June 20, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 30

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Chapter ????30❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Gretel and Angela walked about in her dance room

” are you ready gret remember the competition is tommorow so it’s now or never
” its now
“all right skip

Gretel tried 3 times but she still slipped and fell

“Angela if I couldn’t do it while looking at the stone how will I do it without looking

” Gretel think of your inspiration don’t look at the stone let the stone be in your mind rather look at your inspiration you will nail it did you know that once two men wanted to build a bridge across a big ocean one built a tent in front of the ocean and looked at the ocean every day trying to imagine how possible it will be to build the bridge while the other one was busy working towards how to build the bridge, instead of looking at the bridge he looked at his reason for wanting to build the bridge. one day the one who built the tenth was swallowed up when the ocean overflew but his friend later successfully bulit the bridge So Gretel you don’t need to watch the stone to nail it rather think of why you want to nail it paint that picture in your mind and you will do it if you want to build a house looking at the land all day won’t build that house sometimes you have to carry the goal in your mind and look at the purpose, the inspiration, and the reason behind wanting to accomplish that goal looking at the goal won’t make it accomplish itself tou have to work, believe, and be determined you can do it gret I know you can

With this Gretel stood up and to Angela’s biggest surprise Gretel did the triple pack spin correctly and landed on the last stone Angela ran towards her and hugged her

” you did it
” did I omg I did
They both hugged each other and jumped up
” thanks gelai its all thanks to you thank you
” you are welcome

Celine and Emily as where about leaving the market when Celine saw a man who sold tea she left Emily and ran towards the shop

” hey

“sir I was wondering if you sell insomnia tea
“Of course I do with this tea you will sleep soundly my dear but it’s very expensive but slowly it cleares all annoying memories or nightmares you won’t even believe yourself

“oh how much is it
“50 thousand
” oh I have to use up my all
” no its ok I want it sir I would just withdraw from that machine over there
“dont worry just give me the card
“of course

She handed the man the card and he withdrew from his machine and Celine received the debit alert she thanked him and just as she turned with the tea she saw emily standing right behind her

” celine but mrs hoffman just gave you that money right

” well yes she paid me so I can buy everything I need to be comfortable

” is this tea all you need to be comfortable, u Dont even have cloths , what if Danny doesn’t accept it you are just his Maid so was it really worth it, i am warning you celine dont let this mere crush for Danny develop into something else because if it’s for someone like Danny Hoffman there is no hope and you will just get hurt in the end so just concentrate on liking the guy you Said you like before don’t confuse yourself you can’t like two men at a time

” yea you are right but I can’t return it anyway its already too late and I believe am just helping someone Danny is always struggling to sleep well and it makes him look weak but if he doesn’t accept it its till ok “,..lets go

Celine walked faster in front Emily’s words realy got to her what’s wrong with me am I a flirt or what how can be liking two men at the same time anyways I feel the same way when i think of both of them she said to herself as she wiped her tears with the back of her hands and the contact lense fell into on top of the hands emily noticed this from behind and rushed towards celine

” celine am sorry for what i said
” no am not crying i just think my eyes are watering “,

” am realy sorry Celine but I Just dont want you to get hurt loving Danny Hoffman will destroy you Celine he’s too high and have you heard his list of girlfriends in the past they are all rich ok see

She pointed to jennifers bill board across the street

” wow she is pretty
” she is Danny’s ex
” wow
” now you know Miranda milbert right
” yea the best body queen
” I think she is his current date
” oh
” so you see Celine you are way below Danny so lets just crush on him like every other celebrity but you can never let yourself fall in love with him Celine even Mr Hoffman can never settle for a commoner

Emily hugged celine and placed the lenses back after she had rinsed her hands and both of them headed home


danny and sandra where already set for the shoot everything was ready but miranda and Victoria where missing

” am really getting tired you know I mean where is Miranda”? Danny asked .

” or even Victoria ?…Sandra Said

” Victoria must not come she is very busy her people are already here”,…. danny corrected Sandra

Just then Victoria a white fair woman with short hair in form of a skull cap walked down her car towards Danny who also stood up with his hands open they pecked each other on both cheek

” Victoria finally
” Danny Hoffman am so glad I could get you
” I always wanted to cover your magazine
” well i ave always wanted you to model for me
” its a pleasure
” but where is Miranda Milbert
” I guess she is on her way

Victoria walked towards her car she made a few calls soon every thing was set

” Miranda has a habit of showing up late”, Sandra said
” a bad one “, danny replied


Miranda ran out of her car and her assistant ran behind her

” madam where are you going to the shoot will soon start

” I need to meet my doctor come on

Elaine followed her

Soon they Got into the hospital and Miranda sat dowm

” oh Miranda
” tell me is my test result out am I pregnant
” well miranda the results will take like 30 more minutes
‘ ok I will wait.

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