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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 29

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Chapter ????29❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Danny started smilling victouriously

Just then they heard a knock on the door Danny opened the door
It was abigail
“May I help ?”, danny asked
” sir am looking for the Maid who brought you juice she’s wanted “, Abigail said.
Just then celine ran out of the room and joined Abigail
” am here “,celine said

Danny locked his door and they both walked out

” why Is it that whenever you go to that room you don’t come out dont tell me you are trying to seduce danny “, Abigail asked
” no we where just talking.
“talking about what?..
” I think we are friends now (she smilled )”,…
“Celine you are realy lucky how can the whole family just Iike you “,…..
” who did you say called me anyway?..
“well, uuhhm Gretel is back….
” ok .

Celine walked further and Abigail looked at her from behind

Celine rushed into Gretels room Gretel sat on the bed
” hey
“jesus christ what kind of cover all is that
“pretty isnt it
” wow i think dannys pickiness has really gotten to you
” just being protective
“well danny is not really that bad you know
Celine zipped down and opened her face
” what !!!!1
” yea danny is a very playful, kind and caring person you know and he is very emotional too the whole rude and proud annoying personality is just exterior if he lets you get closer to him you would understand that Danny is so weak emotionally maybe that’s why he built these strong walks to keep people from taking advantage of his kind nature.

” yes strong walls of rudeness, arrogance, pride, etc

“mmm cool so whats up nationals is pretty close

” called simeon I don’t think he can make it you know
” what about the solo
‘ I still can’t finish it
” hmmmm
” Angela Said i should find what inspires me to dance
” so what inspires u
” I just love dancing its my inspiration
” then what inspires you to compete in the nationals
” I want Anna to lose
” why?
” because I want KeilA to win
” good then KeilA is the reason why you want to compete that means keila is your inspiration
” oh my God yes you are so right
” I know right, you need to bath Celine stood up and set her bath
” I brought you a gift you are always helping me out anyway
” what is it
She handed her a pack Celine opened it and it was a brand new phone

” wow this is expensive
” did you forget that am rich
“thank you
” your welcome and this way I won’t miss you anymore if I miss you I will call you
“Thanks alot
” welcome

She stood up

” I can’t wait for the nationals to be over so I can attend Mirabels party already
” mmmm wonder what it will be like
” you’ve not gone to a party before
” its not exactly what i….
” cool am taking you with me
” you are kidding

Gretel walked into the bathroom

Mr Hoffman came back around 7pm, the maids where in their room when philomena came in and took Celine with her to the kitchen

” did I do something wrong madam
” no I just want to teach you how to brew Mr Hoffman’s tea
” oh
” other maids have learnt it so I think you should learn it too
” oh ok
” once he comes back he asks for his tea he takes it 3 times a week that’s a day in a day out is for diabetes and blood pressure
” ok
” he counts the days himself so don’t be bothered you just do it when he asks for it
” ok
” it takes 30 minutes to prepare so before he takes his bath it should be ready and served thats if he told you to make it when he came back if he didnt then dont to avoid doing it on the wrong day you might get fired
” ok madam
” this is just for teaching sake dear you might not be opportuned to make the tea because am the only one who does it and does it right as I was tutored by the nurse
” ok madam
” ok lets start

Danny was busy walking around his room and looking at his mirror on regular bases he didn’t see his phone ringing …his phone kept ringing but he didnt notice because the phone was on silent

I can’t believe that cover girl doesn’t think am handsome I mean who doesn’t think am handsome anyways maybe I should unpark my hair lets see
He faced his mirror as he poured his hair and tried splitting it with a comb i wonder who is the guy who is more handsome than me.


he noticed his phone sparkling from the reflection on the mirror he instantly dropped the comb and took his phone

‘ ave been trying to reach you sir
” what is it
” you have a shoot tomorow Victoria Catore saw that shoot with Miranda and she said she is willing to pay more if you guys can do it for her its a wedding shoot
” that’s cool I always wanted to meet Victoria anyway
” then it’s a deal
” wait wait wait did you just say Miranda
” yes
” Miranda milbert
” yes sir
” no no no am so out
” sir the thing is Mr king already agreed to everything and its been arranged you only have the right to choose your pay

” thanks Sandra

He drops the call and instantly placed a call to Mr king

” ave been meaning to call you Celine has left the house I will get the family name were she is staying soon
” cool thanks but you need to call Victoria I can’t shoot toMorrow
” when did you start missing pleasure with work you are an international super model and Victoria came all the way from Paris to choose you Danny come on don’t spoil this
” ok fine, i will do it you are alwAys good at approving stuffs behind my back
” mee?.

Danny dropped the call and checked his time it was 9pm

He lay on the bed I wonder where that commoner traveled to I hope she is treated right where ever she is ….

He checked his inbox and there it was multiple texts from Miranda again.Miranda said no strings attached but she was already too possessive.
Danny ignored her last text….she was the reason why he won’t do the shoot.

