July 31, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 28

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Chapter ????28❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Celines mother walks inside and after few minutes she walked out with a book in her hand

” oh madam is that where they wrote the address

” its like Junior took the other book to school

” ok no problem take my Card pls call me and tell me the address later.

” ok my son i will
” thank you .


Celine was rushing into the living room to anwser mrs hoffman a man in suit sat down he had his laptop on the table

” Celine finalize your account opening with him my dear so you can get your card I already made sure you receive 60, 000 ahead of time so you can see to your comfortabilty here.

” oh thank you madam
” no problem this is all because of Brigitta


Minutes later celine walked back into the maids room just to find them applying make up.

” realy you guys seem jobless, I thought this was against the house rules.
” we wont go out with it , have you opened the account.

” yes I even got pAid in advance….
” hmmm that’s new
” come on lets make you up
” no no no
” come on
” what if someone needs us and all of us are painted
” no one will call us
” what about Danny
” ave not seen him all morning ” me too
” ok “, Celine agreed.

just then they successfully painted Celine the make over was quite nice

” u look good
” I don’t think so

They all laughed


one of world’s biggest designers Victoria Cartore a halfcast who based in paris , she was busy in her office.

” how is the shoot for the new magazine going ?…
” well it’s going fine what about the top models you wanted to use as the cover ?
” james is in charge of that you know this is a wedding fashion magazine its called boring so I need models who will sale it I want it to go viral ….

Just then another person walked in

” Victoria you need to see this
” wow I love this wonderful where did Vera get good models like this, this is amazing this is what i want

” madam this shoot is the the talk if the fashion world Vera has gotten so many contracts out of this shoot

” yes I saw the commercial I mean the short film was amazing it was wonderful it was so real and people loved it

” the video is played along the busy park everyday by 6 pm and the bill board is all over the place ….

” then what’s going on why haven’t you guys contacted Danny Hoffman and his partner since
” Miranda Milbert

” this is what i need write him an open check if that’s what it takes I don’t know why it’s delaying “, Victoria said

” I already contacted his manager and sheduled the shoot for tommorow

” but where is the setting of the shoot madam

” anywhere he wants it wont be a problem either here or there its been weeks since you guys started this preparation sammy make this happen

” all right madam count it done

Maids room

The maids where busy trying to wash of their make up while celine was busy staring at dannys magazine this picture gives me goose bumps she said to herself”

just then the landline rang it was Danny’s room
“Celine pick up !!, abigail shouted
Celine picked up the call

” a glass of juice please.
“better go”, abigail said

” no, you go ,i cant go with this make up on my face….

” ave you forgotten your cover all”, mary said
” oh ,ok.

She wore the cover all and rushed out she met philomena in the kitchen then she came out with the drink she ran to Danny’s room and knocked Danny opened the door just as Celine walked in Danny remembered that he wrote ” I love you c”.. on the mirror ..
he didnt want celine to think he wrote it for her so he instantly tried covering the mirror with his body

” sir I brought the juice
” thanks
” no need stressing your self sir I already saw what you wrote

Danny walked out of the mirror
” oh u did
” yes
” hey don’t give that eye its not your own c
” realy ( she Said in a cunning way)
” I said its not you
” I think it’s me
” its not you why would i like you anyway , i dont even know what u look like.
” I know it’s not me I don’t even want it to be me there are a lot of people who love me anyway and besides you can’t like me we are not from the same word ..

” a lot of people who love you, realy, as clumsy as you are.
I realy doubt that because any where you go trouble follows “,..he grabs his juice

” what!!!, hey , do you know the kind of people who are after me ?….

” really why don’t you tell me.

(danny dropped the cup and presented an inquisitive face )

Just then celine got herself she wiped her eye and looked atDanny again …..wait oh am I busy having a conversation with Danny Hoffman, Danny Hoffman ,how come”,.. she said to herself..

I suddenly enjoy spending time with this cover girl recently isn’t that weird Danny said to himself

” sir I will be going now sir
” go? ,you can’t keep me
hanging finish your statement

” me when did i talk
” hey!!, you where talking about the guy who loves you .

” oh was i ?,well, something like that …he even took me shoping, he bought me cloths and many other things . I know it’s true love

” you should better beware of those kind of guys they are womanizers I tell you that’s not love .

Just then celine slowly sat down on the chair

” really
” yes they want to sleep with you when they spend on you like that
” no no that person is not like that he’s so good and handsome too

” whatever he can’t be more handsome than me

” hey do you realy think you are handsome he is more handsome than you .

” what!!!, no he can’t be .
” I just Said he is….

Danny looked at his mirror

” hey , are you sure …

” yes he really is “, celine Said laughing.

Celine enjoyed the look on Danny’s face and she wanted to make Danny angrier

” no he can’t be
” he really is
” infact I don’t think you are seeing me well
” but I am
” take off that cover all so you can see me well
” no no I can see you well
” I don’t think you can
” i can
” take it off take it off already
” no

” just take it off what are you hidding anywAy I think you have an ugly face

” I really don’t
” take it off ,how can you call me ugly this means you can’t see
” I can see well
” hey take it off

Just then Danny tried touching celine but celine stood up from the chair and ran and as he tried chasing her she hid under his piano table

He can’t see my make up no no no no she said to herself
Danny’s pride was hurt he really didn’t like not being called handsome

” sir Mrs hoffman is calling me outside
” hey cover girl if you won’t take of that cover all you will sleep under there
” ok sir no problem I will gladly do so
” well better enjoy this “, danny said as He instantly plugged the piano and started pressing it very hard, the noise was very much for Celine so she rushed out

” will you open it now so you can testify to how handsome I am
” ok ok ok

After all whats wrong if he sees my make up “she said within herself” and as Celine started unzipping the cover all from behind Danny started smilling victoriously…..


Celine and hoffman. Chapter 29
Celine and hoffman. Chapter 26 and 27

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