeon but the thing is he traveled
” Who’s simeon
” a friend who knows the choreography well
” y don’t you try calling first
” ok
She placed a call to simeon
” hey
” hy ave been trying to reach you
” well how is your health
” am fine i commenced treatment so am getting better
“S o i was wondering if you will be my Prince simeon
” ave you gotten the solo right
” no not yet but
” but Gretel I am still too far
‘ yea you are right I can’t expect you to travel all the way back here because of a mere dance
” that’s not it
” its ok I understand
She dropped the call
‘ am sorry”, gelato saidv
” I better practice “,…
She stepped further
She started from the rock position
” why don’t you start afresh
” I already mastered the other parts secondly am not competing for sure I would only compete if the competition would favour Anna but if it’s in keilas favour I won’t compete
” I want to watch from the top ” ok
Gretel stood up and ran forward then she did a very high grand adage and landed on tip this realy wowed Angela as she covered her hands with her mouth
Gretel spinned around and maintained the position of an en pointe which she later transformed into a grand jete
Angela was surprised because Gretel just did 3 most difficult ballet steps with this Gretel spinned around she did the fast solo then she spinned again and landed on the first rock she raised her hands and spinned again as she landed on the second rock with her left feet first then she suddenly stopped she lost confidence
” come on gret skip the last stone and that’s it you completed the dance
With this Gretel tried skipping the stone but she didn’t nail the landing rather her leg slipped off the rock and she almost fell but Angela caught her
” its realy hard
“no its easy you have to believe it’s easy
” easy indeed
“but why did you keep looking at the stone gret according to the story princess kariana did a tripple back spin that means she didn’t look at the stone she wanted to skip rather she looked backwards
” but she has magic in her
” its not about magic its about inspiration find out what was behind her what was so important for her to look even at the risk of breaking her leg maybe that was her inspiration the question is Gretel what’s your inspiration
“come on its late lets go
Celines compound.
Mr king walked into Celines compound he saw Celines mother as she sat down on the bench
” good afternoon ma’am
‘:oh its Celines friend how are you
“: I am fine pls madam I will like to see Celine
” but Celine is not here she traveled since
” seriously but where did she go to
” I can’t remember but wait let me get you the paper where the address and name of the family was written
“: ok mama am waiting
Celines mother walks inside and after few minutes she walked out with a book in her hand

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