Just then the phone finally rang it was Miranda…

” hello.
” Danny are you ignoring me.
” Miranda u bug.
” am sorry , I really miss you…please.
” Miranda guy know that am busy very busy I don’t have time for this ..
” ok just one day …I just need a day Danny.
” I don’t have one day Mira.
” fine one night.
” Miranda what’s going on, you clearly said no strings attached right.How come am feeling something else.
” danny am in love with you
” why?.
” danny dont ask me that I love you and I really need you right now….Danny come on lets try this I know it will walk.
” Miranda I love someone else…I might not know where she is now but I can’t stop loving her…I fall for her everyday…am sorry ,I dont love you and if u knew the whole one night was gonna push u into me I wouldn’t have done it cos I don’t want you to feel hurt.
” danny am already hurt …I can’t do anything any more without you…danny please .
” Miranda am dropping the call.
“Danny wait.
Danny dropped the call.

Danny kept rolling on the bed but he hardly felt sleepy
Sleep please come come come I realy have a long day tommorow .

Prestigious high

the next morning KeilA walked into the class room she sat beside Gretel
” hi
“hy how are you
“am cool
Just then tanya and tasha ran in
” guess which celebrity was invited for national awards

” dunno but am thinking danny hoffman”, Susan said

” Miranda milbert”, Tanya said

” Liam adore

” I think it its Danny “, keila said
” I want Liam “,gretel said

” that’s because you live with Danny “,..
” guys its Danny.

” amazing this means I won’t sit down in the hall”, Amanda said

” don’t tell me you want to stand with the fourth grade children in their play ground “, tasha asked
“me too i would stand there “,susan sais

” its the easiest way to hug any celebrity because they must pass those children before getting to the stage “, keila said

” so that’s the plan ?”,Gretel asked
” yes and they can’t walk with their guards when going to the stage since they can’t be scared of kids doing anything to harm them , so u hug all u want .

” the last celebrity who walked with her guards and didn’t let anyone touch her was criticized by the press for one month “, gretel said …

” am standing with the kids too so you guys should include me in your amazing plan “,keila said

” totally “, tanya said

” am going costume shopping today gret , will you walk me?”, keila asked
” sorry I have practice “,…
“practice, practice what ?..

” ehhm, practice chemistry I need to practice chemistry Angela is teaching Me chemistry “,….

“oh right yea am glad, we have only one class today so I have enough time to practice against tommorow ….

” yea though I have a feeling maths teacher won’t show”, gretel said

Maids room.

Mary rushed into the maids room and shouted

” Danny is leaving, I wonder where he is going too.
” maybe he’s going back to the penth house you guys should ask Celine aren’t they friends”, abigail said

” hey Abigail what’s wrong ?, emily asked
” nothing just kidding “, abigail said
” this means he might miss the nationals tommorow ?, mary said
“yea I guess “,…. emily replied

Celine was feeling very bad because of the way Abigail was acting recently ,minutes later all the maids left the room Mrs hoffman called for Emily and celine decided to get some fresh air .

Abigail made her feel like being close to danny was a crime…but she knew she wasnt doing anything wrong with danny and danny never tried anything with her.

Minutes later Abigail was left alone in the room she suddenly walked towards the mirror and stood in front of the mirror as she looked at her fat self .

Am really pretty and i have been working here for months before she got here it’s ok that Gretel likes her but Danny too?.. am so annoyed why can’t Danny like me too huh every time she goes in there she never comes out ..who knows if she is already letting him have her ,this Celine Is realy worse than I thought even Mrs hoffman paid her in advance soon Mr Hoffman might as well become fond of her now she is planning on taking Danny away from me but I will make sure I separate both of them before this thing turns into something else . if I can’t have Danny then no other maid here will have him .

celine walked through the backyard and stood by the pool she stood their quietly for minutes then she opened her hands wide and closed her eye as she felt the breez suddenly she heard someone speak behind her

” hey you might fall in there you know
Celine instantly turned and she recognized his face
” oh sorry
” hey I never said you shouldn’t stand by the pool am just the pool boy I don’t own the house
” ok
She returned back to her normal position this time ethan joined her

” this Is awkward what does this yoga position do
” it relieves heart ache
” heart ache seriously I really need it then because my heart has been broken so many times already
“: yea me too so lets do it right
” yeeeeesss ( he looked at Celine and smilled )

Just then celine shaked a bit and Ethan held her

” what ?!!
” I thought you where going to fall .
“no I can’t”, she sat in the floor and Ethan sat with her
” yea I just shaked a bit secondly where I came from I always maintained this position in front of the big ocean whenever I felt bad and I never fell
” wow amazing

Both of them laughed and Ethan stretched his hand forward to Celine

“nice meeting you dear
“celine , you are the most amazing person I have met this year
“nice meeting you too Ethan
“hey so you know my name

She fakes Mrs hoffmans voice

” this is Ethan our pool boy he takes care of the pool
Both of them laugh

” I wish you lesser heart aches dear
” you too

Ethan walked out and just then Emily walked in

” hey
“are you guys friends already
“maybe why doesn’t he live here
“he comes when the pool needs him although he has a room here
” ok that’s cool
“come on lets go to the market will you escort me
” well why not

They walked out

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